Logo Requests

Welcome to the Qualcomm corporate logo request page. Here you will find information and guidelines for proper and consistent use of the Qualcomm brand, one of our most valuable assets. In general, Qualcomm grants permission to use its logo only in certain circumstances, as discussed below.

Logo Rights Guidelines

Partnerships, sponsorships and companies with compatible products or services generally have logo-use terms included in their partnership or license agreements with Qualcomm. In instances where terms are not included in the agreement, a request can be made using the Logo Request Form. Written permission must be obtained from Qualcomm before our logo can be used.

Charitable organizations frequently request use of the Qualcomm Incorporated logo to thank us for our support. For organizations that receive support from Qualcomm Foundation, please email Qualcomm Foundation for the correct logo.

Students, reporters, and analysts occasionally request use of the Qualcomm logo for non-marketing related purposes, such as for display in educational papers, news articles, or reports. We generally approve these requests.

Vendors and suppliers with a current contract may want to show affiliation with Qualcomm. Use of the Qualcomm logo to imply affiliation with or endorsement by Qualcomm requires express written permission from Qualcomm. A request can be made using the Logo Request Form.

Logo Use Guidelines

To request permission to use the Qualcomm logo, please register on our Brand Portal at brand.qualcomm.com

The Qualcomm Incorporated name and logo must be used in accordance with established specifications, which can be found in the Company Name and Logo Guidelines (PDF).

For pre-approvals on the context in which the Qualcomm name and logo is used, please email examples to [email protected].

Register on our Brand Portal for logo requests.