Wireless Reach


Education is a key driver for growth, economic development and the advancement of societies. Mobile phones can bring high-quality education to all communities, regardless of income status or location. For the millions of children in emerging countries who lack access to formal education, the proliferation of mobile devices opens the door to world-class learning resources.


Using 3G Mobile Technology to Provide Quality, Early Learning Experiences for Underserved Migrant Children


WE Learn: Building the 21st Century Classroom with 3G Smartphones

United States

Enabling Students to Explore New Worlds with Augmented Reality Experiences


Using 3G Smartphones and Tablets as Digital Textbooks for Remote Education


Advanced wireless technologies are driving global entrepreneurship by providing people with products and services for managing their finances and growing their businesses. Mobile devices help people communicate with one another, access market information, sell products across geographic areas, reach new consumers and access mobile payment systems.


Mobile Microfranchising and Application Laboratory (AppLab) Initiatives


Assisting Workers with Intellectual Disabilities with Augmented Reality


Mentoring Women in Business Program


Providing Entrepreneurs and Their Communities Access to Mobile Broadband

Public Safety

An increase in community safety is proportionally related to lower crime rates, faster emergency response times and improved emergency preparedness. To aid in improving efficiencies in public safety, a wireless broadband network can allow access to critical information and communication between mobile users and dispatch centers in real time.

El Salvador

Strengthening Crime Mapping Through Telecommunications Technology


Providing Instant Access to Helpful Information to Rural Fishermen


Mobile Safety Project Empowering Families to Learn About Emergency Preparedness

Health Care

Wireless technology is not just an enabler, it is a multiplier and game changer. This is especially true within the health care industry. Advanced mobile broadband technologies can enable point-of-care devices to provide access to information, help lower costs, facilitate remote care, increase efficiencies and better connect people to their health care providers.

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Empowering Communities to Promote Diabetes Care and Prevention Through 3G Technologies

South Africa

Using 3G-Enabled Devices to Increase Access to Relevant Health Literature that Aids in Patient Diagnoses 


Improving Health Care by Using a Wireless Platform to Access Electronic Medical Records


Shining a “RAY of Light” on Independence for Blind and Visually Impaired People

Environmental Sustainability

At Qualcomm, we’re committed to minimizing negative impacts to the environment throughout all aspects of our business. We expand our operations while minimizing our carbon footprint, conserving water, reducing waste and developing products that take into account environmental and social impacts. Living in a world of finite resources demands innovative thinking, and as we strive to consume less energy at work, home and everywhere else, we are also committed to helping others do the same.


Promoting Sustainable Fishing and Economic Development Through Digital and Social Inclusion


Monitoring Use and Incentivizing the Adoption of Clean Cooking Technologies Through a Mobile Application