Play ‘n’ Learn: Improving Children’s Literacy and Numeracy Skills with Entertaining Android Game Apps

In underserved communities in India, school children ages 5-8 are improving their literacy and numeracy skills while playing fun and entertaining educational games on smartphones and tablets. The Play ‘n’ Learn program combines Qualcomm mobile technology and digital content from Sesame Workshop India’s (SWI) popular Galli Galli Sim Sim (the Indian Sesame Street) outreach and television programs to demonstrate how today’s mobile platforms can be used to improve access to quality educational content and transform learning, regardless of a child’s socioeconomic status.


  • Based on findings from a study of the in-community intervention, children studying in class 1 and 2 made greater gains in language comprehension, word knowledge and imagination.1
  • According to a third party study conducted in the schools, children in class 1 showed significant gains in comprehension, word knowledge and imagination, and overall Hindi language scores.2
  • The young children also learned to watch videos, operate the camera and make calls on the tablet.
  • Children preferred to use tablets in groups, sharing them with each other and providing support to their peers, reflecting improved group dynamics.
  • Most teachers said their teaching skills improved in at least one of the following areas: curriculum planning, teaching method, child assessment, pacing as per students’ needs, flexibility and collaborative learning.

1 Impact assessment of digital intervention on primary hindi & math skills, in Delhi community – Policy Innovation, August 2013

2 Impact assessment of digital intervention on primary hindi & math skills, in MCD schools – New Concepts, June 2014



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INDIA: Play ‘n’ Learn

Jul 30, 2014