See us wherever Europe is accelerating 5G leadership.

Staying connected is now more important than ever and 5G strengthens those connections. At Qualcomm, we remain focused on transforming industries, creating new experiences, and supporting the economy—all while supporting Europe’s ambitious green and digital future.

See us wherever Europe is creating a digital future with 5G.

Dec 10, 2020


Explore 5G's impact from education to telemedicine.

Transforming industries

See us wherever 5G is helping transform industries, like manufacturing, auto, and telemedicine.

Connecting the last mile

See us wherever 5G is empowering communities in need of connectivity.

Creating new experiences

See us wherever 5G is powering new experiences for gamers and connecting more friends in real time.

Transforming Industries

See our leadership wherever 5G is transforming industries.

Qualcomm remains focused on enabling 5G’s connectivity, when we need it most, with lightning-fast speeds and low latency. Our breakthroughs are helping to transform industries, like telemedicine and remote education, and helping to drive efficiencies with always-connected mobile PCs and smart factories.


5G is helping to transform telemedicine by giving doctors and patients superior, reliable, security-rich connectivity—allowing physicians to securely access massive medical files from their devices and remotely monitor vital signs, blood sugar levels, and even a baby’s heartbeat.

Remote work

With virtual working a new reality for many, Qualcomm’s 5G leadership is enabling reliable, real-time collaboration with always-connected mobile PCs that uses less energy while allowing you to take work almost anywhere—with battery life that can last for days.


Automotive industry breakthroughs based on 5G are helping to make transit safer by connecting cars to the road, traffic lights, and everything else.


5G connectivity is paving the way for smart factories that are more adaptable and efficient than ever—enabling them to get products to consumers faster than ever before.

Connecting the Last Mile

See our leadership bringing 5G to places that need connectivity.

You can see Qualcomm’s 5G leadership bringing faster, more cost-effective connectivity in rural communities. 5G is making it easier to work remotely and offer places that once lacked connectivity new ways of learning with improved access to education. The Invention Age is here and it’s ready to deliver Europe’s digital future.


Our 5G inventions are ushering in a new era in sustainable agriculture, allowing farmers to manage their crops remotely. Our intelligent connectivity solutions can help farmers increase yields and productivity by ushering in a new era of automated crop management, connected equipment, and instantly actionable real-time data.


5G connectivity can provide teachers with more engaging and efficient ways to educate by allowing for immersive, VR-driven lesson plans whether students are remote—or in a remote area.

Creating New Experiences

See our 5G leadership connecting more friends in real-time.

5G will make mobile collaboration and entertainment experiences smarter, richer, and more interactive—even high-bandwidth experiences like simultaneous live streaming at a crowded concert or connecting more friends for real-time multiplayer gaming.

Multi-player gaming

See Qualcomm’s 5G leadership wherever multiplayer gaming is connecting more gamers in real-time. 5G’s high-bandwidth mobile experiences are creating desktop-level features, smooth rendering, and color-rich graphics for the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

What is 5G?

5G is revolutionizing industries—changing the way we live, work, and relate to each other—by enabling millions of devices to intelligently connect in ways never before imagined. And that’s just the beginning. Learn everything you need to know about 5G with our FAQ.

Now with 5G, you can.

With 5G, your mobile device is designed to offer ultra-fast data rates, ultra-low latency, and connectivity nearly anywhere. That means you can share, watch, create, collaborate, communicate, and play like never before.

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