MulteFire: LTE-like performance with Wi-Fi-like deployment simplicity.

MulteFire™ opens up new opportunities by operating 4G LTE technology solely in unlicensed spectrum such as the global 5 GHz. This differs from Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) and LTE - Wi-Fi link aggregation (LWA), both of which aggregate unlicensed spectrum with an anchor in licensed spectrum.


By combining the enhanced performance of LTE with the deployment simplicity of unlicensed spectrum, MulteFire offers the best of both worlds, enabling enhanced broadband services in more places than ever before.

MulteFire Introduction

May 10, 2017


Forming the MulteFire Alliance.

In December 2015, the MulteFire Alliance announced its formation —an international association open to new members dedicated to promoting a global ecosystem for MulteFire. The MulteFire Alliance will also develop global technical specifications for MulteFire and establish a product certification program.

High performance small cells that can serve any user—opens up new opportunities

By solely using unlicensed spectrum, which is neutral, MulteFire can naturally operate as a neutral host to serve any user, including subscribers from partners. MulteFire also provides authentication flexibility by supporting both SIM-based and SIM-less authentication. This creates new opportunities to use high-performing LTE in unlicensed spectrum.

SIM-based neutral host

Using a SIM card for authentication with mobile network partners.

SIM-less neutral host

Serving any users, including subscribers from partners.

Provider specific services

Including enterprise services

Any combination of the above

MulteFire offers benefits in multiple aspects


Simple deployment: Self-contained lean architecture that leverages LTE self-organizing functionality

High performance: Increased range to cover an area with fewer nodes, more capacity especially for dense deployments

End user

Better user experience: Higher average up-/down-load speeds in dense deployments and seamless mobility within a cluster provide a better overall experience, especially for voice and video.

Service continuity: Service is maintained when moving in and out of a cluster (assuming neutral host with a mobile network partner).


Neutral host: Enables establishment of new business models for new and existing entities.


More features: Leverages existing LTE functionality, e.g., VoLTE (voice) and LTE broadcast.

Future-proof: MulteFire will stay aligned with LTE in 3GPP as it evolves towards the next generation.


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