Protecting the environment.

We strive to improve our local and global communities through ethical business practices, socially empowering technology applications, responsible product design, educational and environmental programs, employee diversity and volunteerism. Our annual Qualcomm Sustainability Report details our efforts in these and other important areas. In addition, our Environmental Guiding Principles outline our commitment to being a positive and creative force in the protection and enhancement of the local and global environment.

Through Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach™ initiative, Qualcomm works with global and local partners to bring wireless technology to underserved communities around the world. With wireless communication delivering everything from more sustainable fishing to improved transportation and remote monitoring of air quality, Wireless Reach is finding innovative ways to empower people.

As mobile technologies continue to benefit society in new and often unexpected ways, it is important that companies like ours collaborate with key stakeholders to foster sustainability throughout the supply chain. Qualcomm is a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), a coalition of the world’s leading electronics companies, which are working together to improve efficiency and social, ethical and environmental responsibility in the global supply chain. Qualcomm also participates in the United Nations Global Compact.