Join us in making the world more connected with the power of 5G.

Greater connectivity benefits the greater good. That’s why at Qualcomm, we invented 5G breakthroughs that are taking on some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Join us in making the world more connected with 5G.

Apr 29, 2021


Join us in providing more connectivity to industries from education to telemedicine.

Positively impacting society.

Qualcomm is creating greater connecitivty with 5G, improving the ways we work, live and play.

Transforming industries.

Qualcomm invented technologies that enable 5G to help transform industries including manufacturing, auto, and telemedicine.

Connecting the last mile.

Qualcomm 5G is empowering rural communities in need of connectivity.

Positively Impacting Society

Using technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

Our 5G breakthroughs address some of society’s greatest challenges. 5G can bring healthcare directly to the patient and make education more accessible , even those living in remote areas. 5G helps improve global infrastructure, so our cities, transportation hubs, and factories can work smarter. Join us in extending 5G for the benefit of the greater good.

Smart Cities

Qualcomm’s 5G breakthroughs are helping make city infrastructure smarter by connecting essential infrastructure to enable more efficient transportation, and even improve emergency response times.

Remote Healthcare

Join us in helping make healthcare available to more patients, so they can get the personalized care they need. 5G is transforming remote healthcare by giving doctors and patients superior, dependable, security-rich connectivity—allowing physicians to access massive medical files from their devices and remotely monitor patient health.

Transforming Industries

Join us in transforming industries with 5G.

Qualcomm’s 5G breakthroughs are making a positive impact on society. We recognize the benefit of bringing connectivity to those who need it most, improving a range of industries and helping make essential services like healthcare and education more accessible with 5G.

Remote work

Qualcomm’s 5G inventions are reshaping the landscape of remote work, making it easier for employees to meet, collaborate, or to efficiently share information—no matter where they are


Join us in transforming manufacturing to be more efficient and sustainable. 5G connectivity is paving the way for smart factories that are more adaptable and efficient than ever—enabling them to get products to consumers faster than ever before.

Connecting the Last Mile

Join us in bringing 5G to places that need connectivity.

You can see Qualcomm’s 5G leadership bringing faster, more cost-effective connectivity in rural communities. 5G is making it easier to work remotely and offer places that once lacked connectivity new ways of learning with improved access to education.


Join us in helping to make remote education accessible to more students and teachers with 5G, from big cities to small towns.

See us where 5G is growing the global economy.

Dollars of Global economic output

by 2035

New Jobs Created

by 2035

Driving global GDP growth

by 2035

What is 5G?

5G is revolutionizing industries—changing the way we live, work, and relate to each other—by enabling millions of devices to intelligently connect in ways never before imagined. And that’s just the beginning. Learn everything you need to know about 5G with our FAQ.

Qualcomm and 5G.

Qualcomm invented underlying technologies that make 5G work, and we’re continuing our leadership role in the rollout of 5G by paving the way for a future that utilizes the potential of this breakthrough technology.

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