LTE Direct Proximity Services

Creating a Digital 6th Sense with LTE Direct

May 14, 2018


Part of the global LTE standard.

LTE Direct is a device-to-device technology that utilizes licensed LTE spectrum for proximal discovery of friends, services, offers, and other relevant value. It leverages the global LTE standard as part of 3GPP release 12. LTE Direct works seamlessly with LTE, setting aside a small percentage of sub-frames for efficient discovery. It leverages the LTE network for timing, resource allocation, as well as user authentication. LTE Direct can be efficiently integrated with existing LTE Advanced services and networks.

Unparalleled Scalability

Capitalizing on the predictable performance of licensed spectrum, LTE Direct delivers proximal awareness at scale by providing discovery of 1000s of devices/services in the proximity of ~500 meters. LTE Direct enhances user experience by overcoming the range and capacity limitations of other device-to-device technologies, such as Bluetooth® Low Energy proximity beacons.

Privacy Sensitive, Battery Efficient

Existing location-based proximal discovery solutions are cloud-based and perpetually track the user’s location. This creates privacy concerns for consumers and requires constant network pings that impact battery life. LTE Direct discovery is connectionless and is only based on proximity, allowing the devices to discover others without revealing their own identity or exact location.

Interoperable Discovery

LTE Direct provides a common language for discovery across different mobile apps, devices, operating systems, and operators. This simple and universal framework exponentially expands the field of value for proximal discovery, eliminating today’s mobile app silos.

Opportunities for the entire mobile ecosystem.

LTE Direct is an operator-owned proximal discovery platform that provides operators an opportunity to monetize services beyond voice and data. LTE Direct enhanced user experience offers proximity services that consumers can adopt at a much larger scale. This gives mobile app developers and OEMs an opportunity to differentiate and lead in the next generation of mobile services.


Implementation of the LTE Direct ecosystem has begun with ongoing operator trials and standardization as part of 3GPP Release 12. In addition, mobile app developers are testing innovative use cases today, leveraging the LTE Direct Trial SDK by Qualcomm Technologies.

Evolving beyond proximal discovery.

LTE Direct is evolving to bring new ways to connect & interact. This includes expanding LTE Direct’s device-to-device discovery and communication capabilities, as well as expanding LTE Direct to new use cases such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything communications (V2X).