Software Providers

AI Providers

Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. (Face++)

Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. (Face++)


Face++ (Megvii ) was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Zhongguancun, the core area of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center. Face++ is a leader in the machinery visual artificial intelligence industry and face recognition systems. It was one of the earliest AI enterprises in the world to venture into commercial application of facial recognition products utilizing deep learning. Megvii Technology owns Face++ and FaceID, the world's largest facial recognition technical platform and facial recognition authentication platform, users cover 220 countries. The market shares of its core products rank first in the financial, security and mobile phone industries. Several groundbreaking AI products including: Paying with Your Face, Face Unlock, and Full-frame Smart Capture Cameras have been introduced in the vertical fields.

Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd.


Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300496) is a world leading smart platform technology provider. Since its inception in 2008, Thundersoft has focused on providing industry leading smart device operating system solutions, helping to speed-up the time to commercialization of products in industries such as smart phones, IoT, automotive, etc. Thundersoft has a comprehensive technology system ranging from the hard drive, operating system kernel, and middleware, to high-level application, and has accumulated extensive experience along with a large amount of IP. Thundersoft's core competencies include protocol stack, deep learning, computer graphics techniques, operating system optimization and security solutions.

  • Core business includes smart system, smart IoT, smart automotive and AI
  • Founded in 2008, 3200+ staff, IPO in 2015, cap. size of $2B, 20 cities worldwide
  • IoT turnkey solutions and on-device AI technology on Qualcomm® platforms
  • Comprehensive system coverage service for terminal, edge and cloud
  • Core technology includes intelligent camera, SoMs, edge computing, IoT security

Audio Providers

BACCH Labs Inc

BACCH Labs Inc


The world’s toughest audio critics recognize BACCH Labs technology as the next generation of surround sound for IoT products. Through the two speakers embedded in a mobile handset, BACCH Labs technology can deliver truly immersive surround sound and even put a whisper in the listener’s ears. BACCH technology is supported on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms for efficient and seamless functionality. The technology works with existing stereo and multichannel content, giving consumers the impact of immersive surround via the built-in stereo speakers or headphones attached to consumer electronics devices. As supporters of the MPEG-H standard, BACCH Labs multi-disciplinary leadership — including Oscar®-winning sound artists — is designed for next generation immersive audio content.


  • We require only a stereo signal while others require specific encoding.
  • The toughest audio critics say BACCH Labs technology is the next gen of audio
  • Our technology works for both headphones and speakers
  • We can be used in many consumer devices including mobile phones and XR devices
  • Our creative tools will help create the next generation of audio for cinema

TIP Solutions, Inc

TIP Solutions, Inc



TIP Solutions is focused on changing how the world answers a phone call. TIP's patented VXR (Voice Response) technology minimizes Robo-Calls, improves driver safety, provides an advertising revenue platform, and social media revenue stream for all parties in the telco eco-system.

  • The SCREENER feature - Robo-Calling Minimizer & Revenue Generator
  • The automated HOLD-ON feature - Revenue Generator
  • The ME PLATFORM - Social Media Revenue Generator
  • MY DRIVING MODE feature - Revenue Generator
  • ICS (Incoming Call Screen) Advertising Content - Revenue Generator

Waves Inc.

Waves Inc.


Waves is one of the world-leading developers of audio DSP technologies for professional sound productions and consumer electronics. Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY®, top professionals rely on Waves to create industry-leading music, movies, and games. Leveraging over 25 years of achievement in professional audio, Waves offers intelligent technologies to ensure cutting-edge audio experience for an extensive array of consumer electronic devices.

