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Arunandan Sharma is a Staff Engineer with Qualcomm Research’s Systems Integration and Testing department where he oversees SIT activities for the Autonomous Driving project. In this role, he leads his team in performing state-of-the-art systems integration and in testing the hardware and the software to ensure that the whole system performs as desired.

One of his latest projects involves combining inputs from various sensors on the vehicle (e.g. camera, IMU, and GPS) to facilitate highly accurate vehicular positioning while utilizing deep learning algorithms to recognize features like traffic signs and lane markers in real-time. The positioning and perception data is then sent to the cloud to generate HD maps for autonomous driving. Arunandan is also focused on multi-sensor integration using camera, radar, and lidar to develop perception algorithms for environmental models that can be utilized for autonomous driving.


I’m passionate about working at Qualcomm Research because my brilliant team of engineers and I consistently develop new and novel approaches to overcome challenges related to autonomous driving.

Arunandan Sharma, Staff Engineer


Meet Arunandan Sharma

May 14, 2018


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