About the Challenge

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge –2018 (QDIC 2018) is a continuation of the initiative by Qualcomm that was started in 2016 to encourage design houses and product companies to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm chipset platforms and technologies. It has been inspired by the tremendous potential of Smart Devices and products that can be built in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT.


With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society, Qualcomm is glad to offer support to India’s technology ecosystem through the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2018. In its third edition, with this design challenge, Qualcomm continues to spur the domestic hardware ecosystem which will positively impact the product ecosystem of design and enhance the manufacturing facilities in India.

Qualcomm Design in India

New Program Elements in QDIC 2018

  1. Patent Filing Incentive: Qualcomm will reimburse each startup an amount of USD2500 for a full patent application filed with either the US PTO or India PTO in respect of the proposal for QDIC and during the incubation phase of the program (at the prevailing exchange rate). Limited to 2 patent applications per startup. Please see terms and Conditions for details.
  2. Access to Accelerator Program Services: Qualcomm, through its partner, will offer accelerator services to all startups at no additional cost, which would include Diagnostic assessments, Workshop interventions on scaling parameters like operations, customers, competition, product, financials, team and seeking investments. Monthly one on one mentoring sessions from subject matter experts will be provided to interested startups for each scaling parameter.
  3. Govt. connects: Opportunity to connect with MeitY in person; meet and greet sessions would be offered.
  4. Mobile and Aadhar Security Training: For startups in the fintech space, Qualcomm will offer free training on mobile and aadhar security covering Aadhar Spec 2.0 and building solutions based on its platforms.


Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2018 is a single cycle incubation from Feb 2018 – Mar 2019.

  • Application Phase (Feb 17 – Apr 22, 2018): Online submission of Product/Design ideas
  • Shortlist (May 2018): Up to 15 companies will be selected through a jury selection process and will be awarded with a prize money of $10,000 each. This will happen in Bangalore.
  • Hardware Incubation (Jun 2018 – Feb 2019): Incubation of shortlisted companies at the Qualcomm Innovation Lab
  • Finale (Mar 2019): 1 winner and two runner ups with the most promising products will be selected by a panel of jury members and receive $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Qualcomm Innovation Labs

Under the Design in India Program, Qualcomm will provide access to labs at Bangalore and Hyderabad, enabling our shortlisted participants to test and launch products using Qualcomm technologies. 


The Innovation labs may be leveraged by the shortlisted participants to design products specifically for India. Qualcomm will champion key initiatives to leverage technology and solutions along with its ecosystem partners, including the start-up community and government bodies to engage with industry verticals such as Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT.


The Qualcomm Innovation Labs are unique, state-of-the-art incubation centers which will contain tools and equipment to enable the shortlisted companies to design, layout, calibrate and bring up rapid prototyping and innovative product designs. The shortlisted companies will be provided with different kinds of evaluation kits and development boards, along with the tools to optimize camera, audio, display, etc.  


Support for Indian local government and carrier requirement: 


Qualcomm extends the Qualcomm Design in India program to support customization for local requirements of smartphone OEMs in India. This is to encourage technology transfers to build expertise and grow the Indian design ecosystem. As a part of this initiative, Qualcomm will provide support for customization of features like language, apps, carrier specific requirements, device certification, engineering and manufacturing support for domestic phone designs.


"The Qualcomm Design in India Program (QDIP) is subject to terms and conditions as notified by Qualcomm India Private Limited from time to time." 

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