Improving capacity and user experience since 1985.


The world’s most used mobile broadband technology.

LTE & LTE Advanced

Not evolution, revolution.

Rising to the challenge.

Since its introduction, HSPA has skyrocketed, meeting the rapidly increasing need for higher data rates and capacity, which improves the responsiveness of your devices.

Did you know?

Today, HSPA handles over 1 billion wireless connections—more than any other standard. Adoption will continue to grow, with an estimated 2.5 billion connections by 2016.*

Four ways we're making mobile broadband better.

Qualcomm continues to evolve HSPA technologies to provide increased capacity, network flow balance, and improved voice services.


With a peak downlink speed of 21 Mbps, HSPA+ already provides a superior mobile broadband experience. And it’s only getting faster.


The next evolution of WCDMA incorporates efficiency-focused innovations that extend overall battery life and increase data capacity.

HSPA+ Advanced

Its MultiFlow feature dynamically balances network load and offers higher overall capacity, plus better data rates for users at the edge of the cell.

Carrier Aggregation

Carrier aggregation is one of the most important features of HSPA+, bringing higher data rates, higher capacity for bursty applications enhanced broadband experience for all users.

HSPA+ Growing Fast, Evolving Fast, What is Next?

Feb 3, 2012


Tackling a big challenge with small cells.

Adding small cells to networks will help address the anticipated 1000x mobile data increase. With features like Range Expansion and MultiFlow, HSPA+ and HSPA+ Advanced increase the overall capacity of HetNets.

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* Wireless Intelligence (Jan ‘13)