5G is the foundation to what’s next. We are the foundation to 5G.

The company that brought you 3G and 4G is now leading the world to 5G. At Qualcomm, we’re inventing the technologies of an intelligently connected future, spearheading research efforts for the next global wireless standard, and collaborating with industry leaders to make this future a commercial reality. 

A unifying connectivity fabric for our society.

A platform of innovations for the next decade and beyond. 

Accelerating global 5G rollout

Get to know Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55, the world’s most advanced commercial multimode 5G modem that delivers breakthrough wireless performance for a new era of connected experiences.

Walk through the history of 5G.

We’ve been working on 5G for 10+ years - inventing, driving standards, proving concepts. and enabling our partners to be successful. See how our milestones have led us to 5G.

Powering the digital economy.

5G will be a major economic driver—spurring the innovation of new industries, products, services and job creation. To better understand and quantify these impacts, Qualcomm commissioned The 5G Economy – a landmark research project. 

Unlocking the full potential of 5G.

Today, intelligence is primarily associated with the cloud, but as we start to connect virtually everything around us, intelligence needs to be scaled by distributing to the devices that form the wireless edge. 5G is the unified connectivity fabric in this new distributed computing paradigm at the wireless edge, offering low latency, virtually unlimited capacity, and high quality of service. With 5G commercialization in 2019, we are now transforming the wireless edge to bring many societal benefits and the promise of massive on-device AI.

Enhanced mobile broadband

The next era of immersive, always-connected mobile experiences with fiber-like 5G speeds.

Mission-critical services

Ultra-reliable, low-latency 5G technology will enable new precision command-and-control services. 

Massive Internet of Things

Intelligently connect virtually anything, anywhere with cost- and power-optimized 5G technology.

Everything You Need to Know About 5G.

The R&D engine fueling the 5G industry.

At Qualcomm, we have been developing 5G for years — inventing new 5G technologies that are pushing, and often redefining, the boundaries of wireless. These system-level inventions are driving the global 5G standard through our fundamental contributions to 3GPP. And we are collaborating with the mobile ecosystem to make these 5G technologies a commercial reality.

Learn more about our latest milestone

May 14, 2018 | 1:52

Demystifying 3GPP

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Areas of 5G research and development.


Designing a unified, more capable 5G radio for sub-6 GHz & mmWave. 

LTE Advanced Pro

Providing a rich roadmap of LTE advancements essential to 5G.

5G Spectrum Sharing

Bringing new opportunities with access to unlicensed/shared spectrum.

Private Industrial Networks

Delivering local and customized services for Industrial IoT. 


Connecting vehicles to everything for safer, more autonomous driving

5G Massive IoT

Scaling to meet the needs of low-power, wide-area IoT use cases.

Making 5G a commercial reality in 2019.

Consumer excitement is building for 5G mobile devices. With the first global 5G standard now complete, the mobile ecosystem is preparing for commercial network and device launches in 2019. And at the center of this progress lies the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem — the world’s first announced 5G modem.

Building upon 30+ years of wireless leadership.

From our early work in pioneering CDMA which became the foundation to 3G, to our leadership in driving the evolution and expansion of 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, Qualcomm has been delivering system-level wireless inventions that have fueled the mobile industry. Our leadership in 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi will be essential in the 5G era. 

5G and Artificial Intelligence will power the era of distributed intelligence.

At Qualcomm, our technology inventions are not only driving 5G, but also efficiently delivering on-device Artificial Intelligence to make a wide range of devices smarter by constantly adapting to their users and their environment. The combination of these two technology platforms, led by Qualcomm, will scale intelligence to trillions of connected things.