3X more efficient voice frees up resources for data.

With billions of HSPA/HSPA+ subscribers using WCDMA for voice services, evolving to WCDMA+ allows operators to make voice even more efficient and thereby free-up resources for more HSPA+ data.

A cost-effective strategy.

With the mobile industry gearing up for 1000x mobile data growth, and billions of HSPA/HSPA+ subscribers using WCDMA for voice services, HSPA/HSPA+ operators must plan to evolve their voice services to WCDMA+. Employing WCDMA+ is a cost-effective strategy for boosting network efficiency as it makes voice even more efficient, thereby freeing-up resources for more data. WCDMA+ is an important component of Voice Evolution underway in the industry, and is a part of 3GPP Rel. 12.

WCDMA+ triples voice spectral efficiency.

WCDMA+ is the next evolutionary step for WCDMA. By incorporating innovative radio link enhancements and enhanced voice codec, WCDMA+ triples the voice spectral efficiency, freeing up resources worth up to 2/3rd of a 5MHz carrier for HSPA+ data.

More data capacity at all voice loads.

WCDMA+ will provide higher data capacity for all voice loading conditions—low, medium or high— making it an excellent upgrade option for all network deployments. In the quest to address the1000x increase in mobile data, any enhancement that improves efficiency and increases data capacity is extremely valuable to operators.

WCDMA+ ensures high quality, reliable and ubiquitous voice.

WCDMA+ builds on proven WCDMA voice technology by continuing to incorporate features such as soft handovers to ensure high quality, reliable and ubiquitous service with global roaming. It also extends the device talk-time and overall battery life by reducing the modem current consumption by ~20%.

WCDMA+ addresses all device segments.

WCDMA+ cost-effectively address all device segments. For lower-end devices, a single antenna is sufficient to provide up to 3x gain. High-end devices with dual receiver diversity and advanced receivers will deliver even higher performance.

Extended life for WCDMA+, leveraging continued success of HSPA+.

Given that almost 2.5 Billion HSPA/HSPA+ subscribers is expected to be using WCDMA voice by the end of 2016, enhancing WCDMA together with the HSPA+ evolution is obvious choice for operators to best leverage their HSPA+ investments. Since WCDMA is an integral part of HSPA+, the long life of HSPA+ means an equally long life of WCDMA.

Source: HSPA, EV-DO ,TD-SCDMA and LTE subs – Wireless Intelligence (Jan ‘13) . 2,437 Billion HSPA family connections expected Q4 2016.



Feb 22, 2013


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