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Module providers

Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd


WISOL is the RF component company with Excellent Manpower from Samsung and best service mind and the 1st Connectivity Module Supplier for SAMSUNG since 2011.

WISOL can provide All Solution for SAW, SIP and Connectivity Module

  • SAW Filter Technology Infra for Wireless Communication
  • SIP Module for Small size of device
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / ZigBee / NFC Connectivity Module for the Consumer and Automotive Electronics

Qualcomm silicon based modules in sampling or production:

  • WSWIT110A and WSWIT100A are a dual-band, single stream Wi-Fi Module and are compliant with 802.11abgn.
  • They integrate a Microcontroller, RF transceiver and a 2.5/5GHz dual-band antenna.
  • These modules are based on QCA4002 Wi-Fi solution and K22F Cortex-M4 Microcontroller.

For more information, please contact us via:

Contact: Yoo Kyung-Min
Phone: 82-10-9465-1558

Liteon Technology Corp.

Lite-On’s long-term growth strategy focuses on the core optoelectronic and key electronic components, with business segments including Optoelectronics & Communications, Information Technology, Storage and other LED application-LED traffic signals, street lights, general illuminations and automotive electronics, green energy products and services. Lite-On’s product offerings are leading the industry and widely applied in areas such as computer, communication, consumer electronics and car electronics. In consideration of environmental protection and industrial development, Lite-On has been proactively emerging itself from an information and communication enterprise to new energy technologies. The new energy supply chain has gradually shown synergy with the different industries, including LED indoor and outdoor lighting of new lighting source products, cloud computing data center power management systems of energy saving products and power systems and battery management systems of energy storage products which have become as the driving force of Lite-On for a new wave of business growth.

Lite-On has co-worked with QCA since 2003 for the WiFi modules widely employed in PC, Notebook, Tablet, TV, audio speakers and electronic equipment such as air conditioner and refrigerator. With more than 10-year experience working with QCA, we’ve made IoE module debut successfully in 2013 including:

  • Qualcomm silicon based modules in production: QCA4004 + Freescale (MK12DX256VLF5)
  • Qualcomm silicon based modules in production: QCA4004
  • Qualcomm silicon based modules in sampling: QCA4002+K12 ( pin to pin to QCA4004)
  • Qualcomm silicon based modules in sampling: QCA4002 ( pin to pin to QCA4004)

With a massive economic scale(8-million wireless modules manufactured per month now) founded, Lite-On offers competitive wireless module solutions for your selection.

For more information, please contact us via:

Contact: Betty Lu
Phone: 866-2-2222-6181, x8202
Fax: 866-2-2222-3882