Cellular V2X

Gaining momentum and broad ecosystem support.

As automotive technologies continue to advance and cars become increasingly autonomous, the global support and momentum surrounding the development of C-V2X technologies continue to build with an unprecedented level of collaboration between the automotive and telecom industries.

Driving standards

C-V2X standard completion in March 2017, as well as, reusing established service and app layers defined by automotive and standards communities, e.g. ETSI, SAE.

Ecosystem support

Broad ecosystem support, including 5GAA, a cross-industry consortia that helps define 5G V2X communications.

Washington DC Automotive C-V2X Showcase

May 16, 2018


Global automakers
Tier 1 suppliers
Cellular module manufacturers
Global software suppliers
System integrators

“Qualcomm Technologies’ anticipated 9150 C-V2X chipset serves as a major milestone in paving the road for 5G and safer autonomous driving. As C-V2X continues to serve as an essential ingredient for enhanced safety for next-generation vehicles, Qualcomm Technologies’ 9150 C-V2X chipset will certainly help accelerate the adoption and deployment of C-V2X technologies.”

 - Dr. Thomas Müller, Head of Electrics/Electronics, Audi

“The continued advancement of cellular technologies into 5G is a necessary part of connected, cooperative and autonomous vehicles that will be able to support BMW Group´s vision of the car of the future. As our cities and lives continue to become more connected, C-V2X is a natural solution to both deliver direct and network-based communications to fulfill a growing set of safety and informational use cases respectively, and Qualcomm Technologies' announcement reflects the automotive industry's acceleration to commercialize C-V2X technology with meaningful progress toward vehicle integration starting in 2019.” 

 - Maik Böres, Head of Future Mobilty Team, BMW

“Ford is committed to V2X communications and sees it as a critical technology to improve vehicle safety and efficiency. We welcome Qualcomm Technologies’ cellular-V2X product announcement, as the automotive industry and ecosystem work towards C-V2X implementation, and pave the path to 5G broadband and future operating services.”

 - Don Butler, executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services at Ford Motor Company

“We are pleased to see C‐V2X gaining momentum and broad ecosystem support, and how Qualcomm Technologies has helped the automotive industry make great strides in bringing this to fruition, including the announcement of the 9150 C-V2X chipset. Groupe PSA is strongly involved in the 5G standardization and trials and has great expectations on 5G as an enabler for the connected and autonomous vehicles. C‐V2X and its strong evolution path to 5G will serve as a key enabler for new mobility services. Groupe PSA will evaluate this technology, with Qualcomm Technologies’ support, to adopt for our cars.”

- Carla Gohin, Senior Vice President, Head of Innovation at Groupe PSA

"SAIC has always attached great importance to the development and application of new technologies. It is actively promoting the commercialization of new energy vehicles and internet-connected vehicles, and the development of autonomous vehicles. As vehicles become increasingly intelligent, it’s critical that our vehicles are equipped with premium-tier technologies to provide seamless communication between the vehicle and the roadway and beyond. We deem C-V2X technologies as the best choice, and look forward to utilizing these technologies in V2X. We admire the efforts Qualcomm Technologies has made and believe that the planned commercialization of their 9150 C-V2X chipset will accelerate the development of next-generation intelligent and connected vehicles."

 - Dr. Liu Fen, Director of Intelligent Driving, Research & Advanced Technology Department of SAIC

“The advanced wireless capabilities of 5G and C-V2X will usher in new use cases necessary to fulfill our vision for increasingly connected and autonomous vehicles. As a leading inventor of 5G technologies and our key modem provider for telematics, Qualcomm Technologies is the company of choice for bringing the next-generation wireless solutions that leading automakers need and expect.” 

  - Kim Jin-yong, Executive Vice President, VC Smart Business Unit, LG Electronics

"Evolving rapidly into a standard feature, cellular connectivity for vehicles not only enables a vast variety of services and applications, but provides promising opportunities for the improvement of automotive safety. With C-V2X and 5G, we now have an opportunity to further evolve V2X communications, which allows vehicles to directly communicate with each other, further road users and the infrastructure. With the long-standing relationship we have with Qualcomm Technologies, and their continued efforts in driving C-V2X forward with their 9150 C-V2X chipset, Continental looks forward to working alongside the growing ecosystem to drive research of these technologies along the roadmap of the 5GAA, and to maximize their benefits in vehicles.” 

 - Robert Gee, head of product management, software & connected solutions, Continental

“Valeo is deeply involved in mobility solutions for the future with a wide portfolio of perception systems, intuitive controls and telematics. For enhanced safety and autonomous vehicles, Valeo continues to extend its 4G Telematics systems to 5G and C-V2X innovations. Valeo has successfully worked with Qualcomm Technologies on various projects and is looking forward to test the 9150 C-V2X chipset." 

