Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalists

Congratulations to all of our Fellowship finalists!


2020 North America Finalists

University Innovation Title Students
CMU Hardware-Aware Multimodal 3D Object Detection for On-Device Augmented Reality Applications Ting-Wu Chin, Ahmet Inci
CMU Safe Adaptive Learning and Control for Dynamical Systems Charles Noren, Weiye Zhao
CMU 3D Multi-Agent Social Interaction Understanding and Diverse Future Behavior Forecasting for Next General AI Systems Xinshuo Weng, Ye Yuan
CMU Ad Hoc Spatially-Anchored Augmented Reality Interfaces Karan Ahuja, Sujeath Pareddy
Columbia Protecting Heterogeneous SoCs with Security Sockets Davide Giri, Luca Piccolboni
Columbia Practical Software Security on Heterogeneous System on Chips Mohamed Hassan, Evgeny Manzhosov
Cornell Synthesis-Driven ISA Extensions for DSPs Alexa VanHattum, Rachit Nigam
Georgia Tech Towards Building Machine-Learning Powered EDA Flow and Methodologies Anthony Agnesina, Yi-Chen Lu
MIT Side-Channel Security Analysis of Embedded Machine Learning Implementations and Efficient Software / Hardware Countermeasures 3Saurav Maji, Utsav Banerjee
MIT Aerial Drone Sensing and Intelligence Favyen Bastani, Songtao He
MIT & UCLA Privacy-Preserving Video Analytics with Untrusted Queries Francis Cangialosi, Neil Agarwal
Princeton Exploring In-Memory Computing for Architectural and Technology Scaling Peter Deaville, Rakshit Pathak
Purdue University EM/Power Statistical and Machine-Learning Side-Channel Attacks & Generic Low-Overhead Synthesizable Circuit-Level Countermeasures Debayan Das, Baibhab Chatterjee
Purdue University Enabling Edge Intelligence with In-Memory Accelerators for Ultra-low Precision Deep Neural Networks Niharika Thakuria, Sourjya Roy
Purdue University Toward energy-efficient and accurate in-memory analog computing systems for machine learning workloads Indranil Chakraborty, Mustafa Fayez Ahmed Ali
Stanford Peer Pressure: On-Device Learning from Soft Decisions Ilai Bistritz, Ariana Mann
Stanford Autoregressive Generation that Adapts to Computational Constraints Yang Song, Rui Shu
UCB Designing Analog Mixed Signal Circuits with Machine Learning Keertana Settaluri, Kourosh Hakhamaneshi
UCLA Robust Crossbar Persistent Memories for In-Memory Learning Acceleration Zehui Chen, Siyi Yang
UCLA Autonomous Driving with Smartphones using Online Expectation-Maximization and Controllable Stereoscopic Vision Tsang-Kai Chang, Kenny Chen
UCSB N-face InGaN/AlGaN RF power HEMTs with a relaxed InGaN channel for mm-wave power amplifier Shubhra Pasayat, Weiyi Li
UCSB & Stanford Learning to Encourage Cooperative Behavior in Multi-agent Systems Daniel Lazar, Erdem Biyik
UCSB Practical algorithms for near-capacity massive MAC: Iterative schemes based on principled convex-relaxations Ganesh Ramachandra Kini, Orestis Paraskevas
UCSD LEGOS: AI for Cross-Domain Multi-Tenant Acceleration of Autonomous Systems Byung Hoon Ahn, Soroush Ghodrati
UCSD Physically-Motivated Deep Inverse Rendering from Sparse Inputs Sai Bi, Zhengqin Li
UCSD Vertical Hybrid Power Delivery for High-Performance Processors and Digital Systems Casey Hardy, Abdullah Abdulslam
UCSD Finding and Eliminating Timing Side-Channels in Crypto Code with Pitchfork Sunjay Cauligi, Craig Disselkoen
UCSD Temporospatial Fusion of Radar, Vision and LIDAR data for Autonomous Driving Dominique Meyer, Hengyuang Zhang
UCSD Doing More with Less:Sparse Sensing for Millimeter Wave Channel Estimation Pulak Sarangi, Rohan Ramchandra Pote
UCSD Learning-Based 3D Mesh Reconstruction Minghua Liu, Xiaoshuai Zhang
UCSD Toward Personalized and Multimodal Conversational Recommender Systems Shuyang Li, Bodhisattwa Prasad Majumder
UIUC High Resolution Millimeter Wave Imaging Using Deep Adversarial Learning Suraj Jog, Junfeng Guan
UMD Provably robust neural networks using curvature regularization Sahil Singla, Yogesh Balaji
USC High-Capacity Mode-Division-Multiplexed Wireless Communications Within and Beyond Millimeter-Wave Band Runzhou Zhang, Huibin Zhou
UT Austin mmWave and TeraHz Channel Estimation and Beamforming using Deep Generative Networks Akash Doshi, Ajil Jalal
UT Austin Radar-to-radar interference: System level analysis and solutions Khurram Mazher, Andrew Graff
Virginia Tech Physics-Driven Machine Learning and Data Fusion for Semiconductor Test, Quality and Yield Learning Yinan Wang, Tim Lutz
Virginia Tech A Low-Power Hybrid Neural Processing Architecture for Mobile Edge Intelligent Computing Yibin Liang, Kangjun Bai
Virginia Tech Hybrid Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicles in Adversarial Environments Ian Garrett, Leila Amanzadeh
Washington Source Separation with Deep Generative Priors John Thickstun, Vivek Jayaram
Wisconsin-Madison Comprehensively Accelerating Sequence-based Neural Networks Preyesh Dalmia, Suchita Pati
Wisconsin-Madison Ultra Low-Power Machine Learning at the Edge Tianen Chen, Setareh Behroozi

2020 Europe Finalists

Name Innovation Title University Supervisor
Chen Liu Neural Architectural Design Resistant Against Adversarial Attacks EPF Lausanne Sabine Süsstrunk,Mathieu Salzmann
Daniel Joseph Ringis Using deep learning for efficient per clip encoding with modern video codecs Trinity College Dublin Anil Kokaram
David Burt Variational Inference in Compositional Models Cambridge Carl Edward Rasmussen,Mark van der Wilk
David W. Romero Equivariant generative Networks Vrije Universiteit Jakub M. Tomczak,Mark Hoogendoorn
Denys Rozumnyi Detection and reconstruction of fast moving objects ETH Zurich Marc Pollefeys, Jiri Matas
Edoardo Remelli Enabling Differentiable Multi-Topology Mesh Representations through Shape Derivative EPF Lausanne Pascal Fua
Erik Daxberger Towards Efficient Deep Uncertainty Quantification Cambridge José Miguel Hernández-Lobato
Fangcheng Zhong Zhong Learn a Path to Perceptual Realism Cambridge Rafal Mantiuk
Georgios Rizos Uncertainty Aware Acquisition Policies for Addressing the Exploration Versus Exploitation Problem in Active Learning ICL Bjoern Schuller, Abbas Edalat
James Meech Efficient Programmable Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation for Sensor Fusion Cambridge Phillip Stanley-Marbell
Miguel Cacho Soblechero Sense-aware System-on-Chip for ISFET diagnostic platforms ICL Pantelis Georgiou,Jesus Rodriguez Manzano
Ning Yu Inclusive GAN: Reducing Bias in Generative Models by Improving Coverage and Equalizing Utility MPI Mario Fritz, Larry Davis
Pietro Frigo Reverse Engineering in-DRAM Rowhammer Mitigations via Automata Learning Vrije Universiteit Cristiano Giuffrida
Vidhi Ramesh Lalchand Probabilistic Kernel Learning in Gaussian Processes Cambridge Carl Edward Rasmussen
Yuki Asano Learning self-supervised learning University of Oxford Andrea Vedaldi

2019 India Finalists

Innovation Title




A multichannel signal acquisition technique for adventitious lung sound localization

Karthik Girija Ramesan

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

IISc – Bangalore

Agile Anti-Malware Tool using Low-level Hardware Events oriented towards Embedded Environments

Manaar Alam

Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

IIT – Kharagpur

Bayesian Models for Domain Adaptation

Vinod Kumar Kurmi

Vinay P Namboodiri

IIT – Kanpur

Blind objective video quality assessment

Sathya Veera Reddy Dendi, Parimala Kancharla

Sumohana S. Channappayya

IIT – Hyderabad

Codes for Distributed Computing and Sharding

Divija Swetha Gadiraju

Lalitha Vadlamani

IIIT – Hyderabad

Concurrent Spectrum Sharing and Optimal Transmission Techniques for Next Generation Wireless Systems

