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Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge – 2022

The winners of the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge – 2020

QITC 2020 Highlights

Mar 15, 2022


The shortlist startups of Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge – 2020

Data Yoo Application Co., LTD.

DataYoo FarmPredictor is developing a precise and controllable algorithm technology and application services for agricultural crops exportation.


Ganzin Technology, Inc.

Ganzin is an eye tracking solution provider, focused on creating the next generation human machine interface that can be easily integrated into XR devices to unlock the potential of the eyes as a seamless interface into the extended reality world.

ioNetworks Inc.

Total solutions across video AI, sensor AI and automated management platform for smart city - transportation, industry 4.0, medicare, financial institution & city surveillance.


Lubn enables data-driven property management through a proprietary hardware & software platform.

LuluPet Inc.

Focused on AI medical image and IoT data analysis, the first product - LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box - can monitor and analyze the cats' health data through cats' stool image, weight change, and excretory behaviors, notifying the owner of any abnormal activities.

Maxon Creative Inc.

An edge audio broadcasting tech allowing a location scaling connects to thousands of wireless devices for users with 5G/AI/APP/ICT as a service.

QT Medical, Inc. Taiwan Branch

Embracing technological challenges with 5G-connected, AI-powered cardiac monitors, improving heart health for everyone through innovation.

Smart Tag Inc.

Smart Tag Inc. helps clients to upgrade their machines and manufacturing lines immediately with minimum learning cost and high ROI.

xMight Corp.

Making EV charging faster and safer in every electrical power limited building.

Yallvend Co., Ltd

A vending machine upgrade solution that turns traditional vending machines into smart vending machines - having cloud function e-payment, telemetry, and ID checking, etc..