5G Technologies

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A new kind of 5G wireless network. Powered by amazing 5G technology.

Achieving the 5G vision will require new technology innovations that deliver unparalleled levels of scalability, capability and efficiency. Qualcomm inventions have continuously been at the forefront of wireless evolution, pushing wireless boundaries so you and your world stay connected. And now, just as we did in 3G and 4G, Qualcomm is driving the technology inventions to make 5G a reality.

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Qualcomm’s 5G Vision
Mar 25, 2015 | 2:22


experienced throughput


decrease in latency


connection density


spectrum efficiency


traffic capacity


network efficiency

*Based on ITU vision for IMT-2020 compared to IMT-advanced

“5G is more complex than any connectivity technology that came before it. We have a lot of ground to cover, but we’ve done this before with 3G and 4G. We’re already making significant progress on 5G wireless networks and are eager to lead the world into an exciting new era of connectivity.”

Designing 5G New Radio (NR) for the next decade and beyond.

Work has begun on defining, standardizing and designing the new OFDM-based 5G New Radio (NR) as part of the global 3GPP standard. 5G NR technology is being designed to support a wide variation of device-types, services and deployments. It is also being designed to get the most out of every bit of spectrum across a wide array of available spectrum bands and regulatory paradigms.

OFDM-based unified air interface

Optimized OFDM-based waveforms and multiple access and a flexible framework to efficiently multiplex 5G wireless services.

Mobilizing mmWave spectrum bands

Advanced antenna techniques to deliver robust mobile performance at bandwidth-rich spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

New innovative spectrum sharing paradigms

New 5G inventions that will make more spectrum available, increase utilization, and bring new deployment opportunities.

Pioneering 5G technologies today with LTE.

We are progressing LTE capabilities towards our vision for 5G wireless networks with a rich roadmap of technologies that expand the benefits of LTE to new use cases and new services. Explore the new LTE technologies that are bringing the future forward faster.

LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U, LAA, MulteFire)

Extending the benefits of LTE to unlicensed spectrum for new small cell deployments—designed for fair coexistence with Wi-Fi.

Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X)

C-V2X gives vehicles the ability to connect with each other, the cloud, pedestrians, infrastructure—basically everything.

Optimizing LTE for Internet of Things

LTE IoT extends battery life, reduces device complexity, and enhances coverage for low data rate applications in the Internet of Things.

Cellular drone communication

Cellular connectivity will be key for coordinated operation and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles enabling a growing set of use cases.

A phased 5G rollout that fully leverages LTE and Wi-Fi investments.

Simultaneous 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi multi-connectivity, along with multimode devices, will ensure a seamless and phased 5G wireless networks introduction that fully leverages 4G and Wi-Fi investments.

Ushering in the next era of mobile experiences with cognitive technologies.

Realizing our vision for a hyper-connected world also requires new levels of intelligence and integration on-devices, access nodes, machines, and things. Qualcomm is inventing cognitive technologies to create a world where devices and things can see, hear, perceive, and anticipate our needs and act intuitively. 

Discover the advantages of Qualcomm’s 5G technologies and solutions.