Celebrating the spirit of the inventor.

By definition, an invention uses the imagination in productive ways. And we couldn’t agree more. Qualcomm also believes that invention is collaborative, which is why we share our technology not just with our own engineers, but with innovative thinkers everywhere. We celebrate the men and women who are researching the next big thing—that idea that can make the world a better place, relying on the power of imagination to build remarkable things.

Ingenuity meets competition at the Qualcomm Invent-Off challenge.

We encourage others to bring innovation to life. Our Invent-Off series set two teams of makers, coders and inventors against each other, providing them with access to Qualcomm technology. And a challenge: use the Internet of Things to create something that can save a life. Check out what teams created, and be prepared to be inspired.

Great ideas become reality in Qualcomm’s Inventor Lab.

What can you invent with Qualcomm solutions? To answer that question, we developed the Qualcomm Inventor Lab, providing inventors everywhere  with Qualcomm tools to turn their visions into something remarkable. We know that inventors are the future, and we support the curiosity required to innovate. Explore the inventions that our Inventor Lab participants created using Qualcomm technology.

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Oct 6, 2014


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Oct 6, 2014