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Leading efforts on air interface technology enhancements.

Qualcomm Research China was established in 2008 as the first international Qualcomm Research division with dedicated focus on air interface technology enhancement and new application development. Our research area spans a broad range of topics from radio technology enhancements in UMTS , TD-SCDMA and LTE, to WAN /WLAN inter-working, to mobile multicast. We also collaborate with our key business partners in Greater China to enable commercial deployment of leading-edge mobile solutions regionally and world-wide.

In Qualcomm Research China, we highly value teamwork and partnership as well as individual contributions. We maintain a very close tie with Qualcomm Research San Diego, the R&D headquarters, and collaborate on many projects. We also sponsor academic research and collaborate with large number of top notch university and research labs in Greater China such as Tsinghua University, BUPT, Chinese Academy of Science, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Qualcomm Research is a division of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.