LTE IoT Evolution

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Starting to connect the massive Internet of Things today

LTE IoT is a suite of two complementary narrowband technologies - eMTC1 & NB-IoT2 – defined starting in 3GPP Release 13. Together, they deliver optimized performance and efficiency for a wide range of low-power, wide-area Internet of Things.

1 Enhanced Machine-Type Communication; 2 Narrowband IoT

LTE IoT - Leading the World to 5G - Connecting the Internet of Things

Jun 16, 2016


Connecting new devices & industries – redefining what’s possible

Complementary narrowband technologies for the massive IoT


LTE IoT delivers a scalable platform for connecting a wide-range of consumer, enterprise, and industrial IoT applications, transforming a wide range of industries by giving machines, devices, sensors, and objects the ability to connect and communicate reliably and securely, virtually anywhere, 24/7. 

eMTC Cat-M1

1.4 MHz narrowband
Optimizing for the broadest range of IoT applications with high-reliability and lower latencies

NB-IoT Cat-NB1

200 kHz narrowband
Providing extreme optimizations for low cost/power, low-throughput, delay-tolerant IoT use cases

Mature global ecosystem

Established networks serving billions today

Reliable and secure

Based on licensed spectrum with end-to-end security

Always-available, ubiquitous connectivity

Redundant network design with high availability

Broadening use cases and expanding into unlicensed spectrum

LTE IoT in Release 13 established a solid foundation for connecting the massive IoT, by scaling down complexity, lowering power, deepening coverage, and increasing device density. It continues to evolve for an even broader set of use cases, including the expansion into the unlicensed spectrum that will enable new deployments such as private networks for the industrial IoT.

Essential to the 5G Platform & complementary to the initial 5G NR deployments

The continued LTE IoT evolution will address the need of the massive IoT, complemented with the acceleration of 5G New Radio (NR) – the global 5G standard. Early 5G NR deployments starting in 2019 will usher in next-gen mobile broadband experiences, as well as addressing the high-performance IoT use cases.

We are driving broad ecosystem adoption of LTE IoT

Qualcomm Technologies is bringing global cellular connectivity to a wide variety of IoT applications, offering a comprehensive portfolio of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors and LTE modems. And MDM9206 (LTE multimode modem supporting Cat-M1 + Cat-NB1 + E-GPRS) is just one example of its cost-optimized, flexibile and scalable  chipsets tailored to power the Internet of Things.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Webinar: Leading the LTE IoT Evolution to Connect the Massive Internet of Things

Jun 15, 2017


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