 - Marc Vrecko, Valeo Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group President

“Connectivity is an essential element of cars and smart cities, and Panasonic in combination with Ficosa, are leaders in delivering solutions for both. Cellular-V2X is a technology that builds towards 5G, and Qualcomm’s introduction of the 9150 C-V2X chipset in 2018 enables us with an accelerated path to introduce C-V2X to both automakers and departments of transportations. C-V2X enables both direct communications for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure as well as network-based communications for vehicle-to-network, which ensures we have the necessary tools to improve road safety and support the enablement of autonomous vehicles.

- Andrew Poliak, VP Product Planning, Strategy and Innovation, Panasonic Automotive Systems

“Lear is an industry leader in V2X technology with more than 28 trial deployments in 11 US states and 5 countries.  We are proud to be at the cutting edge of V2X radio technology implementing Cellular-V2X solutions with Qualcomm’s 9150 C-V2X chipset. With over 17 years of V2X industry experience with complete hardware and software solutions, Lear is well positioned to accelerate and deliver Cellular-V2X solutions for our customers as well as other infrastructure partners.”

 - Frank Orsini, Senior Vice President and President E-System, Lear Corporation

“The rapidly growing field of C-V2X communication is a key enabler for the connected car of the future.  Based on the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset, Gemalto will offer a high-performance automotive module, enhanced with latest security features, emphasizing on privacy protection and safety. We look forward to working alongside Qualcomm Technologies in pioneering V2X communications for automotive, as well as taking another step towards the next generation of innovative 5G product and service offerings.”  

 - Andreas Haegele, SVP IoT Products, Gemalto

“As the leading cellular modem supplier to the automotive industry, C-V2X is a key communication technology for Sierra Wireless to support the automated cars of the future. Thanks to early access to the technology provided by your partner Qualcomm Technologies, we’re already working on the integration of C-V2X and V2X into our next-generation products to help car manufacturers reach the ultimate goal of a fully self-driving car.”

- Dan Schieler, Senior Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions, Sierra Wireless

“The self-driving car roadmap has prescribed an aggressive evolution of the communication between car and everything around it. C-V2X is a central element on Telit’s ambition to deliver essential and innovative automotive technologies enabled module solutions to the automotive industry. We look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies and their C-V2X chipset to integrate C-V2X into Telit’s portfolio of LTE-Advanced and 5G technologies required for autonomous car use cases, as well as help the industry to cost efficiently implement many V2X applications.

 - Dr. Dirk Reimer, Telit VP & GM - Automotive

“The connected car is a key focus for both autonomous driving and critical safety in the automotive market. As an automotive connectivity platform provider, WNC is excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies, as well as engage with the C-V2X ecosystem to help accelerate market deployment and enhance the driving experience.”

 - Fayu Chen, SVP & GM of the Automotive and Industrial Solutions BG, WNC

“As a global industry leader, ZTE is committed to the development of technologies that will lead the way to the 5G, connected car, and IoT future. We are excited to collaborate with Qualcomm on the development and implementation of C-V2X wireless communication technology to drive the commercialization of C-V2X in the near future. Our deep understanding of end-to-end solutions enables us to be the first Chinese module manufacturer to announce a launch for a LTE-V2X module and test terminals, based on the 9150 C-V2X chipset, providing strong support for testing, trials and commercialization of C-V2X. ZTE looks forward to working together with Qualcomm Technologies and the broad ecosystem in promoting the integration and development of C-V2X for improvements in driving safety, traffic efficiency, environmental protection, and autonomous driving.”

- Jeff Yee, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy, ZTE Mobile Devices

“Cohda Wireless has been a recognized industry leader in V2X developments for the past decade, and today we continue this leadership by being at the forefront of C-V2X developments. We are excited to be working with Qualcomm Technologies, and to be a part of the Qualcomm C-V2X ecosystem where our production-proven V2X stacks and applications will ensure that C-V2X commercial deployments are available faster.”

 - Paul Gray, CEO, Cohda

“As the automotive world pushes towards 5G technology, the imminent commercialization of C-V2X is demonstrating how wireless communications is transforming the industry, paving the path towards advanced safety and autonomous driving. Savari is committed to building upon the foundation we’ve laid as the world’s leading V2X technology provider, and we look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies to deliver these solutions to the world. Through this collaboration, Savari is positioned to be a core software provider to enable C-V2X.” 

 - Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari.

“Sasken is excited to be working closely with Qualcomm in enabling the C-V2X  ecosystem.  Sasken will bring its deep embedded engineering experience, knowledge of the silicon and automotive platform, and experience with transportation operators to formulate and implement full solutions for C-V2X  use cases. It is clear that C-V2X  is a game changer for the future, an enhanced enabler for Safety, and will enable new business models.”

 - Hari Haran, President of Business Lines, Global Sales, and Marketing, Sasken

“As a leading intelligent platform technology provider, Thundersoft is excited to be working with Qualcomm to build and grow the C-V2X ecosystem. We believe C-V2X technology will play a critical role in road safety and intelligent mobility. By providing the end-to-end C-V2X system technology and services together with Qualcomm, Thundersoft will enable automotive OEMs and suppliers to build future of the always-connected, intelligent vehicles"

 - Weishan Li, Vice president, Auto group, Thundersoft

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