Product Security

Qualcomm Hall of Fame

We would like to thank the following researchers for working with us on improving the security of our product portfolio and reporting vulnerabilities to the Qualcomm Product Security Team. If you would like to report a security vulnerability, please reach out to us via the information provided on the main page.

We do not maintain this Hall of Fame page any longer. Reporters are credited in the Acknowledgements section of our public security bulletin.



  • Aravind Machiry (UCSB) (CVE-2016-5349)
  • Jake Valletta
  • Yakov Shafranovich (CVE-2016-5341, CVE-2016-5348)


  • Benoit Michau
  • Ravishankar Borgaonkar
  • Altaf Shaik
  • Jon Sawyer
  • Matt Spisak
  • beaups
  • Frédéric Basse


  • Yu-Cheng Lin 林禹成
  • Gal Beniamini
  • Frédéric Basse
  • Dan Rosenberg
  • Marc Blanchou
  • Mathew Solnik
  • Benoit Michau
  • Christophe Devine


  • Josh Thomas
  • beaups
  • Benoit Michau
  • GSMK


  • Benoit Michau
  • GSMK


  • Ralf-Philipp Weinmann

Additionally, we would like to thank the researchers acknowledged by the Code Aurora Forum Security Hall-of-Fame.