Voice Evolution

Higher capacity, better quality, a richer experience.

The wireless industry is moving toward richer packet-based voice such as VoLTE (voice over LTE). During this migration 3G continues to provide high quality, reliable, ubiquitous and high efficiency voice service.

Circuit voice has a long life during the transition to carrier-grade VoIP.

In the long term, the wireless industry is moving toward richer packet-based voice (VoIP) such as VoLTE (voice over LTE), VoIP over HSPA+ and EV-DO. VoIP will allow operators to offer much-desired rich services such as video telephony, multimedia sharing and presence during voice calls.


The move to carrier-grade VoIP will occur gradually, and it may be many years before it is fully ubiquitous. Until then, operators offering LTE devices will rely on 3G voice, a proven circuit-switched (CS) system characterized by high quality service, reliability and ubiquity and whose efficiency continues to evolve. Even after VoLTE is available, 3G voice is needed to offer voice services outside LTE coverage areas.


The evolution of voice services is aimed at increasing voice efficiency by freeing up resources for more data, enhancing quality, and delivering a richer voice experience. Qualcomm is leading this evolution on all fronts, including VoLTE, SRVCC WCDMA+ and 1X Advanced.

2G/3G provides LTE voice today—and future VoLTE fallback.

In today’s LTE networks users fallback to 2G/3G for voice services (using CSFB). In the future, even after VoLTE is deployed, LTE voice users may have to handover to 2G/3G when they move out of LTE coverage area. SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) makes these handovers from VoLTE VoIP (packed switched) to 3G CS (circuit switched) voice seamless, ensuring call continuity.

WCDMA+: more efficient voice to support more data.

Given that more than 2 billion HSPA/HSPA+ subscribers will be using WCDMA for voice in 2015*, any improvement in the efficiency of WCDMA will help immensely in freeing up resources for HSPA+ data services. WCDMA+, the natural next step, triples voice efficiency and frees-up up to 2/3rd of a carrier for HSPA+ data.

VoLTE with VoHSPA+ ensures rich voice everywhere.

VoLTE being packet switched voice (VoIP) supports many rich services, such as integrated-presence and multimedia sharing during voice calls, video telephony and many more. VoIP over HSPA+ or EV-DO ensures that services are seamlessly handover when users move out of LTE coverage area. This allows operators to offer these rich services across their entire network, instead of limiting them only to LTE coverage areas.

Qualcomm enables the true HD-voice experience.

Qualcomm offers market leading technologies that dramatically improve the quality of voice, and the overall voice experience. These enhancements range from new wideband codecs, Fluence™ noise suppression, active noise cancellation, VoIP optimizations, unique HDOn™ feature to support wideband codecs on narrowband channels, and many more.

Qualcomm: comprehensive voice evolution leadership.

Qualcomm is leading the voice evolution on all the fronts—Spearheading VoLTE and VoIP over HSPA+ / EV-DO as well as developing and commercializing next generation of circuit switched voice technologies— WCDMA+ and 1X Advanced. Moreover, we demonstrated world’s first SRVCC handover between VoLTE and 3G voice.

The Voice Evolution, WCDMA+ and more

Apr 30, 2012