Sarvendranath Rimalapudi

Neelesh B Mehta

IISc – Bangalore

Data-driven Inverse Models for Vehicular Traffic

Helen Thomas, Rito Brata Nath

Tarun Rambha

IISc – Bangalore

Designing Co-adaptive AI Agents for Communication-restricted Environments

Kiruthika Kannan, Nikhil Bansal

Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla, Naresh Manwani

IIIT – Hyderabad

ELeGANt: Euler-Lagrange Constrained Generative Adversarial Networks

Siddarth Asokan

Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula

IISc - Bangalore

Flit-Level Reordering for Reducing Processor Stall

Abhijit Das

John Jose

IIT – Guwahati

Generation of Artificial Visual Scanpath for Action Recognition in Still Images

Ashish Verma, Debanjan Sengupta

Debashis Sen

IIT – Kharagpur

Hardware Software Co-design for Safe and Efficient Inference on the Edge

Vinod Ganesan, Surya Selvam

Pratyush Kumar

IIT – Madras

Human Sensing from Monocular Videos

Rishabh Dabral

Arjun Jain

IIT – Bombay

HYPERFUZZING for SoC Security Validation

Sujit Muduli

Pramod Subramanyan

IIT – Kanpur

Image compression for user generated content using no-reference image quality assessment

Deepa T M

Rajiv Soundararajan

IISc – Bangalore

Intelligent and Adaptive HARQ in Next Generation Wi-Fi Systems

Romil Sonigra, Shishir G

David Koilpillai, Nambi Seshadri

IIT – Madras

Intelligent Integration of On-Chip Machine Learning Accelerators in Multiprocessor SoCs

Ayushi Agarwal

Preeti Ranjan Panda

IIT – Delhi

Learning beyond bag of local features: Shape Reasoning Networks for Object Modeling

Deepak Babu Sam

R Venkatesh Babu

IISc – Bangalore

Learning Perception-Aware Distance Metrics for Multi-Modal Data

Priyadarshini Kumari

Subhasis Chaudhuri

IIT – Bombay

MAC layer methods for low-latency handover and blockage-mitigation in mmWave indoor networks

Arijit Bhattacharjee

Sanjay Kumar Bose, Ratnajit Bhattacharjee

IIT – Guwahati

Mobile Network Traffic Modeling with Temporal Point Processes

Avirup Saha, Santosh Tokala Yaswanth Sri Sai

Niloy Ganguly

IIT – Kharagpur

Molecular Schemes for Information Processing and Communication

Abhishek Behera

Manoj Gopalkrishnan

IIT – Bombay

One-bit Distributed Decision Fusion in 5G Massive MIMO-based Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

Apoorva Chawla

Aditya K. Jagannatham

IIT – Kanpur

On spot soil sensor using MoS2 ISFET

Pramod Kumar, Kaustubh Nayyar

Sanjeev Manhas

IIT – Roorkee

Random Access Schemes for Massive Machine Type Communications

Chirag Ramesh

Chandra R. Murthy

IISc – Bangalore

Self-supervised Learning of Human Motion Representation for In-the-wild Videos

Jogendra Nath Kundu

R Venkatesh Babu

IISc – Bangalore

Streaming Codes for Low-Latency Communication

Myna Vajha, Nikhil Krishnan Muralee Krishnan

P Vijay Kumar

IISc – Bangalore

Towards Secured Hardware Design using Approximate Computing

Avishek Sinha Roy, Rajit Karmakar

Santanu Chattopadhyay, Anindya Sundar Dhar

IIT – Kharagpur

2019 Europe Finalists

Student Title University Supervisor

Adrià Garriga-Alonso

Uncertainty-aware control of continuous-time nonlinear dynamical systems with guarantees

University of Cambridge

Carl E. Rasmussen, Richard E. Turner

David Stutz

Adversarial Weights

Max Planck Institute

Bernt Schiele, Matthias Hein

Fatih Balli

Provably-Secure Cryptographic Primitives for Enclaves

EPF Lausanne

Serge Vaudenay

Julius von Kügelgen

Active Bayesian Causal Discovery

University of Cambridge

Adrian Weller, Bernhard Schölkopf

Kaicheng Yu

Robust Neural Architecture Search with Soft Weight Sharing

EPF Lausanne

Mathieu Salzmann, Pascal Fua

Mario Paulo Drumond

ColTraIn: co-located deep learning training and inference

EPF Lausanne

Babak Falsafi

Mehdi Bahri

Deep Implicit Representations for Surface Generation

Imperial College London

Michael Bronstein, Stefanos Zafeiriou

Ning Yu

Towards Extracting, Analyzing, and Utilizing GANs Fingerprints

Max Planck Institute

Mario Fritz, Larry Davis

Triantafyllos Afouras

Deep Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement and ASR

University of Oxford

Andrew Zisserman

2019 North America Finalists


A nearly optimal self-tuning rate-constrained controller


Do-­it-­Yourself-­Locally: An IoT architecture For Localized Data Control for Privacy and Security


Robust and Scalable Machine Learning on the Edge


MADS: A Machine Learning Assisted Diagnosis System


Exploiting Spatial Structure for Dynamic DNN Compression


PPAC: In-Memory Accelerator for Matrix-Vector Products

Georgia Tech

Enabling Low-Cost Hardware Security against Side-Channels

Georgia Tech

Hardware-Software Co-design for Deep Learning Acceleration

Georgia Tech

Enabling Efficient Training of Deep Neural Networks through Sparse Direct Feedback Alignment and Algorithm-Hardware Co-Design


Agile and Miniature RF Front-ends Employing Multifunctional Ferroelectrics


Towards Efficient and Private Deep Learning using 3-party Secure Computation


StructNN: Algorithm-Hardware Co-Design for Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network using Structured Matrices


Improving Communication Systems with Deep Generative Models


Modern Error-Correcting Codes for Nanopore Sequencing-based Data Storage in DNA


Next Generation Sensing Systems for Fully-Passive Remote Data Telemetry


Efficient Reward Learning for Autonomous Driving and Robotics


Learning Latent Structures Among HumanDrivers for Intent Inference and Planning


Real-World Autonomous Agents from Virtual Environment: Generalizable Simulation and Representation Learning


Accelerating Reinforcement Learning with Sub-optimal Teachers


Generic Hyperdimensional Processor for efficient human-centric IoT


Compositional Security for SoC Design


Massively-Parallel Convolutional Neural Network Acceleration through Stochastic Computing


A Wideband Frequency-Channelized ADC Using Time-Varying Circuits and Adaptive Digital Control


Opportunistic Learning: Budgeted Cost-Sensitive Learning from Data Streams


Revolutionizing Large-Scale Graph Processing using Waferscale Architecture


Enabling the First High Voltage Complementary-MOS (CMOS) technology based on Gallium nitride(GaN) for next generation ultra-fast, high-power efficient switching applications


EdgeML: Fast, Robust and Secure Machine Learning at the Edge


Acquiring Compact AI with Natural Evolution


Artificial Neural and Optic-Neural Synaptic Device for Neuromorphic Computing


Toward Printable Ubiquitous Internet of Things with Capacitive Sensing, Communications and Identification Tags


SweepSense : Sensing 5Ghz in 5Milliseconds


Plug&Play Agents: Collaborative Learning in New Environments


Reliability-aware circuit design for self-diagnosis and self-prognosis in deep submicron CMOS


Collaborative Sensing and Cooperative Guidance for Autonomous Cars via Scalable Perception Augmentation


RAVEN: A Reconfigurable Architecture for Varying Emerging Neural Networks


In-Home Functional Impairment Assessment of Stroke Patients Using Ubiquitous Millimeter Wave Devices


Reevaluating the GPU Pipeline for VR/AR Acceleration for Mobile Devices

2018 U.S. Finalists

Submission #

Innovation Title





Machine Learning for Millimeter-wave V2X with Situational Awareness

Yuyang Wang, Monica Ribero

Robert W. Heath Jr.

UT Austin


TNT: Trusted Notion of Time for Resilient Autonomous Driving

Fatima Anwar, Amr Alanwar

Mani Srivastava



Monte Carlo Decoding of Error-Correcting Codes

Jiun-Ting Huang, Alankrita Bhatt

Young-Han Kim



Robustifying Deep Networks Against Adversarial Examples via Orthogonality and Runtime Randomness

Harrison Rosenberg, Kabir Chandrasekher

Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Kannan Ramchandran

Wisconsin-Madison / Stanford


Energy-efficient system architecture for real-time video inference on embedded platforms

Ameya Patil, Sujan Gonugondla

Naresh Shanbhag, Alexander Schwing



Automated and light-weight defense against adversarial attacks on deep learning models

Mohammad Samragh, Shubhanshu Shekhar

Farinaz Koushanfar, Tara Javidi



Fusion of RADAR, Motion, and Imaging for Autonomous Vehicles

Kirk Busche, Teck Yian Lim

Minh Do



Private Information Retrieval in Networks: Fundamental Limits and Practical Schemes

Karim Banawan, Yi-Peng Wei

Sennur Ulukus



Safe Multi-Agent Imitation Learning for Self-Driving

Jiaming Song, Shengjia Zhao

Stefano Ermon



Magneto: Hardware-Algorithm Co-design for Training at the Edge using MRAM

Hardik Sharma, Mohammad Ghasemzadeh

Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Farinaz Koushanfar



Deep Learning Using Radically Less Time, Space, and Data

Davis Blalock, Jose Javier Gonzalez

John Guttag



Containment-based Security Architecture

Hansen Zhang, Sotiris Apostolakis

David August



Towards Compact Reconfigurable RF Front-ends Employing Multifunctional Ferroelectrics

