We’re creating the mobile future of augmented reality.

Augmented reality (AR) seamlessly merges the real world with virtual objects to support realistic, intelligent, and personalized experiences. Making this possible requires the next level of immersion, artificial intelligence (AI), and connectivity within the thermal and power envelope of wearable glasses. Qualcomm already enables superior AR experiences today, and is working closely with the ecosystem to deliver on our vision of mobile AR. 

Mobile technologies are accelerating AR adoption.

AR is here today due to the same mobile technologies that power our smartphones. The mobile industry drives continuous technology advancement in multimedia and AI, display and sensor technologies, connectivity, and power and thermal efficiency. The characteristics of the mobile industry—specifically scale, rapid design cycles, and mass adoption—is accelerating AR adoption.

AR has extreme requirements.

Premium mobile AR experiences require the next level of immersion, AI, and connectivity to create truly realistic, intuitive, and personalized experiences. Plus, consumers want all that in sleek, lightweight, and stylish AR glasses that are always on and work anywhere, which requires extremely efficient processing.


Virtual reality (VR) technologies are the foundation for creating truly immersive AR experiences. For immersion, AR introduces additional requirements to seamlessly integrate virtual objects with the real world, such as realistic lighting and reverberated sound.


AI, such as computer vision and deep learning, is required to support realistic, intuitive, and personalized AR experiences. AR glasses need to understand the real world, learn our preferences, and take appropriate actions while also providing security and privacy. 


The mass adoption of highly mobile, intelligent, always-on AR glasses requires the next level of ubiquitous connectivity solutions that provide extreme capacity, connect everything, and enable cloud computing.

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