LTE Advanced Pro

LTE Advanced Pro: Establishing the foundation for 5G.

As the next phase in the evolution of LTE (3GPP Release 13 and beyond), LTE Advanced Pro does more than just push LTE capabilities closer towards 5G. It will also become an integral part of the 5G mobile network, providing many services essential to the 5G experience starting day one.

Anchoring 5G mobile with Gigabit LTE.

One key capability that LTE Advanced Pro is enabling globally is Gigabit LTE—technology that brings many new immersive experiences to life, including VR. And delivering Gigabit peak data rates is just the beginning. By driving the Gigabit LTE evolution, an anchor of 5G mobile experience, we can provide even faster throughput, lower latency, more capacity and better uniformity in 3GPP Release 13* and beyond.

* 3GPP User Equipment (UE) categories

Expanding the 5G mobile ecosystem.

LTE Advanced Pro is enabling many new services that will be a critical part of the 5G world—including connected cars, drones and the Internet of Things (IoT)—and helping create new opportunities for mobile networks and technologies.


Scales down LTE for machine-type, low-power and wide-area communications for the IoT.

Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X)

Gives vehicles the ability to reliably communicate with each other and everything around them.

Digital TV broadcasting

Evolves digital broadcasting to deliver a converged TV network that will open up new opportunities.

Public safety

Leverages the vast LTE ecosystem for robust public safety communication.

Drone communication

Enables a growing set of drone use cases that are leveraging extensive LTE coverage.

Ultra-low latency services

Brings ubiquitous low-latency communication for command & control.

Pioneering shared and unlicensed spectrum technologies.

We are also working on new spectrum sharing technologies that will make more spectrum available, increase utilization and enable new deployment opportunities—preparing us for a new 5G spectrum sharing paradigm.

Licensed Assisted Access (LAA)

Extends LTE to unlicensed spectrum with a licensed spectrum anchor.

LTE – Wi-Fi Link Aggregation (LWA)

Leverages Wi-Fi operating in unlicensed spectrum to achieve higher aggregated throughput.


Broadens the LTE ecosystem to new deployment opportunities by operating solely in unlicensed spectrum.

Ensuring a smooth 5G NR rollout with Gigabit LTE.

5G is a unified, more capable platform that will bring new levels of flexibility, scalability and efficiency to meet expanding connectivity needs in the next decade and beyond. With multi-connectivity, LTE will provide ubiquitous coverage when 5G launches, and will help deliver a more consistent 5G experience. In addition, LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) can be leveraged to enable non-standalone, LTE-anchored 5G NR deployments.


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