  • Recipient of a Technical GRAMMY award for their contribution in the recording industry
  • Leading audio solutions for professional audio and consumer electronics industry
  • Audio enhancements for IoT/smart speakers, AR/VR, TVs, PC and mobile devices
  • Premium tuning services for consumer electronics delivered by professional audio team

Gaming Providers

NetEase Games

NetEase Games


NetEase Games (a division of NetEase headquartered in Guangzhou, China) was founded in 2001 with the goal of becoming the top global publisher and developer. Over the years, our love of games translated to success. Developing and releasing mega-hit mobile products like Fantasy Westward Journey, partnering in 2008 to publish Blizzard’s games and working with Mojang to launch Minecraft: Pocket Edition in Asia really put NetEase on the map in the gaming arena.

Imaging providers


Almalence is the global leader in Computational Photography techniques used in applications ranging from mobile devices to high-end DSLR cameras:  Almalence technologies significantly improve resolution and digital zoom capability, low light sensitivity, and dynamic range. More Info


Arcsoft is a global leader in image-intelligent technologies that are driving the visual future. We make embedded software that transcends the physical limitations of hardware devices to help people create amazing digital photos, videos and other visual experiences on their mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. We also make a range of imaging apps and software including Perfect365®, the world’s most popular one-touch makeover app. Our technology is in more than a billion mobile devices.


IRIDA Labs is a platform-independent leading technology provider of software and silicon IPs for Embedded Video Processing. More Info


Morpho, Inc.


Established in 2004, Morpho has built substantial brand recognition in the field of software image processing for mobile devices. Customers utilizing Morpho’s software include carriers, processing platform providers and mobile device manufacturers, making the company a global leader in image enhancement technologies which combines deep learning and computational photography.

  • Announced establishment of new Morpho China office in Shenzhen in June, 2018
  • SoftNeuro was awarded Vision Product of the Year for Best AI Technology by Embedded Vision Summit in May, 2018
  • SRL, Japanese medical company has joined as a minority shareholder of Morpho in June, 2017
  • Denso, tier-one automotive company joined as a minority shareholder of Morpho in Dec, 2015


Omron has taken on countless challenges, pursuing technological innovation by anticipating social needs and quickly responding to them. By creating new value centered on automation, we have contributed to the sound and sustainable development of society and the improvement in people's lives.

Pelican Imaging

Pelican Imaging A Smart Camera for Your Smartphone. 

VanGogh Imaging

VanGogh Imaging's middleware accurately captures, recognizes, models, and analyzes objects and scenes in 3D, all in real time.

Mobile Monetization Providers

MiMedia Inc

MiMedia Inc


MiMedia is a best-in-class, next-generation consumer-cloud platform that enables personal media (photos, videos, music, docs, contacts, SMS) to be secured in the cloud, accessed immediately and seamlessly, across devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, web) and operating systems. MiMedia is about simplifying, enjoying and sharing consumers’ digital lives and not putting special memories into cold digital boxes or boring galleries. Patented and proprietary, MiMedia differentiates with its highly-visual interface, rich media experience, automatic organization, robust content curation tools, unique private sharing platform and deep promotion of content (re)discovery. The Company deploys its platform via unique distribution strategy with leading OEMs and telcos globally.

  • First ever to monetize gallery with multi-pronged, high-margin revenue platform
  • First ever to integrate consumer cloud as native / default smartphone gallery
  • MiMedia integrated into Qualcomm® platforms’ DSP to provide key benefits
  • OEMs gain unique/best user experience, turnkey revenue, value-add/sticky cloud
  • Strong traction - six OEMs deployed, 6M+ active users globally (India, others), as of Oct, 2018

Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine


We work at the convergence of media and mobile communications, connecting top mobile operators, OEMs and publishers with app developers and advertisers worldwide. Our Mobile Delivery Platform makes it easier than ever for people to frictionlessly discover new apps, for operators and OEMs to build new revenue streams, and for advertisers to reach users at scale. Digital Turbine's technology platform has been adopted by more than 30 mobile operators and OEMs worldwide creating new revenue streams and monetization opportunities. With more than one billion app preloads for tens of thousands advertising campaigns, Digital Turbine is a leading Mobile Monetization and App Delivery Platform.