Milad Zolfagharloo Koohi, Suhyun Nam

Amir Mortazawi



Configurable Tightly-Coupled FPGA for Fine-Grained Acceleration

David Schlais, Heng Zhuo

Mikko H. Lipasti



Towards Better 3D Scene Understanding and Object Reasoning

Zhe Fu, Brandon Huynh

Matthew Turk, Tobias Hollerer



An Artificial-Intelligence (AI) Assisted Mm-Wave Multi-Band Doherty Transmitter with Rapid Mixed-Mode In-Field Performance Optimization and Digital Pre-Distortion Compensation

Fei Wang, Kyle Xu

Hua Wang, Justin Romberg

Georgia Tech


Efficient Near ML Data Recovery in Massive MIMO

Ehsan Abbasi, Fariborz Salehi

Babak Hassibi



Reconfigurable Millimeter-wave Hybrid Beamforming MIMO Transceiver for 5G and Beyond

Susnata Mondal, Mazen Soliman

Jeyanandh Paramesh



Diverse Neurons and Inhomogeneous Neural Networks

Albert Lee, Hao-Yuan Chang

Kang-Lung Wang



Towards Efficient Hardware-Constrained Deep Learning

Dimitrios Stamoulis, Zhuo Chen

Diana Marculescu



Discovering Communication Algorithms Via Deep Learning

Yihan Jiang, Ashok Makkuva

Pramod Viswanath, Sreeram Kannan

Washington / UIUC


Fully Integrated Data-Driven Perception and Motion Planning for Autonomous Systems with Safety Guarantees

Lucas Liebenwein, Wilko Schwarting

Daniela Rus, Sertac Karaman



Engineering a Bidirectional Implantable Neural Prosthesis

Nandita Bhaskhar, Nishal Shah

E. J. Chichilnisky, Subhasish Mitra



Large-Scale Language Grounding and Imitation Learning from Narrated Demonstrations

Adam Harley, Hsiao-Yu Tung

Katerina Fragkiadaki



Interpretable Algorithms for Intent Inference and Decision-Making on the Road

Karen Leung, Sumeet Singh

Marco Pavone, Dorsa Sadigh



Edge Node Deep Learning using Ultra-Low Power Stochastic Processing

Tianmu Li, Jiyue Yang

Puneet Gupta, Sudhakar Pamarti



A 3D-Integrated NEMS-CMOS FPGA

Zhixin (Alice) Ye, Urmita Sikder

Tsu-Jae King Liu, Vladimir Stojanovic



Learning Environment-Aware Acrobatic Flight from Video Demonstrations

James Preiss, Eric Heiden

Gaurav Sukhatme



Never-Ending Learner of Sounds

Benjamin Elizalde, Abelino Jimenez

Bhiksha Raj



Progressive Machine Learning, Knowledge "Compaction", Human-Robot Collaboration

Zhenyu Lin, Christos Mavridis

John S. Baras


2018 Europe Finalists





Alessandro Aimar

Differentiable Neural Computers: Theory, Application and Hardware Acceleration


Tobi Delbruk

Chaochao Lu

Causal Learning for Computer Vision


Zoubin Ghahramani,
Jose Miguel Hernandez-Lobato

Henri Rebecq

Learning Representations for Low-latency Perception with Frame and Event-based Cameras


Davide Scaramuzza

Rakshith Shetty

Learning to Controllably Edit Images


Bernt Schiele,
Mario Fritz

Robert Pinsler 

Loss-Calibrated Bayesian Compression


Carl Rasmussen

Seungryul Baek 

Active Data Augmentation Planning for Depth-based Hand Pose Estimation


Tae-Kyun Kim

Thomas Moerland

Double Uncertain Exploration

TU Delft

Catholijn Jonker,
Joost Broekens

Yongqin Xian

Bidirectional Generative Models for Imbalanced Data


Bernt Schiele,
Zeynep Akata

2018 India Finalists

Innovation Title Student(s) Recommendor(s) University
Accelerating Deep Neural Networks on FPGAs Ziaul Choudhury, Vinamra Benara Suresh Purini, Lavanya Ramapantulu IIIT - Hyderabad
Active Pose Matching using Deep Reinforcement Learning Jogendra Nath Kundu R. Venkatesh babu IISc - Bangalore
An Artificial Neural Network Based Non-invasive method for Diabetes detection Rathin Joshi Hardik J Pandya IISc - Bangalore
Battle of Bandits Aadirupa Saha Aditya Gopalan IISc - Bangalore
Discovering and Mitigating Algorithmic Bias using Deep Neural Networks Gourab Patro, Abhijnan Chakraborty Niloy Ganguly IIT - Kharagpur
Feedback Overhead Reduction in 5G using Base Station-Side Estimation Vineeth Kumar Vimal Kumar Neelesh B. Mehta IISc - Bangalore
High Speed Imaging and 3D Reconstruction from Event-Based Hybrid Sensor Prasan Shedligeri, Anuja Reddy Mandla Kaushik Mitra IIT - Madras
Intelligent ADAS Task Management on Heterogeneous Automotive Architectures Anirban Ghose, Srijeeta Maity Soumyajit Dey, Pabitra Maitra IIT - Kharagpur
Latency Minimizing Codes for Distributed Systems Ajay Kumar Badita, Ankit Dhiman Parimal Parag IISc - Bangalore
Machine Learning Models for Augmenting Ayurveda Diagnosis Sumit Soman, Manoj Singh Rathor Jayadeva IIT - Delhi
Multi-access Coded Caching for 5G Srinivas Reddy Kota, Lalhruaizela Nikhil Karamchandani, D Manjunath IIT - Bombay
Non Contact CardioPulmonary Assessment in the wild using imaging techniques Prashant Pandey, Varun Srivastava AP Prathosh IIT - Delhi
Optimal Communication for Distributed Learning Prathamesh Mayekar Himanshu Tyagi IISc - Bangalore
Principled Approaches for Designing Efficient DNNs using Graph and Information Theoretic Methods Ameya Prabhu Anoop Namboodiri, Girish Varma IIIT - Hyderabad
Quantum Theoretic Codes for the Cell Discovery Problem in mm Wave Communication Systems Manoj A, Rashmi P Arun Pachai Kannu IIT - Madras
Real Time Surrogate Visual Tracking of Lung Tumours for Effective Radiotherapy Priya Singh, Darshan Ramesh Shet K S Venkatesh IIT - Kanpur
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Towards Long-term Autonomy, Scalability and Robustness Mohan Nutalapati, Lavish Arora Ketan Rajawat, Rajesh M Hegde IIT - Kanpur
Sparse Signal Processing for 5G mmWave Hybrid MIMO Technology Suraj Srivastava, Saumya Dwivedi Aditya K. Jagannatham  IIT - Kanpur
Textured Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction in a calibration free environment Abbhinav Venkat, Sai Sagar Jinka Avinash Sharma IIIT - Hyderabad
Underwater Image Processing: Point Tracking, Motion Segmentation, Restoration Jerin Geo James Ajit Rajwade IIT - Bombay

