DO Advanced

Maximizing Performance of EV-DO.

DO Advanced exploits inherent uneven network loading and adapts network configuration to maximize the performance of EV-DO networks, in a cost-effective way.

Adapting the network.

Typically in a wireless network, the load changes continuously with respect to time and location. Also, fully loaded sectors are usually surrounded by lightly loaded neighbors. DO Advanced improves network performance by adapting the network to this uneven loading—wherever and whenever needed—while utilizing existing resources.

Smart networks exploit unevenly loaded networks.

DO Advanced adapts the network to the constantly changing demand on resources and enhances capacity as well as the user experience where and when needed.

DO Advanced is a cost-effective software upgrade.

DO Advanced is a software upgrade, leveraging operators existing infrastructure assets. It is also fully backward and forward compatible.

Benefits existing devices; delivers better performance with new, advanced devices.

DO Advanced improves the overall network performance with existing devices, which means operators can realize the improvements immediately after a network upgrade. However, new devices with advanced receivers can further increase capacity as well as cell–edge data rates.

Software released; standards completed.

The DO Advanced standard was completed in early 2010, and the firmware was released to infrastructure vendors at the end of the same year, paving the way for early commercialization. The devices with advanced receivers are already commercial. The first smart networks were established in early 2012.


DO Advanced

Feb 9, 2011


Webinar: DO Advanced – Maximizing the Perf. of EV-DO

Oct 20, 2010