  • Our software is active on more than 165 million Android devices
  • Delivered more than 1.6 Billion App Preloads
  • Global company and locations - Have active campaigns in 100+ countries
  • Partnered with 30+ mobile operators around the globe
  • Work with >70% of the top grossing apps on Google Play

Security Provider




EyeLock LLC is an acknowledged leader in advanced iris authentication for the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the highest level of security with EyeLock ID™ technology. Iris authentication is highly secure because no two irises are alike and the iris is the most accurate human identifier other than DNA. Eyelock also uses Face Finder Technology which auto-adjusts the device to ensure a clean, quick look into each individuals eye’s regardless of height differences. EyeLock's solutions have been integrated and embedded across consumer and enterprise products and platforms, eliminating the need for cards, PINs and passwords.

  • SECURITY: No two human irises are alike.
  • SPEED: EyeLock uses video, not still pictures, to capture an image of your eyes
  • CONVENIENT: EyeLock authenticates users within seconds, with only a brief glance
  • NO IRIS, NO ID: EyeLock generates a unique EyeLock ID™ of each iris.
  • HYGIENIC: EyeLock is a fully touchless system.




Gemalto is a global leader in digital security, with 2017 annual revenues of €3 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world. From secure software to connectivity, biometrics and encryption, our technologies and services enable businesses and governments to authenticate identities and protect data so they stay safe and enable services in personal devices, connected objects, the cloud and in between. Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things. We connect people and things, authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create value for software.

  • Optimized connectivity: M2M/IoT modules, eSIM/iSIM lifecycle management
  • Enabling secure access and connectivity for people and things
  • Cloud security: cloud authentication & data protection
  • Trusted IoT: device management, secure element, data encryption
  • Technology provider for cellular carriers, device makers, car manufacturers

PayJoy, Inc.

PayJoy, Inc.


PayJoy brings smartphone technology to customers who otherwise could not afford it, by enabling the underbanked consumer to pay for a smartphone over time in installments. Our smartphone lock, data science, and world-class platform make consumer finance work in this underbanked consumer segment, where it was never before feasible.


PayJoy’s system combines two technologies, Lock and Underwriting, that lead to higher approval rates and lower default rates, increasing the purchasing power of billions of consumers worldwide. IT's already deployed in the US, India, Indonesia, Africa and Mexico.

  • Lock: collateralizes the smartphone by blocking all apps in the event of a missed payment
  • Underwriting: algorithms that can effectively assess ability to pay, ideal for the credit-challenged

Wuhan Antiy Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Wuhan Antiy Information Technology Co.,Ltd


AVL Mobile Security, a global company founded in 2010, focuses on mobile security technologies, mobile threat intelligence and product development, while providing superior mobile security solutions and services for customers all over the world. AVL Mobile Security is headquartered in China Wuhan, with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. Currently serving more than 1400 million users worldwide, our core product system includes AVL Inside and AVL Insight. AVL Inside was awarded the AV-TEST Award for Best Protection 2013 for Mobile Devices (Android), which was the first time the award was presented to an anti-virus solution for mobile platforms by the independent software certification authority AV-TEST.

  • Over 1.5 billion end users around the world are under the protection of AVL
  • First Chinese company to receive AV-TEST Award for Best Protection Mobile Devices

Sensor providers


AKM Asahi Kasei Microdevices offer a variety of advanced sensing devices based on compound semiconductor technology and sophisticated IC products featuring analog/digital mixed-signal technology.

Alps Electric

Alps Electric, engaged in “perfecting the art of electronics” through its electronic devices, leads a group of 84 companies that also includes Alpine, a provider of mobile media solutions, and Alps Logistics, a provider of integrated logistics services specializing in electronic devices distribution. Together these companies form a powerful global network.


AMS sensor solutions take sensing to the next level by providing a seamless interface between humans and technology. We enable our customers to create highly differentiated products that are smarter, safer, easier to use and more eco-friendly. We develop high-performance solutions for the most challenging applications in sensors, sensor interfaces, power management and wireless.


