Qualcomm AI Research Introduction

Jun 8, 2018


Our key AI research areas

Power efficiency

Model design, compression, quantization, activation, algorithms, and efficient hardware. 


Continuous learning, model adaptation, and privacy-preserved distributed learning.

Efficient learning

Robust learning through minimal data, unsupervised learning, and on-device learning.

System architecture

Multi-task and multi-modal learning, sensor fusion, and cloud-edge systems.

Leading research and development across the entire spectrum of AI

AI Research Papers

Novel papers are one of the ways Qualcomm contributes impactful research to the larger community of AI research. Below are papers that Qualcomm AI Research has written or co-authored.

We’re hiring.

Are you a machine learning specialist eager to start a new challenge and have a global impact on the industry? Come join us as we make AI breakthroughs.