2017 U.S. Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
MIT Aviram Massuda,
Charles Roques-Carmes
Marin Soljačić,
John D Joannopoulos
A tunable, nanoscale, free-electron light source for visible to EUV radiation
USC Songze Li, Qian Yu Salman Avestimehr Accelerating Cloud Computing via Coding
UIUC Aditya Deshpande,
Jiajun Lu
David Forsyth Data-Driven Photo-Editing on Mobile Devices
Washington Max Willsey,
Vincent Lee
Luis Ceze,
Rastislav Bodik
Program Synthesis for Domain Specific Reconfigurable Accelerators
CMU Yang Zhang,
Abdelkareem Bedri
Chris Harrison,
Thad Starner
Towards General-Purpose Sensing with Synthetic Sensors
Michigan Minhyung Ahn,
William Schell
Jamie Phillips Resistive Switching in High-Entropy Oxide Materials for Advanced Memory Devices
UIUC Caitlin Race,
Lydia Kwon
Brian Cunningham Rapid point-of-care liquid biopsy for sepsis biomarkers in a single droplet of blood
Stanford David Wu,
Yan Michalevsky
Dan Boneh,
Philip Levis
Applications of Private Discovery and Secret Handshakes for Mobile Devices and the Internet of Things
Princeton Lingyu Hong,
Tuan-Anh Le
Kaushik Sengupta,
Mehdi javanmard
PCR on a Micro-Pill: An Ingestible Hybrid Microfluidic-CMOS Chip for Performing Sample-to-Answer Analysis of Microbiomes in the Gut
Cornell Emre Gonultas,
Oscar Castaneda
Christoph Studer Analog-to-Feature Conversion for Energy-Efficient ECG Anomaly Detection
Columbia Thomas Repetti,
Joao Cerqueira
Martha Kim,
Mingoo Seok
A Programmable Spatial Architecture with Temporally/Spatially Fine-Grained Active Leakage Management for Energy-Efficient Near-Threshold-Voltage Computing
UIUC Rohan Tabish,
Jen-Yang Wen
Lui Raymond Sha,
Marco Caccamo
Next-Generation Real-Time Platform with Hardware-Aided Resource Management
Princeton Xue Wu,
Chandrakanth Chappidi
Kaushik Sengupta Universally Reconfigurable mm-Wave Transmitter Architectures and Antenna Interfaces for the Next-generation of Heterogeneous mm-Wave Wireless Networks
Michigan Chen Jiang,
Shiming Song
Ehsan Afshari,
Zhengya Zhang
High-Bandwidth Energy-Efficient Sub-Terahertz Chip-to-Chip Interconnect for 3D IC Stacking
CMU William Melicher,
Mahmood Sharif
Lujo Bauer,
Nicolas Christin
Practical Cross-Site Scripting Detection Using Machine Learning
MIT Hongzi Mao,
Ravi Netravali
Mohammad Alizadeh,
Hari Balakrishnan
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Stanford Edward Lee,
Raghav Subramaniam
Olivier Gevaert,
Simon Wong
SEDL: Secure and Efficient Distributed Learning for Medicine
CMU Alex Poms,
Will Crichton
Kayvon Fatahalian,
Pat Hanrahan
Scanner: A Platform for High-Performance Visual Data Analysis at Scale
UCLA Hani Esmaeelzadeh,
Amr Alanwar
Sudhakar Pamarti,
Mani Srivastava
PLoTS: Power Efficient Localization and Time Synchronization
Georgia Tech Grady Williams,
Paul Drews
Evangelos Theodorou,
James Rehg
Autonomous Racing Using Deep Learning and Game Theoretic Optimization
UCB Li-Chia (Jerry) Tai,
Hnin Yin Yin Nyein
Ali Javey Wearable smart sweatbands for personalized health monitoring
Stanford Yatish Turakhia,
Karthik Jagadeesh
Bill Dally Real-time Genome Diagnostics In The Clinic
Caltech Hoang Le,
Stephan Zheng
Yisong Yue,
Pietro Perona
Intelligent Control of Multi-agent Systems via Deep Reinforcement Learning
UT Austin Lakshay Narula,
Matthew Murrian
Todd Humphreys Robust and Secure Precise Location for Connected Vehicles and Pedestrians
UT Austin Amritesh Rai,
Maruthi Nagavalliyogeesh
Sanjay K. Banerjee,
Deji Akinwande
Ultra-Low-Power Devices based on Van der Waals Heterostructures
UCLA Hani Esmaeelzadeh,
Jaime Flor Flores
Sudhakar Pamarti,
Chee Wei Wong
An integrated optomechanical frequency reference oscillator with rapid startup for low power portable applications
CMU Minh Vo,
Aayush Bansal
Deva Ramanan,
Srinivasa Narasimhan,
Yaser Sheikh
Time Travel: Automatically Organizing and Browsing Massive Visual Data
Stanford Zhengyuan Zhou,
Aditya Grover
Nicholas Bambos,
Stefano Ermon
Resampled Bayesian Networks for Learning Generative Models
UCLA Li Yang Chen,
Abhinav Vinod
Chee Wei Wong,
Chih-Kong Ken Yang
Chip-scale three-dimensional LiDAR mapping for mobile platforms
CMU João Diogo Falcão,
Ervin Teng
Bob Iannucci VIPER: Virtual Image Processing Environment for Research
Stanford Dor Shaviv,
Siavash Kananian
Amin Arbabian,
Ayfer Ozgur
Zero-Watt Tera-Scale Networks of Miniaturized Batteryless Radios
CMU Abelino Jimenez,
Anurag Kumar
Bhiksha Raj Privacy Preserving Internet of Things Analytics
Columbia Tingjun Chen,
Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi
Gil Zussman,
Harish Krishnaswamy
Full-Duplex MIMO Wireless: From IC Design to Networking

2017 India Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
IIT-Kgp Avisek Lahiri, Abhinav Agarwalla Prabir Kumar Biswas, Pabitra Mitra Domain Adversarial Networks for Bridging Cross Domain Semantic Gaps in Computer Vision
IIT-B Pratik Kalshetti Parag Chaudhuri A Deep Learing Framework for Hand Tracking with Personalized Dynamics
IISc Pavan C M Rajiv Soundararanjan Automatic quality assessment of stitching algorithms in panoramic videos
IIIT-H Junaid Ahmed Ansari, Sarthak Sharma K Madhava Krishna Real-Time Monocular Object SLAM System for Dynamic Road Scenes
IISc Shounak Bhattacharya, Arkadeep Narayan Chaudhury Ashitava Ghosal Quadruped with flexible body
IIT-Kgp Sayandeep Saha Sikhar Patranabis Pallab Dasgupta, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay Automating fault based cryptanalysis in secure embedded applications using machine learning
IIT-Kgp Manaar Alam, Sarani Bhattacharya Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Sourangshu Bhattacharya (in)Security vs. Machine Learning: A Detection based Mechanism for Micro-Architectural Attacks and Malware
IIT-Kgp Mayank Singh, Rajdeep Sarkar Animesh Mukherjee, Pawan Goyal Anwering predictive natural language queries by learning future metapaths in large evolving scholarly networks
IIT-Kgp Bidisha Samanta, Abir De Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Niloy Ganguly Understanding and Predicting Networked Opinion Dynamics
IISc Devraj Mandal, Sivaram Prasad Mudunuri Soma Biswas Zero-shot cross-modal retrieval
IIT-Kgp Preety Priya, Sucharita Chakraborty Debarati Sen Blind Joint Equalization and Detection in Presence of Non-linearity and Synchronization Errors for Millimeter Wave Communications
IIT-M Thulasi T, Vishnu Raj Sheetal Kalyani Leveraging Artificial Intelligence based techniques in designing 5G system
IIT-B Arjun R, Harshal Shah Kumar Appaiah, Vikram M. Gadre Orthogonal/Non-orthogonal filter bank multi-carrier for MIMO in 5G
IISc Reneeta Sara Isaac Neelesh B. Mehta Novel selection algorithms to exploit spatio-temporal correlation in opportunistic wireless systems
IISc Sireesha Madabhushi Chandra R. Murthy Proximal Communication Among Peer Nodes: Multi-Hop Routing and Mode Selection via Learning

2017 Europe Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Cambridge Alessandro Davide Ialongo Zoubin Ghahramani Learning and Decision-making for Autonomous Behaviour
KUL Bert De Brabandere Luc Van Gool Learing to learn visual representations without supervision
EPFL Bugra Tekin Pascal Fua Real-time 3D Human Pose Estimateion in the Wild
Imperial Lin Yiming Abhijeet Ghosh Image Based Material Modeling for Virtual Reality Content Creation
KUL Maxim Berman Matthew B. Blaschko Efficient image segmentation: richer models at lower cost
TU Delft Thomas Moerland Catholijm M. Jonker Probabilistic Inference for Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning
EPFL Yu Kaicheng Pascal Fua Second-Order Image Statistics: Covariance Descriptors in CNNs
EPFL Zhou Ruofan Sabine Süsstrunk Automatic Video Enhancement Through Deep Learning

