Silicon Valley, California

Focused on cutting-edge security, high performance compute and machine learning.

Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley conducts cutting-edge research in all aspects of security. We are applying analysis techniques such as machine learning on mobile devices and in the network to detect threats early. We are exploring new types of appliances and analysis techniques to thwart attackers. Some of the work has already been commercialized as Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Smart Protect. Qualcomm is uniquely positioned to create and deploy these new paradigms of security.

Qualcomm Research is a division of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Research Projects in Silicon Valley

High Performance Computing

  • Goal: Research technologies to build high performance applications that are power and thermal efficient
  • Design and develop runtime systems and heterogeneous programming environments that enable programmers to take full advantage of concurrent and heterogeneous hardware to optimize for power, thermal, and performance
  • Co-design software and hardware accelerators for domain specific functions
  • Design and develop high performance libraries for application domains, such as linear algebra, machine learning, computer vision

Smart Mobile System Security

  • Goal: Research and develop dynamic on-device security and privacy solutions to protect mobile systems from malware and zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Design optimized machine learning and behavioral analysis techniques for mobile security and network anomaly detection
  • Harness Qualcomm SoC capabilities for efficient and low power hardware-enhanced security solutions
  • Develop techniques to safeguard mobile devices from software vulnerabilities and malicious applications

Compiler for Embedded Processors

  • Goal: Research Language, Compilation and Co-design techniques to enable efficient programming of special purpose accelerator architectures
  • Develop domain-specific language and software abstractions for areas such as Baseband Signal Processing, Image Processing, etc.
  • Research compiler optimizations to analyze, transform and compile high-level language programs for data and instruction, parallel processor architectures
  • Deliver tools to enable rapid exploration of domain-specific processor architecture, and hardware/software co-design

Enterprise Security

  • Goal: Research technologies to secure enterprise environments
  • New algorithms for early intrusion detection, data protection, and information tracking
  • Hardware-software co-design of accelerators for network monitoring
  • Design secure computing infrastructures for enterprise services

Research Jobs in Silicon Valley, California

Qualcomm is an active participant in conferences including IEEE Symposium Security and Privacy, NDSS Symposium, and Usenix Security Symposium.


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