Analog is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in virtually all types of electronic equipment. 

Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies is a leading designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of analog, digital, mixed signal and optoelectronics components and subsystems with a focus in III-V compound semiconductor design and processing.


Azoteq is the world leader in intelligent LED lighting control and capacitive proximity and touch solutions for next generation user interfaces. Capacitive proximity and touch applications include: SAR detection for tablets, miniature touchpads for remote controls, keypads for security systems and keys/sliders/scroll wheels for appliances.



Bosch has been active in the field of MEMS since 1988 and is one of the pioneers in the microsystem-technology. Several hundred different types – ranging from pressure and acceleration to yaw sensors – have since then been manufactured for the automotive industry.

​Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS)

Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) is the industry leader in advanced sensor solutions providing sensor technology across multiple global markets.

Capella Microsystems, Inc.

Capella Microsystems, Inc. is a fabless IC design company specializing in optical electronic related products. The company's principal product categories include ambient light sensors, short distance and long distance proximity sensors, gesture sensors, color sensors, UV sensors, IrDA and optical encoders. 


Epcos develops, manufactures and markets electronic components, modules and systems, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include information and communications technology, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

Everlight Americas Inc.

Everlight Americas Inc. is the North American Sales arm of Everlight Electronics – a leading global Optoelectronics manufacturer of low and high Power VISIBLE LED’s, SMD and Thru-Hole Lamps, Digital Displays, INFRARED Emitters, Optical Sensors, Fiber Optic and Optocoupler components. We provide solutions for various applications in the lighting, consumer, computing, automotive, telecommunication and industrial market segments.

Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor is all about power management. And to that end, we provide a unique combination of design and manufacturing expertise to our customers, allowing them to power amazing electronic products.


Fingerprints offers a complete range of technology for working with fingerprint biometrics that can be used separately or combined; sensors, biometric processors and modules.


Freescale is a leader in embedded processing solutions for the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microcontrollers and microprocessors to sensors, analog ICs and connectivity, our technologies are fueling the next great wave of innovation. Learn about how Freescale is helping make the world a smarter place in the Internet of Things era.


GlobalMems is a company dedicated to the development of physical sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and acoustic sensors.

Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Technologies AG offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security.


Intersil is leveraging a deep portfolio of intellectual property, a history of design and process innovation and a system-level view to deliver unique benefits for the latest electronic systems. Intersil’s customers are recognized as innovators in their chosen markets, and our IC solutions are forming the building blocks of the latest devices adding intelligence, mobility and true energy efficiency.

InvenSense, A TDKGroup Company

InvenSense, A TDKGroup Company


InvenSense, a TDK Group company, is a world leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything® targets the consumer electronics and industrial areas with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. InvenSense’s solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors, designed to maximize performance and accuracy. InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in Mobile, Wearables, Smart Home, Industrial, Automotive, and IoT products. InvenSense is headquartered in San Jose, California and has offices worldwide.


  • MEMS Sensors
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor
  • Microphone Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Location Sensors

Kionix, Inc.

Kionix, Inc. is a global MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer based in Ithaca, NY, USA.  Kionix offers high-performance, low-power accelerometers,gyroscopes, and 6-axis combination sensors plus comprehensive software libraries that support a full range of sensor combinations, operating systems and hardware platforms.

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp design, develop , package and test a wide series of green power related semiconductor components that are mainly applied on communications, information, consumer electronics products' switching power supply and system power supply.


Magnachip is a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for high-volume consumer applications. We believe we have one of the broadest and deepest analog and mixed-signal semiconductor technology platforms in the industry, supported by our 30-year operating history, large portfolio of registered and pending patents and extensive engineering and manufacturing process expertise.

Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated invents highly integrated solutions that make technology seamless. We channel our collective expertise to stretch the limits of technology, understand your needs, and help you get to market faster. 


mCube aspires to put a MEMS motion sensor on anything that moves, making it easy to connect everyday things and transform the way consumers live and businesses operate.