2016 U.S. Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
UCSD David Hall, Lujiang Yan Yuhwa Lo Revolutionizing mobile imaging from a newly discovered amplification mechanism in semiconductor
UIUC Hojeong Yu, Minji Kim Brian Cunningham, Olgica Milenkovic Label-Free Diagnostic Lab on a Smartphone
Stanford Ashwin Raghunathan, Timothy McKenna Thomas Lee A Battery- and Crystal-Free 28GHz Transceiver for the Internet of Everything
UCLA Mark Gottscho, Clayton Schoeny Puneet Gupta, Lara Dolecek Software-Defined Error-Correcting Codes
UT Austin Chenhan Yu, Jianyu Huang Robert A. van de Geijn, George Biros High-performance Primitives for Machine Learning Targeting Mobile Platforms
Princeton Shuran Song, Daniel Suo Jianxiong Xiao, Thomas Funkhouser Three-Dimensional Deep Learning for Robot Perception
CMU Rahul Singh, Min Xu Jeyanandh Paramesh, James A. Bain Reconfigurable Radios using Integrated Phase-Change RF Switches
UIUC Wing Lam, Wei Yang Tao Xie Validating Application Behavior against User Expectations
CMU Tianlong Yu, Seyed Kaveh Fayazbakhsh Vyas Sekar, Srinivasan Seshan Securing Internet-of-Everything with IoTSec
UIUC Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad, Renato Mancuso Marco Caccamo Hypervisor-level System Protection with SafeVisor
Georgia Tech Divya Mahajan, Sandeep Kumar Samal Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Sung Kyu Lim 3D Learning Accelerators: A Path through the Era of Dark Silicon and Big Data
UMD Michael Maynord, Anupam Guha Yiannis Aloimonos, Cornelia Fermuller Feedback for Vision
Stanford Yatish Turakhia, Karthik Jagadeesh Bill Dally, Gill Bejerano Hardware-Accelerated Programming System For Sequence Alignment
UCB Zachary Phillips, Michael Chen Laura Waller High-Speed Quantitative Phase Imaging on a Smartphone Microscope using Color Multiplexing
Washington Hanchuan Li, Alex Mariakakis Shwetak Patel, Alanson Sample IDCam: Object Identification and Localization for Activity Inference using RFID and RGB-D Cameras
Stanford Nishal P. Shah, Karthik Ganesan EJ Chichilnisky, Subhasish Mitra Reverse-engineering neural encoding for implantable retinal prosthesis
MIT Chiraag Juvekar, Utsav Banerjee Anantha Chandrakasan Hardware Acceleration for Mobile Computing on Encrypted Data
CMU Anhong Guo, Yang Zhang Chris Harrison, Jeffrey P. Bigham Continuous Finger Tracking on the Skin Using the Body as a Waveguide
MIT Omid Abari, Ezz Hamed Dina Katabi, Haitham Hassanieh Building mmWave Wireless Systems Using the Sparse Fourier Transform
UIUC Earlence Fernandes, Alex Gyori Darko Marinov, Atul Prakash Towards a Safer IoE: Detecting and Correcting Abnormal Interactions between Things in Smart Homes
UCSD Cooper Levy, Voravit Vorapipat Peter Asbeck, James Buckwalter Modified Doherty Power Amplifiers for 5G Handsets
Rutgers Vilelmini Kalampratsidou, Ji-Hye Ryu Elizabeth Torres, Dimitris Metaxas Body-Brain-Avatar Interface: a tool to study sensory motor   integration and neuroplasticity
UCB Nicholas Sutardja, Jaeduk Han Elad Alon Low Latency, High Bandwidth Burst Mode Interconnect Design for Next Generation Computing Systems
Columbia Negar Reiskarimian, Ahmed Kord Harish Krishnaswamy, Andrea Alu Fully-Integrated Reconfi?gurable Magnet-less Non-reciprocal Components for Next-Generation Wireless Communication Systems
Washington John Uehlin, Eric Pepin Jacques C. Rudell Adaptive and Robust Stimulus Artifact Cancellation for Bidirectional CMOS Neural Interfaces
Michigan Yu-Wei Chao, Johann Hauswald Jia Deng, Jason Mars Encyclopedic Real-time Visual Recognition
Stanford Neal Master, Zhengyuan Zhou Nicholas Bambos, David Scheinker Improving Hospital Operational Efficiency with Machine Learning
UCLA Vito Iaia, Jaime Flor Chee Wei Wong, Sudhakar Pamarti A Chip-Scale Optomechanical Accelerometer for Precision Inertial Positioning and Sensing at the Quantum Limits
UCLA Shang-Hua Yang, Abhinav Vinod Mona Jarrahi, Chee Wei Wong An Ultra-High Speed Wireless Communication System based on Turing Pattern Frequency Combs
CMU Sankalp Arora, Daniel Maturana Sebastian Scherer Semantic Exploration through UAV’s
Stanford Spyridon Baltsavias, Junyi Wang Amin Arbabian, Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub Advanced Ultrasound Sensing in the Modern Wireless World:  a Miniaturized Ultrasound Transducer System for Biomedical Applications
UIUC Nirupam Roy, Shailesh Venkatakrishnan Romit Roy Choudhury, Pramod Viswanath Communicating through Physical Vibrations
Caltech Dimitar Ho, Sumanth Dathathri John C. Doyle, Richard Murray Robust SDN through Optimal Control and Formal Synthesis
UCB Gregory Kahn, Tuomas Haarnoja Pieter Abbeel Deep Perceptive Flight Control of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles in Dynamic Environments

2016 International Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title

University of Cambridge

Shixiang Gu

Richard E. Turner

Accelerating Deep Reinforcement Learning with Probabilistic Sequence Modeling

ETH Zurich

Dengxin Dai

Luc Van Gol

Look&Tell: Voice-user Interface to Pictures by Deeply Integrating Vision and Speech

ETH Zurich

Elias Mueggler

Davide Scaramuzza

A Battery- and Crystal-Free 28GHz Transceiver for the Internet of Everything

ETH Zurich

Jason Lee

Thomas Hofmann

A Unified Neural Language Model for Morphology Grammar and Coherence

Imperial College London

Epameinondas Antonakos

Stefanos Zafeiriou

Unsupervised Construction of Deformable Models for Non-Articulated and Articulated Objects In-The-Wild

Imperial College London

Vahan Hovhannisyan

Stefanos Zafeiriou

Fast Multi-level Optimisation Algorithms for Large Scale Machine Learning

University of Leuven 

Amal Rannen

Matthew Blaschko

Regularized Deep Neural Networks for Small Sample Regimes

University of Leuven 

Xu Jia

Tinne Tuytelaars

Natural Language based Object Detection

Delft University of Technology

Tim de Bruin

Robert Babuska

Unsupervised Multimodal State-representation Learning for Robotics


2015 U.S. Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
UCB Sameet Ramakrishnan, Lucas Calderin Borivoje Nikolic, Ali Niknejad A Fully-Integrated, Widely Tunable Duplexer Design
Rutgers Xueyuan Zhao, Hanumath Sai Srikanth Vidyasagar Sadhu Dario Pompili A Novel Sensing Paradigm for Large-scale, High-density, Low-cost Wireless Sensor Networks
Michigan Paul Myers, Seyed Amin Sandoughsaz Zardini Khalil Najafi, David Blaauw A Wearable Haptic Device with Integrated Sensing and Actuation for Next Generation Communication Systems
UIUC, UCB Giulia Fanti, Peter Kairouz Sewoong Oh, Pramod Viswanath, Kannan Ramachandran Anonymous Social Networking
Washington Josh Fromm Shwetak Patel BANDAIDS: Body Area NFC Power Distribution and I/O Health Detection System
UCLA Zhi Yao, Sidhant Tiwari Yuanxun Ethan Wang, Robert N. Candler Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators for Antenna Applications through Multiferroic Coupling
UCLA Frederic Sala, Clayton Schoeny Lara Dolecek Coding Techniques for Next-Generation 3-D Flash Memories
Stanford Abbas Kazerouni, Mainak Chowdhury Andrea Goldsmith Design of mm-wave Massive MIMO Cellular Systems
Caltech Changhong Zhao, Qiuyu Peng Steven Low, Adam Wierman Distributed Load-Side Frequency Regulation in Power Grids Enabled by Wireless Multipath TCP
UIUC Minje Kim, Wooil Kim Paris Smaragdis, Josep Torrellas Efficient Context-aware Computing: Binary Deep Neural Networks
Caltech Mason McGill, Matteo Ruggero Ronchi Pietro Perona Efficient inference of agent-object interactions from images
CMU Gennady Pekhimenko, Nandita Vijaykumar Onur Mutlu Energy Efficient Data Compression for Modern Memory Systems
UT Austin Yuhao Zhu, Dustyn Blasig Vijay Janapa Reddi Eve: An Event-Driven Processor Architecture for Energy-Efficient Mobile Computing
USC Hien To, George Constantinou Cyrus Shahabi GeoCrowd: A Generic Framework for Spatial Crowdsourcing
Stanford Edward Quigley, Minjae Lee Ron Fedkiw High Performance Physically-Based Simulation for Mobile Devices
MIT Pete Florence, Pat Marion Russ Tedrake Intensive Onboard Perception for Dynamic, Highly-Agile Robots
UCSD Loai Salem, Renjie Chen Patrick Mercier, Shadi Dayeh Microbix: Self-Sustained Host-ElectroPathogen Interfaces
UCSD Katherine Ellis, Yonatan Vaizman Gert Lanckriet, Ipsit Vahia Multimodal machine learning framework for activity and mental state recognition using mobile and stationary sensors
UIUC Carlos Duarte-Guevara, Hojeong Yu Brian T. Cunningham, Rashid Bashir Multiplexed pathogen detection using a smartphone
MIT, Cornell Suren Jayasuriya, Achuta Kadambi Ramesh Raskar, Al Molnar Nanophotography: Computational CMOS Sensor Design For 3-D Imaging
CMU Thomas Jackson, Abhishek Sharma Lawrence Pileggi, Jeff Weldon Neuromorphic Network-based Physically Unclonable Functions with TMO Nano-oscillators
Washington Kuan-Hui Lee, Xiang Chen Jenq-Neng Hwang Object Tracking and Dynamic Scene Reconstruction from Big Visual Data: A Mobile Surveillance Network
Stanford Lucas Janson, Edward Schmerling Marco Pavone, Margot Gerritsen Parallel Algorithms for Real-Time Robotic Motion Planning Under Uncertainty
Georgia Tech Samantak Gangopadhyay, Saad Bin Nasir Arijit Raychowdhury Powering the internet of Everything: Optimal Neural Control using integrated voltage regulators and opportunistic energy harvesting
CMU Yuan Tian, Mu Li Patrick Tague Privacy Preserving for Large Scale Machine Learning
CMU Tianyu Gu, Shanghang Zhang John Dolan, Fernando De la Torre Probabilistic Motion Planning with Deep Convolutional Neural Network-Based Scene Understanding for Urban Autonomous Driving
Columbia Jelena Marasevic, Jin Zhou Gil Zussman, Harish Krishnaswamy Realizing the Full-duplex Potential of OFDM-based Networks: From Circuits to MAC Layer
Stanford Haomiao Jiang, Qiyuan Tian Brian A. Wandell, Joyce E. Farrell Rethinking image rendering on mobile devices
CMU Adrian de Freitas, Xiang Chen Anind Dey, Scott Hudson Snap-To-It: Using Mobile Cameras to Opportunistically Connect and Interact with an Internet of Things
Washington Carlo C del Mundo, Vincent Lee Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin Systems and Architecture Support for Large-Scale Video Search
UCLA Qiming Shao, Lei Pan Kang L. Wang Topological insulator based spin wave logic and universal memory
UCLA Yuanjie Li, Muhammad Mehdi Songwu Lu, Chunyi Peng Uncovering the Dark Side of VoLTE Technology: Vulnerabilities and Remedies
Cornell Tauhidur Rahman, Alex Adams Tanzeem Choudhury Vital Sounds: A Wearable System for Correlating Physiological Anomalies in Environmental Contexts
Princeton Lingyu Hong, Hao Li Kaushik Sengupta, Haw Yang When Nanophotonics Meets Electronics: CMOS Optical Biosensor
UCB Phillip Sandborn, Behnam Behroozpour Ming Wu, Bernhard Boser Wide-Range Hybrid AM/FM LADAR Scalable to Chip Level

