Improving capacity and user experience since 1985.


The world’s most used mobile broadband technology.

LTE & LTE Advanced

Not evolution, revolution.

Nearly three decades of evolution.

When Qualcomm placed the first CDMA call over 25 years ago, few could have imagined that it would still be going strong today. Yet here we are, continuing to invest in and improve global CDMA connectivity.

Did you know?

There are more than 500 million CDMA/EV-DO connections worldwide.

No one knows CDMA better than we do.

Qualcomm created CDMA in 1985. By 1993, CDMA had established itself as one of the two global wireless communication standards.  

A three-pronged solution.

The evolution of CDMA/EV-DO continues to provide higher voice and data capacity, high data rates, and ubiquitous broadband service. 

EV-DO Rev. B

The upgrade from Rev. A uses more channels and a highly optimized modem to improve data rates and capacity.

DO Advanced

This cost-effective software upgrade takes advantage of unevenly loaded networks to maximize performance.

1X Advanced

The evolution from CDMA2000 1X can offer 4x more voice capacity or up to 70% more coverage.

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