Memsic delivers Powerful Sensing Solutions to enhance your life. With sight and sound, touch and smell we establish communication with the world around us. Just as our eyes sense light and our ears sense sound and relay that information to our brain enabling us to sense the environment, sensors comprehend the world around us and relay these electrical signals back through intricate Integrated Circuitry (IC) and electronic systems.

​Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1944 and whose headquarters are located in Kyoto, Japan, and its subsidiaries (collectively “Murata”) is a worldwide leading innovator in research, design, manufacture and sale of ceramic based passive electronic components and devices.


Omron, with a global reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability in our switches and relays, Omron is now setting new standards worldwide with MEMS sensors, Video over Fiber devices and FPC connectors. Take a look at our New Technologies now!

Partron Co., Ltd.

Partron Co., Ltd. has dedicataed itself to develop the products with advanced features and technologies along with innovative minds. Headquater leads the way in R&D and sales efforts, while maximizing its resources at specialized menufacturing facility in Yantai Shandong in China to provide and supply competitive products in timely manners.


Pixart specializes in CMOS image sensors and related image application IC design, research, production and sales. PixArt has extensive experience in analog circuit design, image and color processing , mixed-mode circuit design and digital-analog circuit integration. With dedicated efforts on developing new technologies and cutting-edge applications, Pixart is currently one of the global leading providers of CMOS image sensors and related image application solutions.

Rohm Semiconductor

Rohm Semiconductor doesn't simply just make and sell components, we are also deeply concerned with a number of issues, such as why a product is required in the first place and what type of solution would be ideal for the customer. This enables us to refine existing technologies. Every ROHM product is designed with the customer in mind.

PNI Sensor

​PNI Sensor has been the leader in the exacting science of producing pinpoint location, heading and orientation technology for the consumer, military and scientific communities. Building on decades of patented sensor and algorithm development, PNI offers highly accurate geomagnetic sensors and sensor fusion technology. Its products eliminate the time-consuming — and often unexpected — algorithm development and calibration work that significantly increase development costs and time to market. PNI products and can be found in consumer electronics, including the WiiU Game Pad, and robotics, surveying, navigation and automotive applications across the globe. 

Semtech Corporation

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. We are dedicated to providing you with proprietary solutions and breakthrough technology in power management, circuit protection, timing and synchronization, touch interface, video broadcasting, high-performance optical transport equipment (SerDes), high-reliability military products, low-power wireless RF, and digital sensor/signal conditioning ICs.

​Senodia Technologies Co.

Senodia Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the first MEMS chip solution provider in China to design and build MEMS Gyroscope inertia sensor of commercial use. 


Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows.


Sensortek is a global network of companies offering the best quality of sensors and instrumentation recognized by industries worldwide.

Shinoh Microelectronics

Shinoh Microelectronics is a company that procures LCD modules and LTE smart phone production technologies, in which their releasing smart mobile sensor is leading the growth of the company.

​Smartsensor Inc.

Smartsensor Inc.  Through the Science and Technology is the development, design, production quality control, sales of high-tech enterprises.

ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics is a world leader in providing the semiconductor solutions that make a positive contribution to people’s lives, both today and in the future.

TXC Corporation

TXC Corporation is a leading professional frequency control product manufacturer. Our goal is to add value to our customers by providing a complete solution of frequency devices and modules, design-in service to fully satisfy various needs of the esteemed customers. We believe based upon the competence of cost effectiveness, quality, lead-time, and customer service TXC will go beyond customers' expectation. TXC has now been highly recognized as the first-class crystal provider by our customers and TXC Corporation will continue striving for excellence not to meet but to exceed the most rigid customers' standards.


Valencell develops high-performance biometric sensor technology and licenses its patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, sports and fitness brands, gaming companies, and first-responder/military suppliers for integration into their products.

