Upholding clear ethical standards.

In a burgeoning global industry where innovation can create new ethical questions, we find clear guidance in our high standards, values-based culture and The Qualcomm Way: Our Code of Business Conduct, which describes the behaviors expected of all of us and advises on ethical and legal situations we may face in the course of our work.

Doing business “The Qualcomm Way.”

The Qualcomm Way: Our Code of Business Conduct describes our responsibilities to customers, business partners, stockholders, communities and each other. It sets standards of conduct for intellectual property protection, conflicts of interest, anticorruption practices, harassment, discrimination and much more. Every one of our employees is required to acknowledge that they have read and will comply with The Qualcomm Way and will raise concerns when necessary.

Meeting the ethical standards of our industry.

As a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), we have adopted the EICC Code of Conduct for our operations and as our supplier code of conduct. Our adherence to both The Qualcomm Way and the EICC Code makes it clear that we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Making it easy to raise concerns.

Our open-door culture means anyone with concerns about our Company—whether inside or outside the Company—can voice them without fear of retaliation. We respond to reports of misconduct as quickly and as confidentially as possible. To raise concerns, contact our Business Conduct Hotline, a dedicated phone line and website available 24 hours a day, or email ethics.mail@qualcomm.com.

Being up-front about our advocacy.

Promoting innovation and protecting our business interests often means engaging in constructive and responsible participation in the political process. We abide by all applicable laws and regulations regarding political contributions and expenditures. Our contributions are subject to the approval of our senior management, as well as oversight by the Governance Committee of our Board of Directors.

Our Priorities

Transformative Technology

Solutions for a sustainable world. Our innovations are helping empower people and enhance the quality of life around the globe.

Sustainable Product Design

Protecting people and the planet. We’re focused on creating products in ways that don’t harm individuals, communities or the environment and sustainably procuring rare and precious materials and minerals.

Privacy and Security

Promoting data protection across the mobile ecosystem. In our Company, in our products and in the mobile industry, we’re working to process personal data responsibly and to make data more secure.

STEM Education

Cultivating tomorrow’s workforce. We’re working to promote and improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels and to expand opportunities for underrepresented students.

Inclusion and Diversity

Creating a Company that reflects the world. We celebrate diversity among our employees and recognize that our varied backgrounds, experiences and ideas are critical to our success.