A formula for the future.
Acceleration of the future.

Formula E racing isn’t a glimpse into the future. It is the future. Imagine custom-engineered, all-electric, open wheel race cars navigating urban courses at speeds that will shock you. This is a sport reimagined for tomorrow and the perfect platform to put emerging technologies to the test.

Not just a sponsor. A technology partner.

Formula E is something that has never been attempted. It’s part spectacular sport, part technology testing ground, and as an Official Founding Technology Partner, Qualcomm is right in the middle of it all. The marriage of sport and technology is one way to push the boundaries and usher in new technologies for widespread adoption. Today, Qualcomm provides the technology behind 10 million connected cars on the road. As the Formula E racing series evolves, Qualcomm will continue to enhance the technology that drives the sport itself as well as the connectivity between vehicles, drivers and fans.

A whole new arena.

Formula E is rewriting the rules of traditional racing. With zero emissions and a lower noise threshold, Formula E races will take place in metropolitan city centers around the world. The space-age whir of the electric engine reaches about 80 decibels, only slightly louder than a road car, and is far more fan friendly. From the streets of Beijing to the beaches of Miami, the urban courses will make Formula E accessible to an entirely new population of fans.

“I’ve been driving race cars for over 20 years...now, Formula E, full electric. I’m sure it will be the future.“

— Lucas Di Grassi, Formula E Driver

Safety first.

The inaugural Formula E season will kick off with Qualcomm Halo™ wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) technology in the modified BMW i8 and i3 course cars. Positioned at each end of the pit lane will be one of each model, charged-up, at the ready, to rapidly sprint to on-track incidents. This real-world stress test of Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology can save seconds in course car deployment—and in motor racing, seconds can save lives.

From pit row to a garage near you.

Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology is a huge step in the evolution of electric vehicle (EV) charging. A ground based charging pad can be installed in a garage, parking facility or on the roadway and is designed to make the process of charging almost invisible. Through resonant magnetic inductive power transfer, the EV is charged wirelessly, without the driver needing to plug in. With inventions like this, Qualcomm is preparing for a future when EVs are ubiquitous—where WEVC technology could be on every street corner. Not only will drivers eliminate trips to the gas station, they won’t even need to plug in their vehicle.


Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology is licensed by Qualcomm Incorporated.
Prototype charging pads are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“Qualcomm Halo™ is an invention that shows us the way to a future where electric vehicles are the norm.”

— Edward Van Boheemen, Inventor, Qualcomm Halo™ Wireless EV Charging

Just a warmup lap.

Formula E is a sport in its infancy. But at the same time, it presents a clear vision for a future where technology drives advancements as well as entertainment. As the Official Founding Technology Partner of the FIA Formula E Championship, Qualcomm will be one of the organizations in the driver’s seat. As seasons progress, so will the integration of driver-to-fan connectivity and the implementation of even more advanced racing performance technology. Will Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology integrated into the race track give fans the first glimpse of roadways embedded with wireless charging? Potentially. We believe Formula E is a test lab where the entire world gets to wear the lab coat and see, touch and feel the future of road transportation.

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