Addressing need for highly skilled talent.

Finding top engineering talent is key to Qualcomm’s success.  More than 65% of our employees are engineers. In order to ensure that we can attract top talent, we have to be able to hire the best engineers, regardless of their country of origin.  Unfortunately, current immigration rules are outdated and do not reflect the economic realities of today.

Study after study has shown that highly skilled immigrants create jobs and boost wages in the communities around where they work.

In order to be competitive, the U.S. needs to take steps to bring its immigration laws in line with our innovation-based, global economy.  We support:

  • Raising the cap on H1B visas, currently set at 85,000 per year.  This year, the cap was hit within one week of the acceptance of applications. 
  • Creating more green cards and speeding up the process for obtaining one.   In some cases, it can take more than 10 years to obtain a green card.