Insights from Academia

Qualcomm regularly hosts professors to present technical lectures to project teams at our research facilities.

San Diego Seminar Series
Silicon Valley Seminar Series
Date Title University Professor
6/26/2017 New Signal to Total Distortion Ratio FOM for PAs, and supply modulator bandwidth reduction for ET GaN Pas NTNU Morten Olavsbråten
6/23/2017 Fast and Provably Good Seedings for k-Means UPenn Hamed Hassani
6/22/2017 Deep Stochastic Radar Models Stanford Tim Wheeler
6/13/2017 Identifying Best Interventions through Online Importance Sampling UT Austin Sanjay Shakkottai
5/17/2017 Software-Defined Error-Correcting Codes UCLA Mark Gottscho, 
Clayton Schoeny, 
Irina Alam
5/11/2017 Fueling the Beast: Addressing the Computational Challenges of Ubiquitous Analytics and Learning Purdue Anand Raghunathan
5/11/2017 Real-time Safety Monitoring and Early Warnings for Driving Assistance Systems and Connected Autonomous Vehicles Texas A&M Ivan Damnjanovic, 
Alireza Talebpour
3/28/2017 Content-Aware Network Management and Data Filtering for Edge-Assisted IoT Systems UCI Marco Levorato
3/3/2017 Nanotechnology for Massively-Parallel, Multi-Physical Interrogation of Brain Activity Caltech Laurent Moreau, Michael Roukes
2/16/2017 'DC to Daylight': Harnessing the Spectrum and its Opportunities for Future Integrated Micro-systems Princeton Kaushik Sengupta
2/15/2017 Fundamental Limits and Approximate Message Passing for Massive Device Connectivity University of Toronto Wei Yu
2/10/2017 A Unified View of Self-Timed or Asynchronous Systems Portland State Ivan Sutherland
2/10/2017 The First Natural-Resolution Neural Interface: Retinal Prostheses of the Future Stanford E.J. Chichilnisky
2/8/2017 Discovering the Brain's Internal Algorithms: The Future of Articifical Intelligence is Natural Intelligence UCSD Gabriel A. Silva
12/16/2016 Brain-Machine Interfaces: From Basic Science and Engineering to Clinical Trials Stanford Krishna Shenoy
11/17/2016 Human Ethomics: Reverse Engineering the Perception-Action Loop Imperial College London Aldo Faisal
11/16/2016 Squeezing Deep Learning onto Wearables, Phones and Things University College London (UCL) Nic Lane
10/6/2016 Practical Secure Function Evaluation by Logic Synthesis and Novel Optimizations UCSD Farinaz Koushanfar
8/15/2016 Analyzing the Fault Injection Sensitivity of Secure Embedded Software Virginia Tech Patrick Schaumont
8/5/2016 Security Weaknesses Analysis of the Android Ecosystem UCR Zhiyun Qian
8/5/2016 Are the apps the source of all evil? - A security and privacy perspective UCR Michalis Faloutsos
7/18/2016 Understanding the Human Brain, a Research Journey Oxford Newton Howard
7/15/2016 High Data Rate Electronic Wireless Interface to Brain Circuits - DARPA NESD Program Aspirations Brown Arto Nurmikko
6/27/2016 Deep Learning 2.0 University of Amsterdam Max Welling
6/23/2016 Novel Electronics Technology based on Low-Symmetry Two-Dimensional Materials USC Han Wang
6/6/2016 Wearable Electrochemical Biosensors / Skin-Worn Hybrid Sensors UCSD Joseph Wang, Patrick Mercier
5/27/2016 Towards Ultra Low Power Pulse Based Signal Processing University of Florida Kan Li
5/12/2016 Coded MapReduce: A Scalable Framework for Wireless Distributed Computing USC Salman Avestimehr
5/9/2016 Information theory in RNA Sequencing: Assembly and Analytics Washington Sreeram Kannan
4/25/2016 Autonomous Cars for City Driving Freie Universität Berlin Raúl Rojas
4/21/2016 Passive Wi-Fi - Bringing Low Power to Wi-Fi Transmissions Washington Vamsi Talla
4/7/2016 Scalable Design of Heterogeneous System-on-Chip Platforms Columbia Luca Carloni
Date Title University Professor
10/27/2016 XChange: Dynamic Multi-Resource Allocation for the Manycore Era Cornell Jose Martinez
10/24/2016 Lift: a Functional Approach to Generating High Performance GPU Code using Rewrite Rules University of Edinburgh Christophe Dubach
10/13/2016 Opaque: A Data Analytics Platform with Strong Security UC Berkeley Raluca Popa
9/22/2016 node2vec: Scalable Feature Learning for Networks Stanford Aditya Grover
9/1/2016 Concepts and questions as programs NYU Brenden Lake
8/18/2016 The argument for Deception as a Means to Understand and Stymie the Adversary NYU Damon McCoy
8/8/2016 Cyber Physical Security (CPS) for the Smart Grid – A system-level security beyond traditional cyber security Iowa State Manimaran Govindarasu
7/7/16 The ICSI Haystack: A Tool to Illuminate the Dark Side of the Mobile Ecosystem ICSI Narseo Vallina Rodriguez
6/23/2016 Defending against Advanced Return-Oriented Programming Attacks Stony Brook Michalis Polychronakis
6/8/2016 Opportunities and Challenges of machine learning in security ICSI Sadia Afroz
5/27/16 Shreds: Fine-grained Execution Units with Private Memory Stony Brook Long Lu
5/26/16 Server-side verification of client behavior in cryptographic protocols UNC Michael Reiter
5/2/16 Scaling up Superoptimization UC Berkeley Phitchaya Mangpo Phothilimthana
3/30/16 Static Analysis to Detect Vulnerabilities and Malice in Android Applications UCSB Christopher Kruegel
3/24/16 Active Authentication DARPA Angelos Keromytis
3/4/16 Scalable Cloud-Sensor Architecture for Smart City Deployments University of Florida Sumi Helal
3/3/16 Machine Learning Techniques for Preventing the Global Malware Dissemination University of Maryland Tudor Dumitraș
2/17/16 HPC, The Computational Foundation of Deep Learning Baidu Bryan Catanzaro
12/18/15 CENATE: A Computing Proving Ground PNNL Adolfy Hoisie
11/2/15 TABLA, A Unified Template-Based Framework for Accelerating Machine Learning Georgia Tech Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
8/20/2015 The Coming Revolution in Neuromorphic Computing: Hardware and Software IBM Research Brent Hailpern
7/30/2015 Jalangi: A Dynamic Analyses Framework for JavaScript UC Berkeley Koushik Sen
6/9/2015 Random Sampling, Model Counting, and Improvisation UC Berkeley Sanjit Seshia