The global spread of COVID-19 impacts us all.

Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected, especially as so many around the globe work to slow the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing. To help keep you connected to your community, Qualcomm continues to focus on delivering critical wireless technologies like 5G.

We’re committed to providing reliable connectivity solutions to maintain business continuity, especially in the critical areas of healthcare, small business support, and remote education—all while protecting the safety of our employees and customers.

Thank you, Qualcomm employees.

We appreciate how well our employees have responded to this global challenge. To those working from home, thank you for staying focused and connected. To our onsite critical and support staff, thank you for respecting the new safety measures we have in place. Thanks to the remarkable efforts of our business, product, operations, engineering, and support groups, we’re able to maintain our commitments to our customers, partners, and shareholders while keeping everyone safe.

Qualcomm's logo outside an office

Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program.

The impact of COVID-19 on small businesses is felt far and wide. In response, Qualcomm established the Small Business Accelerator Program. Designed to help small businesses transition to a mobile-first remote work environment, this program provides collaboration tools that enable remote teamwork and productivity through this crisis and beyond.

Supporting our local and global communities.

Qualcomm has a long history of philanthropic and community involvement. We continue to evaluate ways to scale that commitment at a time when so much help is needed. To support our global communities, we have donated to the following efforts, and we remain committed to providing monetary and in-kind donations throughout and beyond this crisis.

Organizations that we have supported with monetary and in-kind support include

• Bhumi
• Cal Coast Cares Foundation - San Diego Small Business Relief Fund
• Center for Disaster Philanthropy
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Banco de Alimentos Associacao Civil
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Fund
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Italian Red Cross
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Italian Red Cross Milan
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Portuguese Red Cross
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Rise Against Hunger Philippines
• Charities Aid Foundation America - Spanish Red Cross
• China Red Cross
• Democracy Builders Fund Inc
• Georgetown University
• Give India

• Give2Asia - Lentera Kesehatan Nusantara Foundation
• Hand-In-Hand
• Harisu Dala
• Indian Council for Medical Research
• Nirmaan
• Prime Minister COVID Relief Fund
• San Diego Unified School District
• Silicon Valley Community Foundation - COVID-19 Regional Response Fund
• The San Diego Foundation - COVID-19 Community Response Fund/Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
• United Nations Foundation - COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO
• United Way Hyderabad
• US Chamber of Commerce Foundation
• US India Friendship Alliance
• Vista Unified School District

Additional support includes monetary and in-kind donations to local organizations in communities where we live and work as well as matching of employee contributions.

Purposeful innovation, now more than ever.

COVID-19 has transformed our world into one that is more highly dependent on connectivity than ever before. The “digital divide” is nothing new but the pandemic demonstrates how a lack of access to devices and broadband poses an urgent threat to people’s health, education, and livelihoods. Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ has been investing in sustainable programs that demonstrate innovative uses of wireless technology to strengthen economic and social development since 2006.

In the wake of COVID-19, many Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ programs have become even more crucial to the communities they serve.

STEAM Mobile Learning

Our STEAM Mobile Learning program in Southeastern Kentucky has been using Qualcomm-enabled tablets to engage 5th graders and their teachers in distance learning.

21st Century Classroom

The 21st Century Classroom enables remote learning for students in poverty-stricken areas of China, ensuring continuity of learning.

Project SIM

MTM Technologia and Clear Tech in partnership with Wireless Reach has have been leveraged by hospitals to facilitate safe blood donations in the context of COVID-19 bringing in 1,798 donors, impacting more than 4,000 patients in need.


A collaboration between Atma Connect and Qualcomm Wireless Reach, AtMago is a neighborhood level social network across Indonesia used to organize community efforts like making and distributing masks, creating handwashing stations and educating people on slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Happinoy Mobile Money Hubs

In light of COVID-19, Hapinoy’s Mobile Money Hubs project in the Philippines has pivoted towards an exclusively digital platform to be able to continue to provide training to Sari Sari store owners (women micro-entrepreneurs). The project has developed new educational content to support these store owners in navigating the new normal and to be able to safely re-open, increase their economic resilience, and, through their BizMo app, continue to access microfinancing opportunities from the safety of their homes.


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed international development organizations to utilize digital tools to maintain connection with customers. TaroWorks supports app integration that allows organizations to monitor and evaluate their work, deliver services seamlessly, and remain relevant to their audience from even the most remote locations.

Qualcomm’s efforts to erase the Homework Gap.

The global pandemic has forced schools around the globe to move online. But millions of students lack broadband internet and the devices necessary to access their online schoolwork. These students now fall into the homework gap and are unable to continue their education. Qualcomm supports emergency federal funding to help keep all students on track with connectivity and devices.

Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab engages students in STEM education during distance learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives in unimaginable ways. Education and schools look vastly different for most. Despite this, teachers are finding creative ways to keep their lessons interactive and meaningful.

In response to this educational need, Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ offered hands-on and invention-based STEM camps virtually for the first time this past summer. We engaged close to 350 students in 19 virtual week-long camps across seven national Thinkabit Lab sites and American Association of University Women's all-girls Tech Trek program, a 300 percent increase compared to participation in previous summers. The program provided every student with a hardware kit and, in some cases, provided laptops and tablets to ensure equitable participation.

To support our network of instructors, the Thinkabit Lab provided real-time instructional best practices to guide teachers in implementing highly engaging camps in a connected learning environment. Although distanced learning made this year's camps a little different, making them virtual enabled more students than ever to participate.

See how Qualcomm is responding to COVID-19.

A photo of Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf

CEO Steve Mollenkopf discusses how Qualcomm employees continue to work toward the future of 5G—from home.

CEO Steve Mollenkopf prepares Qualcomm for what comes after the COVID-19 shutdown.

CEO Steve Mollenkopf discusses Qualcomm’s performance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon speaks to how connectivity matters more than ever

Mar 15, 2022