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Private LTE networks for industrial IoT.

The concept of private LTE networks is not new, but with the recent confluence of new spectrum sharing innovations and the genesis of “Industry 4.0” — the digital transformation of industrial processes and the fourth industrial revolution — the potential for private LTE networks is substantial. A recent study from Harbor Research indicated that the private LTE network market (networks and devices) could reach $31B (USD) by 2023, for more info read the entire report.

Industrial IoT use cases

May 14, 2018


Private LTE networks for local and customized services.

A private LTE network is different from a public network in that it is a local network using dedicated equipment that is optimized to service the needs for a single location, for example a manufacturing plant.

Locally controlled

Dedicated equipment, independent of surrounding cellular network.


Network tailored for industrial applications, e.g., quality-of-service, latency.

Readily deployed

Spectrum available, hosted or self-contained core network, self-organizing network.

5G NR Industrial IoT

May 14, 2018


LTE is the high-performance choice.

Spectrum is available to deploy private LTE networks.

LTE-based solutions in shared 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum enables private networks in the USA and MulteFire™ in global 5GHz unlicensed allows for global private network deployments.

Dedicated by operator

Licensed specrum

3.5 GHz (USA)

Shared spectrum

5 GHz (Global)

Unlicensed specrum

A roadmap to private 5G networks.

5G will provide a unified design across diverse spectrum, services and deployments. With the new 3GPP study item on 5G NR operating in unlicensed spectrum, there is a path to private 5G networks in unlicensed and shared spectrum. 5G NR will not only provide higher performance, such as higher capacity and higher speeds, but also new features that are important to Industrial IoT, such as ultra-reliable, low latency communication links.


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