About Qualcomm Design in India - Challenge 2019:

What is Qualcomm Design in India - Challenge 2019?

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge –2019 is a continuation of the initiative by Qualcomm that was started in 2016 to encourage design houses and product companies to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs preferably incorporating Qualcomm chipset platforms and technologies. It has been inspired by the tremendous potential of Smart Devices and products that can be built in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT.

Why is Qualcomm organising the Design Challenge?

At Qualcomm, we believe that there’s a huge legion of hardware design companies who can enable innovative products on Qualcomm chipset platforms. Successful and innovative product ideas will have access to Qualcomm Innovation Lab which is an Incubation Lab where designing, prototyping and testing can take place under one roof and comes with its own dedicated technical resources

Is Qualcomm Design in India – Challenge 2019 aligned with Make in India?

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society, Qualcomm is glad to offer support to India’s ecosystem through The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2019. In its fourth edition, with this design challenge, Qualcomm continues to spur the domestic hardware ecosystem which will positively impact the product ecosystem of design and enhance the manufacturing facilities in India.

How can I join Qualcomm Design in India – Challenge 2019?

Anyone and everyone who meets the eligibility criteria can participate in this competition. Find out if you’re eligible here

Where is the competition taking place?

The competition begins on Feb 22, 2019 and is open to companies based in India only.

Entering the Challenge:

What do I need to do to register?

It’s very simple. Just fill out the registration form with the required information, READ and ACCEPT the terms of the completion and submit your idea. That’s it and you are good to go!

Is there any registration fee?

No. Participation in Qualcomm Design in India - Challenge 2019 is free.

Is this a team participation or individual participation?

Qualcomm Design in India - Challenge 2019 is open to companies and entrepreneurs who meet the Eligibility criteria as defined for the program.

Does everyone in the team need to register?

No. A designated representative of the company can register on behalf of the team.

How big should my team be?

There is no restriction on team size if you meet the eligibility criteria and have a great product proposal or idea.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Only one entry per company will be accepted for consideration. Submitting multiple proposals may lead to disqualification of the entrant.

What are the formalities to be completed as part of the registration process?

None, other than filling out the necessary information in the registration form.

After registering do we need to send a draft plan to the organizers?

After submitting the proposal, you can send further details to QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com

How many phases are there in Qualcomm Design in India - Challenge 2019?

Qualcomm Design in India – Challenge 2019 is a single cycle incubation from Feb 22, 2019 – Apr 21, 2019.

  • Application Phase (Feb 22 – Apr 21, 2019) : Online submission of Product/Design ideas
  • Shortlist (May 2019) : Up to 10 companies will be selected through a jury selection process and will be awarded with an initial prize money of $10,000 each. This will happen in Bangalore.
  • Hardware Incubation (Jul 2019 – Feb 2020) : Incubation of shortlisted companies at the Qualcomm Innovation Lab
  • Finale (Mar 2020) : 1 winner and two runner ups with the most promising products will be selected by a panel of jury members and receive $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Once the selected team enters final phase, can we change a member of the team?

Yes. It is the company that is ultimately responsible for their product development and prototyping and is free to manage their resources in any manner they please.

Will I have the ownership rights to what I will create?

Yes. The company has full ownership rights to its ideas. All intellectual property arising out of this Qualcomm Design in India Challenge - 2019 is the sole ownership of the company that is submitting the idea and eventually designing towards it. Please see the terms and conditions for more details


Who can participate?

Participation in the Competition is free, voluntary and limited to those who have a great product idea that uses Qualcomm platforms.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Individual startup companies that demonstrate HW, Embedded design experience 
  • HW designs proposals for Cycle I must be focused on one of the domains – Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT - regardless of the form factor of the product
  • HW designs may be on any SoC platforms with HLOS such as Android, Windows etc. or open source Linux.
  • Participating companies from India only will be considered by the judging panel in accordance to the quality of work submitted. Students do not qualify for this challenge
  • Only one submission per company will be accepted. Multiple proposals from the same company will lead to disqualification
  • Participating companies should have preferably established operations of minimum 6 months in hardware design and solutions 
  • The quality of each product design in the focus areas mentioned above with some clear HW/SW differentiation will be valued along with creativity and relevance to "community and technology" related demand in India
  • Ideally products need to be designed using Snapdragon SoCs and/or other platforms from Qualcomm

What are the deadlines for the challenge?

The registrations for QDIC 2019 will close on 11.59 pm on April 21, 2019, IST.

Is it possible to modify my project after the deadline?

On a case by case basis, only additional details can be submitted beyond the deadline. However, the submission cannot be modified. Participants need to send an email to QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com.

Will I get technical support to complete my project?

Yes. Qualcomm will answer/clarify questions from participants in a timely manner. Additionally, the shortlisted companies will be provided lab facilities and engineering support to help complete their project.

How can I make sure that my candidature has been received?

Upon registration of your idea, you will get an email acknowledging the entry. Follow up emails will be sent if any information is missing or if additional information is needed.

My details are incorrect. How can I get them updated?

You can send any updates or changes to your entry by sending an email to QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com.

Will the participants have to bear the cost of travel for the national competition?

In the previous year, Qualcomm provided air tickets and hotel stay to the shortlisted companies to attend the grand finale event. However, this is subject to change. The grand finale will most likely be held in India itself


What are the selection parameters?

Qualcomm will consider every proposal based on its merits and a variety of factors such as innovativeness, utility value, market relevance, design compatibility with Qualcomm chipsets/solutions, robustness of product design, time to market advantage and business potential.

What is the evaluation time schedule?

Entries will be evaluated during the registration period in the first phase. Final evaluations will occur after the open registration closes on April 21, 2019. The 10 shortlisted companies will be announced in Jun 2019.

Who will be on the jury? What are the jury members’ competencies?

The Jury panel will comprise of members from Qualcomm and the Industry. These are seasoned professionals who come with several years of industry and business experience.

How and when will I know if my proposal is selected?

Shortlisted participants will be informed of their selection by Qualcomm and will be published on the website.


Is there a cash prize?

Yes. 10 shortlisted companies will get a cash prize of $10,000 each to convert their design submissions into workable prototypes using the Qualcomm® Innovation Lab. These shortlisted companies will get 8 months of technical support and mentoring in the Qualcomm® Innovation Lab at the end of which, they will be judged at the grand finale event and 1 winner and 2 runner ups will stand to win $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000 in prize money.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. Qualcomm will present the shortlisted and winning companies a certificate of recognition for their achievements.

What are the benefits of participating?

Qualcomm encourages everyone and anyone with a great product idea to step forward and participate, in line with the focused domains of Agriculture Technology, Medical Technology, Rural IoT, Payment Terminals, Biometric Devices and Smart Infrastructure. Not only does one have a good chance of being shortlisted and getting rewarded, 1 winner and 2 runner ups will win a cash award of $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000. In addition, all participants will have an equal opportunity to securing accelerator and/or venture funding during the evaluation process.


What if I have more questions?

In case of any queries, please do contact us at QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com with your questions.

Where can I find the template?

There is no specific template to submit your idea. Your idea may be submitted as a pdf file. You could also share a link of your video proposal or demo.

Where can I download the program kit?

All the information related to the program is available on our website. Lest you need further clarification, you can write to us at QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com

I’m unable to upload my entry. I get an error every time. Please help.

We are always ready to help if such as situation occurs. Please email us at QDesignInfo@qualcomm.com indicating the issue and we will help you figure out a way to submit your idea.