1000x Data Challenge

It's not just about adding resources...

Addressing the 1000x data challenge is not just adding new resources, but also maximizing the overall efficiency.

Maximize Overall Effiiency

The 1000x challenge needs new resources in the form of more small cells and more spectrum. But, equally important is squeezing out more out of these resources, and increasing the efficiency across the system. 

More Efficient Apps and Services

Some examples of higher-level optimization are newer video codecs such as H.265 that use 40% less resources, and new approaches such as Dynamic Adoptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) that adopt the video quality to changing network conditions.

More Efficient Data Pipe – Evolve 3G/4G/Wi-Fi

Thanks to the strong evolution path, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi technologies are getting increasingly efficient, providing higher data rates and increased user experience. The efficiency can also be improved by using technologies that are most optimal for certain types of traffic or apps. For example, LTE Broadcast for mass media content. It increases the overall efficiency even for only a few user per cell consuming the same content. The dynamic switching between unicast and broadcast modes makes LTE Broadcast even more practical and attractive.

Another challenge industry is facing is the excessive signaling traffic generated by smartphones. There are enhancements in place to address it. Additionally, Qualcomm packs features in its chipsets, as part of Connectivity Engine (CnE), that gate and aggregate the background traffic, reducing signaling traffic by up to 30%.