Supporting programs that strengthen communities.

One of our basic aims is to change the world for the better, and our philanthropic programs help us do just that. Since 2000, more than $355 million combined cash donations have been made by Qualcomm Incorporated and Qualcomm Foundation. 

Our philanthropy.

The philanthropic endeavors of the Qualcomm Foundation and Qualcomm Incorporated develop and strengthen communities worldwide. We invest our human and financial resources in inspirational, innovative programs that serve diverse populations. We focus our philanthropy primarily in geographic regions where we have a business presence.

Lending a hand worldwide.

The name of our employee volunteer program sums up our spirit of giving: QCares. Through QCares, our employees around the world are connected to local volunteer opportunities. They help the homeless, mentor students on STEM education subjects, protect the environment, pack meals at food banks and more.

Sharing what we know with nonprofits.

Many of our employees share their expertise by serving on nonprofit boards and committees. They help build sustainable organizations by lending guidance in financial management, marketing, information technology and strategic planning, among other areas. Like all giving, it’s win-win: our employees often develop new skills through their service. 

Employee engagement grants.

Our employees are often our best connection to organizations making a difference. We support and enhance their involvement at nonprofits through various grants that they initiate and request. Our Charitable Match Program offers matching of employees’ personal donations and volunteer time to eligible nonprofit organizations. In addition, employees can request grants in honor of their nonprofit board service or their Qualcomm team participation in charitable athletic events. 


Philanthropy FAQ

Apr 23, 2015

Questions about our philanthropic programs?

Our Value Chain


Growing a global company on a planet with finite resources demands fresh thinking. By continually looking for ways to conserve water, minimize energy consumption, lower emissions and reduce waste, we’re working to be a positive and creative force in protecting the environment.


Ingenuity flourishes where people are valued. That’s why we maintain a fair, progressive and rewarding workplace, drawing top talent from around the world and giving employees incentives and support to think forward.

Human Rights

Through our membership in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and our participation in the BSR Human Rights Working Group and the UN Global Compact, we are committed to making respect for human rights part of everything we do.