5G Origin Story

Sep 10, 2019


Welcome to the Invention Age.

5G may be the most important technological development of the 21st century—and everyone thought it was impossible. Hear the story of 5G from the inventors who helped bring it to life.

We're fueling 5G with 3G and 4G know-how. 

Our breakthroughs in mobile connectivity will make nearly anything the world’s innovators can dream up possible. In the Invention Age, 5G devices, smartphones, and infrastructure are enabling new mobile experiences and technologies that are evolving how we communicate to make it fast, smooth, and increasingly more immersive.

See how 5G in the Invention Age is designed to change your life.

Animating 5G: Breaking Through

Jan 7, 2019


Animating 5G: Millimeter Wave

Jan 7, 2019


Animating 5G: Low Latency

Jan 7, 2019


5G is speeding up not just your mobile device, but your imagination.

We’re advancing 5G mobile connectivity in the Invention Age with a new wave of real-time shared immersive experiences you can have on your smartphone, like multiplayer gaming, watching sports, concertgoing, shopping, and more.  

We’re paving the way to automotive safety, efficiency, and autonomy.

Our work in the automotive industry is helping advance car manufacturing in the Invention Age—making in-car experiences increasingly intelligent and security-rich. 

We’re leading the world to 5G.

We invented foundational technologies of 5G, which is creating an intelligently connected future for people and things. Read how 5G is bringing the world a platform of innovations, redefining communication, powering the digital economy with the possibility of over $12 trillion in future growth, and much more.

Now with 5G, you can.

With 5G, your mobile device is designed to offer ultra-fast data rates, ultra-low latency, and connectivity nearly anywhere. That means you can share, watch, create, collaborate, communicate, and play like never before.