Qualcomm Research

A glimpse into the future.

The research areas we explore are as exciting as they are technically challenging. We invite you to examine the projects below, learn what they’re about, follow their progress, and begin imagining the possibilities.


Pursuing multiple ASIC research areas including RF architectures, ultra-low powered embedded platforms, novel processors and accelerators, and advanced CMOS.


Enabling new services, connecting new industries and devices, and empowering new user experiences.

Cellular Vehicle Communication (C-V2X)

C-V2X is an “active sensor” that supports today’s drivers as well as autonomous driving of tomorrow, providing extended range and increased reliability over DSRC/802.11p.


Operating solely in the unlicensed band, MulteFire™ combines LTE-grade performance with Wi-Fi type deployment simplicity.


Industry-leading innovations targeting ‘leap in value’ performance, efficiencies and user-experience improvements.

Industrial IoT

Technology to enable private LTE networks for industrial IoT.

Autonomous Robotics

Shaping the future of mobile robotics through a state-of-the-art computing platform using an integrated, low power solution for multiple robotics applications.

Autonomous Driving

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and systems for autonomous vehicles fuse together a diverse sensor suite for perception and positioning which enable increased safety and autonomy.

Deep Learning

Making devices smarter by enabling them to learn and adapt to their environment based on feedback.

Always-On Computer Vision Module

An always-on, low power vision sensor to enable devices to detect and react to their surroundings enabling a “smarter” experience.

Virtual Reality Technology

Qualcomm Research is working on enabling high quality and power efficient Virtual Reality.