Qualcomm C-V2X is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Growing momentum and ecosystem support.

Momentum of C-V2X technologies continues to build with an unprecedented level of collaboration between the automotive and telecom industries.

Driving standards

C-V2X standards development was completed in March 2017, as was reusing established service and app layers as defined by automotive and standards communities like ETSI and SAE.

Gaining support across the ecosystem

C-V2X has received broad ecosystem support from entities including the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)—a cross-industry consortia that helps define 5G V2X communications.

Carving a clear path for autonomous driving while maintaining backward compatibility.

The evolution to 5G NR-based C-V2X will augment Rel-14 with new and complementary capabilities for autonomous driving, all while maintaining backward compatibility. Designed to support direct communications, it will incorporate 5G NR features, such as high throughput, lower latency and ultra-reliable communication capabilities to enable advanced use cases for autonomous vehicles.

Perception sharing

Sharing of high throughput sensor data using real-world models.

Path planning

Providing intention and trajectory sharing for faster, yet safe maneuvers.

Real-time local updates

Sharing of local data such as 3D HD maps in real time.

Coordinated driving

Exchanging intention and sensor data for coordinated driving. 

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