2015 International Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Computer Science Department at Imperial College, London James Booth Stefanos Zafeiriou Automatic construction of massive-scale 3D Morphable Models
Cambridge University Department of Engineering Marina Riabiz Joan Lazenby, Simon Godsill Bayesian Inference for the alpha-Stable Distribution
Cambridge University Computer Lab Mark Florisson Alan Mycroft Interfaces for Communication Protocols
Cambridge University Department of Engineering Mark van der Wilk Prof. Carl Edward Rasmussen Variational Inference and Kernel Bayes Rule
Cambridge University Department of Engineering Yarin Gal Prof. Zoubin Ghahramani Scalable Probabilistic Representation Learning
Computer Science Department at Imperial College, London Jeremy Riviere Dr. Abhijeet Ghosh On-site Acquisition of Surface Reflectance
ETHZ Thomas Schöps Pollefeys Dense, monocular visual-intertial odometry on mobile devices
EPFL Alireza Ghasemi Vetterli Joint Scene and Camera Localisation from Multi-Camera Systems: Performance Bounds and Algorithms
EPFL Alberto Crivellaro Fua Robust 3D tracking with Minimal Object Information
ETHZ Jie Song Hilliges Next Generation of Human Machine Interaction
ETHZ Maroš Bláha Schindler Efficient Semantic 3D Modeling for Urban Scenes

2014 U.S. Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
East Coast
Stanford Milad Mohammadi, Subhasis Das William Dally, Tor Aamodt Energy Efficient High Performance Multi-processor Design
Columbia Fabio Carta, Shyuan Yang Ioannis Kymissis Recrystallized Germanium BEOL-compatible photodetector for optical communication
UT Austin Prabhakar Marepalli, Columbia Mishra Jayathi Y. Murthy Simulation of Highly Non-Equilibrium Electro-Thermal Transport in Ultra-Scaled Microelectronics
Georgia Tech Amir Yazdanbakhsh, Bradley Thwaites Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Doug Burger Bridging Analog Neuromorphic and Digital von Neumann Computing
UCLA Richard Dorrance, Hochul Lee Dejan Markovic, Kang L. Wang An Ultra-Low-Power, High-Density Neural Network Based on the Spin-Hall Effect
Princeton Jordan Fix, Soumyadeep Ghosh David I. August The Liberty Architecture: A System for Performance, Portability, and Security
Cornell Enkhbayasgaian Gantsog, Ivan Bukreyev Alyssa Apsel Distributed Synchronization for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Georgia Tech Sandeep Samal, Wells Lin Sung Kyu Lim, Hsien-Hsin Lee Custom Architectures for High-Performance Near-Threshold 3D IC
UT Austin Akanksha Jain, Hao Wu Calvin Lin A Linearized Address Space for Irregular Commercial Workloads
Columbia Anandaroop Chakrabarti, Mehdi Ashraphijuo Harish Krishnaswamy, Xiaodong Wang Massive Millimeter-Wave MIMO for 100G Wireless
Stanford Feifei Lian, Christopher Neumann Eric Pop Thermal Design and Energy Harvesting for Future Computing Platforms
West Coast: Northern California
MIT Jonathan Perry, Amy Ousterhout Hari Balakrishnan, Devavrat Shah FastPass: A Zero-Queue Cloud Network Architecture
UT Austin John Thywissen, Arthur Peters Jayadev Misra, Peter Stone Cohesive Programming for Distributed Systems
UIUC Mary Pietrowicz, Yang Zhang Karrie Karahalios, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson TalkingSense: Context-based Crowdsensing Through Voice and Sound
Stanford Hao Nan, Miaad Aliroteh Amin Arbabian Biometric Authentication with 3D Map of Blood Vessels Using Novel Microwave Imaging
CMU Sauvik Das, Gierad Laput Jason Hong Everyday Objects for Physical Space Authentication
MIT Anirudh Sivaraman Kaushalram, Suvinay Subramanian Hari Balakrishnan, Li-Shiuan Peh Extending Software-Defined Networking to the Data Plane
Caltech Ron Appel, Krzysztof Chalupka Pietro Perona Energy-Efficient Multiclass Classification for Visual Applications on Mobile Devices
Georgia Tech Xin Zhang, Prashant Nair Mayur Naik, Moin Qureshi Architectures and Systems for Mobile-Cloud Computing: A Workload-Driven Perspective
UIUC Prakalp Srivastava, Maria Kotsifakou Vikram Adve, Sarita Adve Virtual Instruction Set Computing for Heterogeneous System
UCSD Justin Tantiongloc, Seth Parker Todd Coleman, Pedro Cabrales A Personalized, Wearable Electronics Tool to Improve Eating Behavior in Overweight Children
CMU Alexey Tumanov, Timothy Zhu Greg Ganger, Mor Harchol-Balter Scheduling on Heterogeneous Hardware in Consolidated Datacenters
West Coast: Southern California
MIT Phillip Nadeau, Mark Mimee Anantha Chandrakasan, Timothy Lu BacMOS: Electronic bio-sensors using synthetic biological transducers
UMD Berk Gurakan, Omur Ozel Sennur Ulukus Energy Cooperation for Connected Smart and Small Things
Georgia Tech Amit Trivedi, Adam Charles Christopher Rozell, Saibal Mukhopadhyay Scalable Neuromorphic Systems for Ultra Efficient Optimization
UT Austin Tianyang Bai, Jianhua Mo Robert W. Heath, Jr. Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks with One-bit ADC
Cornell Amandianeze Nwana, Sinem Unal Aaron Wagner, Tsuhan Chen Advanced Transmission and Prediction Techniques for High-Density Homogeneous Networks
MIT Dongeek Shin, Dheera Venkatraman Vivek Goyal, Franco Wong Toward accurate and low-power long-range imaging: high photon efficiency 3D+reflectivity acquisition
CMU Yair Movshovitz-Attias, Aaditya Ramdas Yaser Sheikh, Geoffrey Gordon Understanding Social Synchrony using Videos to Aid Early Detection of Autism
Washington Vamsi Talla, Vincent Liu Joshua R. Smith, Shyamnath Gollakota Battery- and Infrastructure-free Devices
Caltech Eyrun Eyjolfsdottir, Bo Chen Pietro Perona SCAN: Spiking Constellation Action-detection Network
UCB Vidya Ganapati, Aamod Shanker Laura Waller Super-Resolution Phase Imaging for Mobile Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Caltech Kishore Jaganathan, Christos Thrampoulidis Babak Hassibi Interference Alignment via Matrix Completion for Cellular Networks and Network Coding
Stanford/ UCLA Vignesh Ramanathan, Shaunak Mishra Fei-Fei Li, Suhas Diggavi Distributed Video Summarization with Communication Constraints

