Sustainability at Qualcomm

Oct 11, 2016


Our Sustainability Strategy

The mobile technology industry is dynamic, and public debate on the role of business across a range of sustainability issues is continuously evolving; therefore, it is essential that our sustainability strategy reflects the world around us and anticipates our future business and sustainability objectives.

Qualcomm was recently named number one in Fortune’s 2019 Change the World list. 

The list recognizes companies that are using the creative tools of business to help the planet and tackle society’s unmet needs. For Qualcomm, this recognition comes at a time when we are building on our legacy of technology leadership with 5G. It acknowledges the impacts that faster and greater connections can achieve for our world: better solutions for smarter cities, widespread and accessible sustainable agricultural practices and the safer and reduced emissions reality of autonomous vehicles.

Our Sustainability Priorities

We prioritize the sustainability issues that are most important to our business and key stakeholders, which include communities, nonprofit organizations, employees, governments, investors, suppliers and customers. We focus our resources, programs and reporting on these six topic areas.

Transformative Technology

Solutions for a sustainable world. Our innovations are helping empower people and enhance the quality of life around the globe.

Sustainable Product Design

Protecting people and the planet. We’re focused on creating products in ways that don’t harm individuals, communities or the environment and sustainably procuring materials and minerals.

Privacy and Security

Promoting data protection across the mobile ecosystem. In our Company, in our products and in the mobile industry, we’re working to process personal data responsibly and to make data more secure.

STEM Education

Cultivating tomorrow’s workforce. We’re working to promote and improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels and to expand opportunities for underrepresented students.

Inclusion and Diversity

Creating a Company that reflects the world. We celebrate diversity among our employees and recognize that our varied backgrounds, experiences and ideas are critical to our success.

Ethical Governance

Doing business “The Qualcomm Way.” We’re committed to doing business with the highest level of integrity, respecting our customers, business partners and each other.

Our Sustainability Reporting

Who’s responsible for sustainability at Qualcomm? Everyone. We’ve integrated sustainability throughout our Company, from our daily operations to our executive leadership and our Board of Directors. Our QSR governance structure exists to facilitate accountability, transparency and the ongoing improvement of our programs.

Our Value Chain

As we push what’s possible and relentlessly ask “what if,” we remember that breakthroughs don’t occur in isolation. Our work affects people and the planet, and it is our responsibility to make sure our influence is a positive one.


Growing a global company on a planet with finite resources demands fresh thinking. By continually looking for ways to conserve water, minimize energy consumption, lower emissions and reduce waste, we’re working to be a positive and creative force in protecting the environment.


Ingenuity flourishes where people are valued. That’s why we maintain a fair, progressive and rewarding workplace, drawing top talent from around the world and giving employees incentives and support to think forward.

Human Rights

Through our membership in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and our participation in the BSR Human Rights Working Group and the UN Global Compact, we are committed to making respect for human rights part of everything we do.


When more people pitch in, communities get stronger. That’s why we’re committed to creating educational opportunities, supporting programs financially and enabling our employees to support their local communities more easily.