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Edwin Park

Principal Engineer, Qualcomm Research, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Edwin Park is a Principal Engineer with Qualcomm Research where he is directly responsible for leading the system activities surrounding the Always-on Computer Vision Module (CVM) project. In this role, he leads his team in developing the architecture, creating the algorithms, and producing models so devices can “see” at the lowest power. Featuring an extraordinarily small form factor, Edwin has designed the CVM to be integrated into a wide variety of battery-powered and line-powered devices, performing object detection, feature recognition, change/motion detection, and other applications.

Since joining Qualcomm Research in 2011, Edwin has worked on a variety of projects such as making software modifications to Qualcomm radios, enabling them to support different radio standards. Edwin has also focused on facilitating carriers’ efforts worldwide to migrate from their legacy 2G cellular systems to 3G, allowing them to increase their data capacity. Edwin Park’s work at Qualcomm Research has resulted in 41 patents.


The project that I’m developing is really interesting to me because there’s nothing like it on the market. I work with a really tight-knit team and it feels good seeing the technology we’re creating solving problems for lots of different companies in different industries.

Edwin Park, Principal Engineer

Meet Edwin Park

May 14, 2018


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