2013 U.S. Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
Michigan Brad Campbell, Pat Pannuto Prabal Dutta Solving Node Synchronization, Indoor Localization, and Low-Power Communication with a Single VLC Bullet
UCLA Kasturi Rangan Raghavan, Paul Martin Mani Srivastava Indoor Maps for Localization via Participatory Sensing
UCB Phitchaya Phothilimthana, Nishant Totla Rastislav Bodik Programming Model and Synthesis for Low-power Spatial Architectures
Washington Adrian Sampson, Thierry Moreau Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman Approximate Acceleration
CMU Chris Fallin, Chris Fallin Onur Mutlu Block-Based Heterogeneous Core Designs for Higher System Performance and Efficiency
UCLA Pramey Upadhyaya, Juan Alzate Kang L. Wang Spin-Based GHz Reconfigurable Switches for Ultralow-Power Memory and Logic Applications
Columbia Hassan Edrees, Rabia Tugce Yazicigil Ioannis Kymissis, Peter Kinget High Q Filter Array Integrated on Top of CMOS for Multi-band Radios
UIUC Man-Ki Yoon, Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad Lui Sha Behavior Pattern Inspection: A new Approach for Securing Real-Time Embedded Systems
UCB Debanjan Bhowmik, Zheng Gu Sayeef Salahuddin, Jeffrey Bokor Towards high speed low power nanomagnetic logic with Giant Spin Hall effect of Tantalum
Princeton Yingzhe Hu, Josue Sanz-Robinson Naveen Verma, James C. Sturm Hybrid Architectures and Circuits to Transform Flexible Electronics into High-value, Large-scale Sensing Systems
Columbia Changhyuk Lee, Sunwoo Lee Alyosha C. Molnar, James Hone Graphene Resonator Based Mixer-First Receiver on CMOS for Digitally Controlled and Widely Tunable RF Interface
Rutgers Ali Elqursh, Amr Bakry Ahmed Elgammal Object Segmentation from Moving Platforms for Online Video Analytics
Cornell Waclaw Godycki, Christopher Torng Alyssa Apsel, Christopher Batten Reconfigurable Power Distribution Networks for Embedded Multicore Processors
Stanford Christina Delimitrou, David Lo Christos Kozyrakis High Utilization and High QoS in Modern Datacenters
UCB Mosharaf Chowdhury, Gautam Kumar Ion Stoica, Sylvia Ratnasamy Coflow: A Networking Abstraction for Cluster Applications
MIT Aleksandar Zlateski, Matthew Greene Sebastian H. Seung Cerebral Cartography and the Crowd
Washington Xiao (Sophia) Wang, Haichen Shen David Wetherall Accelerating the Mobile Web with Selective Offloading
Washington Ravi Bhoraskar, Edward Wu Michael Ernst, David Wetherall Triceratops: Securing Mobile Apps
Stanford Rahul Sheth, Matthew Cong Ronald Fedkiw Model Reduction for Interactive Physical Simulation on Mobile Devices
Stanford Milad Mohammadi, Subhasis Das William J. Dally, Tor Aamodt Energy Efficient, High-Performance Multi-Processor Design
MIT Charles Mackin, Andres Canales Prof. Tomas Palacios Flexible High-Density MoS2 Sensor Arrays
Cornell Ilan Shomorony, Alireza Vahid Salman Avestimehr Collaborative Interference Management
Michigan Nicholas Asendorf, Matthew Prelee David Neuhoff, Raj Rao Nadakuditi Multiple Source Localization on a Manhattan Wireless Sensor Network with an Unknown Number of Sources
UMD Adi Hajj-Ahmad, Chau-Wai Wong Min Wu Novel ENF-Based Mobile Sensing for Smart Grid Monitoring and Management
MIT Aleksandar Milicevic, Milos Gligoric Daniel Jackson, Darko Marinov Synthesis of Interactive, Cloud-Based Heterogeneous Software Systems
UCB Samarth Bhargava, Vidya Ganapati Eli Yablonovitch Multi-Spectral Health Sensing and Light Field Imaging by a Thin Holographic Cellphone 'Lens'
CMU Julia Schwarz, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen Scott Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff Around-Body Interaction: Designing and Developing Mobile Interactions in the Space Around a User's Body
MIT Tejas Kulkarni, Max Siegel Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Vikash K. Mansinghka Probabilistic Programming for Generative Scene Understanding
USC Supraja Varadarajan, Lawrence Yu Ellis Meng, Samantha Butler Design and Analysis of Dynamic Neural Circuits within Microfluidic Systems
UIUC Soudeh Ghorbani, Cole Schlesinger Matthew Caesar Malleable Virtual Networks
UCB Jun-Chau Chien, Jiashu Chen Ali M Niknejad RF-to-sub-THz Dielectric Spectroscopy Biosensor in CMOS Technology
UCSD Lele Wang, Minghai Qin Young-Han Kim, Paul H. Siegel Practical Coding Techniques for Network Communication Systems
UCLA Yuanzhang Xiao, Jie Xu Mihaela van der Schaar Spectrum-and-Energy-Efficient Nonstationary Spectrum Sharing

2012 Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
UCB Shinwon Kang, Siva Thyagarajan Ali M Niknejad Wireless Vision for NextGen Augmented Reality
Columbia Christoffer Dall, Jeremy Christian Andrus Jason Nieh, Gernot Heiser Moby Computing: Everywhere at once
UCLA James Xu, Yan Wang Greg Pottie, Bruce Dobkin Multi-Context Driven Activity Classification through Three-dimensional Body Motion via Wearable Sensors
CMU Heng-Tze Cheng, Feng-Tso Sun Martin Griss Representing and Recognizing Unseen User Context Using Semantic Audio Words for Mobile Applications
UCSD Hasan Faraby, Anna Alexander Prabhakar Bandaru, Yuan Taur A New Electrical Element for High Frequency Electronics: The Cinductor (a Carbon Nanotube based high energy density inductive element)
UMD Tsung-Hsueh Lee, Haoyu Wang Pamela Abshire, Alireza Khaligh Human Power Plant for Health Monitoring Wireless Body Power Network
UCB Wenchao Li, Anuj Tewari Sanjit A Seshia, Bjoern Hartmann VeriFun: Cell Phone Games to Verify Cell Phone Designs
UCB Noah Johnson, Kevin Chen Dawn Song Automatic Security Analysis for Android Apps
CMU Robert Xiao, Chris Harrison Scott E. Hudson Synthetic Sensors and Interfaces
UCB Sameer Agarwal, Aurojit Panda Ion Stoica, Sam Madden (MIT) QuickSilverDB: Interactive Queries on Unbounded Data With Bounded Errors
UIUC Rakesh Komuravelli, Matthew Sinclair Sarita Adve, Vikram Adve Addressing the Hardware Challenges of Tightly Coupled Heterogeneous Architectures
USC Mehrdad Najibi, Hsin-Ho Huang Peter A. Beerel Performance-Constrained Low-Power Asynchronous ASIC Design
UCLA Xufeng Kou, Murong Lang Kang L. Wang Topological Insulators Based Spin-Polarized FET
UCLA Juan Alzate, Pramey Upadhyaya Kang L. Wang Voltage-Controlled Spintronic Switches for Next Generation Magnetoelectric RAM (MeRAM)
UCSD Eunho Noh, Walter Talbott Virginia de Sa, Tim Curran Real-time EEG analysis for improving memory
Rutgers Chieh-Jen Ku, Yang Zhang Yicheng Lu Reconfigurable Wireless Multi-mode Biosensor Array
CMU Anuj Kumar, Anuj Tewari Matthew Kam, Dan Siewiorek Speech Recognition for Mobile Applications
Columbia Michael Lekas, Sunwoo Lee James Hone, Ken Shepard CMOS Compatible Graphene Nanoelectromechanical Systems for Next Generation RF Design
Columbia Lev Givon, Wenze Li Aurel A. Lazar In Vivo Verification and Control of Drosophila Brain Functions Using a Tetherless Nanophotonic Interface and a GPU-Based Neurokernel
CMU Le Nguyen, Pang Wu Joy Ying Zhang Structured Motion Modeling for Probabilistic Indoor Positioning
MIT Soheil Feizi, Omid Abari Muriel Medard, Vladimir Stojanovic A Joint Source-Channel-Network Coding By Using Compressive Sensing:A Power Efficient Sensing, Communication and Denoising Scheme
MIT Andrea Colaco, Ahmed Kirmani Prof. Vivek K Goyal CoFeCam: Compressive Feature Sensing -- Low cost and complexity, direct feature sensing for consumer applications
Columbia Yan Wang, Mehngu Sukan Shih-Fu Chang, Steven Feiner Inferring Scene Geometry and Object Semantics for Multi-User Hand-Held Augmented Reality
UCB Milos Jorgovanovic, Matthew Weiner Borivoje Nikolic, David Tse Why Can’t Wireless Terminals Just Get Along? A Low Complexity Approach to Implementing Wireless Cooperation
MIT Aditya Khosla, Jianxiong Xiao Antonio Torralba, Aude Oliva Image Inception: How to make an image more memorable?
UCB Asif Khan, Chun Yeung Sayeef Salahuddin, Chenming Hu Negative Capacitance FET with sub 60 mV/dec swing and high Ion for Ultra-low Power High Performance Mobile Computing
Stanford Jesse Cirimele, Leslie Wu Scott Klemmer, Larry Chu Dynamic Shared Displays: Integrating Attention-Awareness, Aids, and Resources Will Improve Medical Teams Decision Making, Coordination, and Outcomes
UIUC Murph Finnicum, Nathan Dautenhahn Sam King Building Secure Robot Applications
Stanford Yang Li, Fan Wang Leonidas Guibas Exploring Causality in Mobility Data
Stanford Alexander Neckar, Sam Fok Kwabena Boahen Neuromorphics: Programmable Analog Computation Through Reconfiigurable Digital Communication
UCLA Yuanzhang Xiao, Jie Xu Mihaela van der Schaar Spectrum and Energy Efficient Design In Spectrum Sharing

