Caring for our employees.

The greatest investment we can make as a company is in our employees. From career-development services to work-life balance opportunities and resources, we’re striving to enrich our employees' lives, both inside and outside of work.

Competitive compensation.

We want Qualcomm to be a rewarding place to work in every respect. We’ve designed a compensation program that:

  • Aligns the interests of our employees and long-term stockholders

  • Compensates for performance

  • Delivers pay that is competitively reasonable and appropriate for our business needs and circumstances

  • Reflects high standards for corporate governance and compensation-related risk management

Opportunities for learning.

In the fast-evolving wireless industry, there is always something new to learn. Qualcomm employees worldwide rely on our Learning Center for help in developing their skills and knowledge. Each year, in person and online, thousands take advantage of engineering trainings, leadership development courses, peer-to-peer education, a technical and professional library and more. Employees get the knowledge and support they need to excel in their jobs and advance their careers; our Company gets stronger in the process.

Balancing work with the rest of life.

It’s a simple philosophy: When employees are happy, they’re more productive. A big part of what makes them happy is the ability to balance the demands of a career, family and the need for leisure time. Enter the four ingredients of QLiving:

  • Social—Opportunities to socialize with fellow employees through clubs and events
  • Personal—Resources to help manage personal and family obligations

  • Financial—Discount programs as well as workshops on how to manage personal finances

  • Charitable—Supporting participation in charitable and community events

Promoting employee health.

Our Global Employee Health Services (GEHS) team promotes health and wellness among our workforce through a variety of programs, including semi-annual health awareness campaigns such as World Health Day, preventive health screenings and health-awareness challenges incorporating innovative technologies. Encouraging employees to make small, positive changes that add up to measureable and sustainable health gains over time, GEHS’s programs and services focus on the five core elements of health: eating well, being active, sleeping well, taking time to reflect and practicing prevention. 

Protecting our most valuable assets.

In the lab, in the office and in the field, keeping our employees safe and healthy is one of our highest priorities. Through safety trainings and audits, preventive ergonomic assessments, immediate and thorough accident reporting and a team dedicated to keeping employees safe during emergencies, we’ve achieved injury and illness rates that have historically been lower than our industry’s average. We prepare our employees and their families globally for emergencies by conducting a variety of trainings on topics such as evacuation plans, disaster survival kits and workplace violence. 


Our Value Chain


Growing a global company on a planet with finite resources demands fresh thinking. By continually looking for ways to conserve water, minimize energy consumption, lower emissions and reduce waste, we’re working to be a positive and creative force in protecting the environment.

Human Rights

Through our membership in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and our participation in the BSR Human Rights Working Group and the UN Global Compact, we are committed to making respect for human rights part of everything we do.


When more people pitch in, communities get stronger. That’s why we’re committed to creating educational opportunities, supporting programs financially and enabling our employees to support their local communities more easily.

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