1000x Data Challenge

The 1000x data challenge.

Globally, mobile traffic is exploding. And now the industry is preparing for an astounding 1000x increase. Qualcomm is leading the charge through its innovations and leading products in preparing the industry to meet this “1000x challenge.”


The solution is a combination of increasing the efficiency of existing assets, employing more resources in the form of small cells and spectrum, as well as adopting radically different ways of acquiring, deploying, operating and managing these resources.

The 1000x Sequel - The Solutions

Sep 26, 2012


More small cells – taking Hetnets to a new level.

Extreme densification of small cells is the key to addressing 1000x challenge. We need to evolve small cells in all directions: all forms – micro, pico, femto, metro,  all technologies — 3G,4G, Wi-Fi , all integrated; deployments by operators as well as users. The densification begins with the existing spectrum and techniques that are available today, for example, optimizations such as “Range Expansion” are possible today with HSPA+ and in the future with LTE Advanced networks. More enhancements and new deployment models that are needed to reach the 1000x goal are being worked, on as part of standards and product solutions.

More spectrum – licensed, unlicensed and LSA.

Additional spectrum is a key to support the mobile broadband growth. Licensed spectrum remains the main focus, but the unlicensed spectrum needs to better utilized as well. 


Qualcomm is proposing many innovations to better utilize existing and to access new spectrum. Two specific examples are Licensed Shared Access (LSA) and LTE in Unlicensed. LSA is an innovative way to avail underutilized licensed spectrum. It provides a regulatory frame work for operators to collaborate with incumbent spectrum holders (e.g. defense dept.) to get exclusive access to latter's spectrum on a shared basis. The sharing can be in terms of geography, frequency, or time. Extending higher performance and reliability of LTE Advanced to licensed spectrum allows operators to augment capacity with a unified network and to provide enhanced broadband experience to users.

More efficient network, applications and services.

Evolving 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks, enabling intelligent Hetnets, making devices select the best mode of access among myriad of options possible—3G/4G, LTE in unlicensed spectrum, Wi-Fi, small/macrocells are some of such enhancements that dramatically increase overall efficiency and user experience. Also in the works are enhancements that make apps/services much more efficient.


Enhancements such as LTE Broadcast, and LTE Direct can bring substantial gains for specific application and services.