2011 Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
UIUC Haohui Mai, Nathan Dautenhahn Samuel T. King Making the Web Fast
Stanford Dookun Park, Jungsuk Kwac Bernard Widrow Cognitive Control : New Paradigm of System Control based on Memory and Experience
UCB Rikky Muller, Peter Ledochowitsch Jan Rabaey, Michel Maharbiz Integrated Sensory Platform for Scalable Neural Interfaces
UIUC Rajinder Sodhi, Brett Jones David Forsyth Spatial Mobile Interaction using Depth Cameras
Stanford Tomer London, Asaf Cidon Sachin Katti, Kozyrakis and Rosenblum System Primitives for Enabling Cross-device Applications
Stanford Fan Wang, Zixuan Wang Leonidas Guibas What can you see beyond the immediate scene? --Multiple Context Graphs Fusion for Image Search
UCB Jorge Ortiz, Manas Mittal David Culler, Bjoern Hartmann Increasing Energy Efficiency through Mobile User Interfaces for Smart Building Infrastructures
UCB Mohit Bansal, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick Dan Klein, John Blitzer Automatic Summarization for Mobile Search
UCB Reza Naima, Pablo Paredes John Canny The Mobile Stress Platform: Detection, Feedback & Mitigation
UCB Hanh-Phuc Le, Zohora Iqbal Elad Alon, Michel Maharbiz Mm3 Implantable Communication/Display Systems Powered by Bio-Fuel Cells
Stanford/ UCB Peifung Eric Lam, Devdatta Akhawe John Mitchell, Dawn Song A Formal Foundation for Web Security
UMC Ching L Teo, Yezhou Yang Yiannis Aloimonos, Hal Daumé III Robots Need Language: A computational model for the integration of vision, language and action
Princeton Mohammed Shoaib, Kyong Ho Lee Naveen Verma, Niraj K. Jha Algorithm-driven Platforms for Low-energy Intelligent Biomedical Systems
UMD Timir Datta, Filiz Yesilkoy Martin Peckerar, Pamela Abshire An Ultra-low Power Infrared Scavenging Autonomous Silicon Micro-robot
MIT Adam Marcus, Eugene Wu Samuel Madden Qurk: A Crowdsourced Database for Query Processing with People
Princeton Zhen Xiang, Hao Xu Peter Ramadge A Cloud-based Low Bandwidth Machine Learning Service
UIUC Usman Tariq, Andrea Trevino Thomas S. Huang, Jont Allen Exploration of Novel Features for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Rutgers Sejong Yoon, Shahriar Shariat Vladimir Pavlovic A Novel Multimodal Mobile Media Rank System for Faster Media Flow
Rutgers Akash Baid, Tam Vu Dipankar Raychaudhuri NASCOR: Network Assisted Spectrum Coordination Service for Coexistence between Heterogeneous Radio Systems
MIT Ahmed Kirmani, Andrea Colaco Vivek K Goyal, Franco Wong Single Pixel Depth Sensing and 3D Camera
MIT Sushmit Goswami, Sungwon Chung Joel Dawson, Anantha Chandrakasan A Frequency Agile Architecture for Fully Integrated Radio Frontends
CMU David Bromberg, Daniel Morris Lawrence Pileggi, Jian-Gang (Jimmy) Zhu mLogic: Low-Power, Non-Volatile Magnetoelectronic Logic Circuits for Portable Applications
MIT Soheil Feizi, Georgios Angelopoulos Muriel Medard, Vivek Goyal Energy-Efficient Time-Stampless Adaptive Nonuniform Sampling
UCLA/ USC Abhishek Ghosh, Chiranjib Choudhuri Sudhakar Pamarti, Urbashi Mitra Towards a multi-standard, reconfigurable, truly wideband software-defined radio
UCB Milos Jorgovanovic, Matthew Weiner Borivoje Nikolic, David Tse Why Can’t Wireless Terminals Just Get Along? A Low Complexity Approach to Implementing Wireless Cooperation
CMU Geoffrey Hasker, Hsu-Chun Hsiao Adrian Perrig SCI-FI: Domain-based Scalability, Control and Isolation for the Future Internet
UIUC Hossein Mobahi, Zihan Zhou Yi Ma, Vadim Zharnitsky Holistic Approach to 3D Modeling, Reconstruction and Recognition of Objects
CMU Shahriyar Amini, Jialiu Lin Jason I. Hong Crowdsourcing Mobile Application Instrumentation
CMU Seungil Huh, Jiyan Pan Takeo Kanade Cell Tracking for Stem Cell Engineering and Discovery
UCSD/ UCLA Siarhei Vishniakou, Paul Brochu Deli Wang, Qibing Pei I-SENSE – Innovative Technology Enabling New Life-style
UCSD Jason Oberg, Janarbek Matai Ryan Kastner Development of a Fully Verified Information Flow Secure System
USC Yi Gai, Ying Chen Bhaskar Krishnamachari Online Learning Algorithms for Network Optimization with Unknown Variables

2010 Finalists

School Student(s) Recommender(s) Innovation Title
UCB Yaron Singer, George Pierrakos Eric Brewer, Christos Papadimitriou Recommendation Advertisement Platform for Mobile Social Applications
Stanford Jeffrey Mehlman, Nipun Dave Sachin Katti The Networked Automobile
UCB Adam Pauls, Mohit Bansal Dan Klein, Kevin Knight Data-Focused Translation
UCB Oriol Vinyals, Ram Vasudevan Ruzena Bajcsy, Nelson Morgan Towards Mobile 3D Communication: Efficient Multimodal TeleImmersion
UCB Bor-Yiing Su, Bryan Catanzaro Kurt Keutzer Parallel Object Recognition on Mobile Platforms
Stanford Vinay Majjigi, Aakanksha Chowdhery John M. Cioffi Wireless Network Cloud: Distributed Resource Management with Slow Cooperation
Stanford Jung Il Choi, Mayank Jain Philip Levis Full-Duplex Wireless
UCB Maryam Tabesh, Amin Arbabian Ali Niknejad Millimeter-wave Dual-Band Passive RFID using Antentronics
UCLA Umar Azad, Harish Rajagopalan Yahya Rahmat-Samii, Yuanxun Ethan Wang Reconfigurable Ingestible Antenna for Smart Capsule Systems using Wireless Power Transfer
UCLA Nitesh Singhal, Nitin Nidhi Sudhakar Pamarti Enabling High Efficiency Linear Power Amplifiers
UCB Milos Jorgovanovic, Jiening Zhan Michael Gastpar, Borijove Nikolic Integer-Forcing Linear Receivers: A Low-Complexity MIMO Architecture Formal Foundation for Web Security
UCSD Yichao Huang, Feng Lu Bhaskar Rao, Curt Schurgers Swarm of Mobile Phones: Towards Learning Large-Scale Channel Map
USC Tze-Ping Low, Joyce Liang C.C. Jay Kuo Collaborative Real-Time Visual Environment Exploration and Monitoring
USC Viviane Ghaderi, Sushmita Allam Alice Parker, Theodore Berger Modeling The Other Brain
UCSD Mohammad Saberian, Kritika Muralidharan Nuno Vasconcelos, Ken Kreutz-Delgado High Performance Object Detection on Mobile Devices – A Crowdsourcing Solution
UCLA Taehee Lee, Teresa Ko Stefano Soatto, Deborah Estrin Object-Level Mapping, Localization, and Change Detection on Mobile Platforms
USC Harshvardhan Vathsangam, Shuping Liu Gaurav Sukhatme, Cauligi Raghavendra How To Out-Wii a Wii: Human Motion Capture for Portable Phone-Based Immersive Environments
USC Zihong Fan, Ozgun Yilmaz Antonio Ortega, Giuseppe Caire Fast Random Access of Large Data Set for Mobile Devices
UCSD Luke Barrington, Brian McFee Gert Lanckriet, Lawrence Saul Location-, Demographic-, Preference- and Content-Based Music Search and Recommendation
UCSD Celal Ziftci, Nima Nikzad Tajana Simunic Rosing CitiSense - City Sensing For and By Citizens

Fellowship Winners and Finalists

The Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship began in 2009, and has continued to grow with the addition of more universities, more candidates, and expansion to our research centers internationally. Take a look at a list of all our fellowship winners and finalists from years past:

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