Voltafield Technology Corporation

Voltafield Technology Corporation is a global leader specializes in magnetic sensing solutions. With innovative technology and dedication to the development of AMR sensors, Voltafield has successfully built a product portfolio of Field sensor and Angle sensor in various applications. eCompass is our first solution widely adopted by smart phone, tablet and eWatch customers. Through constant innovation in both hardware and software, we are committed to provide complete solution and service to meet our customers’ satisfaction.


Yamaha fully satisfies its customers by offering quality products and services that incorporate new and traditional technologies as well as refined creativity and artistry.


At ZDMI, our vision is to be the first choice in analog mixed-signal soltuions enabling energy efficiency, and ZDMI, now more than ever, delivers by providing the right tools and benefits to enhance the customer experience.

Other providers


2lemetry is an Internet of Things platform and solutions company that powers the connected enterprise, tying people, processes, data and devices together—transforming raw data into real-time actionable intelligence. Our core technology acts as an IoT version of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) middleware solutions, providing device connectivity at scale, cross-communication, data brokering and storage. We also help companies make sense of the captured data by offering actionable data intelligence through predictive computational models and a configurable rules engine.

For more information, please contact us via:
Phone: 720-606-2646

Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT platform, accelerating development, support and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s end-to-end platform runs across devices, cloud and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics and feature-rich customer experiences. Delivered as a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s Agile IoT platform provides the flexibility and modularity to enable rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud or app environment. Ayla’s investors include Cisco, the International Finance Corporation, SAIF Partners, Crosslink Capital, Voyager Capital, Linear Venture and SJF Ventures. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact us via:


Phone: 408-830-9844


Exosite has offices in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, and enables the world’s leading durable goods manufacturers in consumer, commercial, and industrial segments to quickly build and deploy solutions that capture the IoE generation of their business. Exosite provides an enterprise-grade, analytics-driven IoE software platform that allows OEMs to create economic leverage while eliminating the risk and burden of custom infrastructure.



Phone: +1.612-353-2161


Kii enables customers across the world to rapidly create compelling IoT solutions with its scalable, easy to use and feature rich IoT platform. The global platform enables all three layers of a typical IoT solution (things, services, apps), thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to create solutions, freeing up the customer to focus on their solution differentiation. Kii provides a flexible deployment model (public cloud, dedicated cloud, private cloud) globally, thereby enabling seamless solution deployment for customers of all sizes. In addition to the platform, Kii’s ecosystem initiatives (like Space) also enable customers to distribute their solutions in premier carrier and retailer channels.

For more information, follow @KiiCorp or visit



Phone: +1 (650) 577-2340


Proximetry delivers IoE solutions that manage the most critical of things in the Internet of Things (IoT), from millions of remote sensing devices and related applications to systems in aircraft and critical infrastructure. Proximetry’s solutions support these performance-critical, connected devices irrespective of their location, memory & bandwidth constraints and connecting technology (Wi-Fi, 6LowPan, ZigBee etc.). The devices can be managed either from the cloud or from a dedicated installation at the customer’s data center. The company was founded on a vision of smart device management through context-aware network management. Customers include device developers and OEMs, chipset partners and enterprise network operators managing demanding IoT solutions for smart utilities, smart cities, building management, industrial process control, intelligent transportation and many other industries.



Phone: +1-619-704-0020


Temboo is your technology stack for connected devices and the Internet of Things. Generate production-ready code for robust IoT applications in minutes, complete with application logic, sensor data streaming, and more. Develop and run applications on our enterprise-standard platform that brings together APIs, programming languages, hardware platforms, data storage services, and connectivity options.



Xively by LogMeIn offers an award-winning enterprise IoT platform and application solution for enterprises building connected products and services. Xively enables companies to securely and robustly connect their products, manage data from those connections, and engage more closely with their customers. Our solution gives physical products a voice in the relationships that they facilitate between a company and all of its constituents (customers, partners, vendors, installers, etc.) in order to better develop, market, sell and support the next generation of connected products.