Bringing new opportunities with 5G spectrum sharing.

Spectrum is the lifeblood for wireless communication—and ensuring that 5G makes the best use of all spectrum types is essential to broad and rapid 5G proliferation. Building upon the spectrum sharing technologies we pioneered with LTE, Qualcomm is creating opportunities for new innovations with 5G NR to take spectrum sharing to the next level.

Spectrum sharing provides critical benefits for 5G.

Access to shared and unlicensed spectrum will extend 5G in multiple dimensions such as providing more capacity, higher spectrum utilization, and new deployment scenarios. It will benefit mobile operators with licensed spectrum, but also create opportunities for those without licensed spectrum to take advantage of 5G technologies. 

Spectrum sharing is valuable for a wide range of deployments.

Licensed spectrum aggregation

Enhanced mobile broadband with higher speeds and better user experiences.

Enhanced local broadband

Neutral host networks in venues and neighborhood networks.

Private 5G networks

For local and customized industrial IoT and enterprise services.

Qualcomm pioneered spectrum sharing technologies in LTE.

From conducting the world’s first over-the-air LAA trial, to demonstrating fair co-existence with Wi-Fi, to being founding members of the MulteFire Alliance and the CBRS Alliance, our early R&D work on spectrum sharing has driven the industry forward.


Aggregating licensed and unlicensed spectrum for faster data rates. 


Bringing new opportunities by operating solely in unlicensed spectrum.


Opening up spectrum still being used by existing incumbents through spectrum sharing.

LWA (LTE + Wi-Fi)

Allowing mobile operators to fully manage carrier Wi-Fi resources through the LTE anchor.

Making spectrum sharing a commercial reality to globalize Gigabit LTE.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Gigabit LTE modems made LTE-U/LAA technology a commercial reality. And while it is possible to achieve Gigabit speeds with licensed spectrum, LAA reduces the amount of licensed spectrum needed to as little as 10 MHz—enabling more global operators to deliver Gigabit LTE services.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

5G CoMP for Spectrum Sharing

Mar 19, 2019


Taking spectrum sharing to the next level with 5G NR.

We are extending the LAA and MulteFire technologies we pioneered with LTE to 5G NR for operation in unlicensed spectrum (NR-U) while we explore new, revolutionary 5G NR Spectrum Sharing (NR-SS) paradigms that make use of the 5G NR flexible framework. 

5G NR is designed to natively support all spectrum types across a wide range of spectrum bands.

3GPP has already begun work to introduce shared and unlicensed spectrum in 5G NR.

Opportunity for new 5G NR spectrum sharing paradigms to deliver significant benefits.

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