The winners of Design In India Challenge 2017

Tagbox Solutions Private Limited

An ultra-low power wireless platform targeted towards improving efficiency of cold storage and logistics by monitoring and controlling key health parameters like temperature, relative humidity, gas, energy, door activity, etc

Steradian Semiconductors Private Limited

Built a high resolution 4D radar that will enable true all-weather vision for autonomous vehicles and drones.

Lightmetrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Lightmetrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. used the CV and ML capabilities of a Snapdragon platform to enable a highly robust and intelligent ADAS product. Integrated with a cross platform video safety solution, the device provides better data and actionable insights into driving behavior.

Sensara Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Sensara Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. developed a Smart TV solution on a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platform. Using Edge Compute and Advanced Analytics, their solution redefines the TV watching experience.

The shortlisted startups of Design in India Challenge 2017

Stellapps Technologies Private Limited

Stellapps is developing a Cloud-based IoT product that will optimize the milk supply chain- called smartAMCU™.

Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Ananijal built a Bluetooth to enhance smart irrigation controller - sensor data collection, control of motors and valves and managing the controller from a smartphone

Hug Innovations LLP

The Hug smartwatch- world’s first gesture control smartwatch captures vital consumer health data like heart rate, steps, activity, and nutrition with regards to health and fitness

Alexapath Pvt Ltd

Alexapath is the developer and supplier of IoT hardware and software accessories that upconvert standard microscopes into connected devices.

iBot Control Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

iBot designs and manufactures connected (GSM/GPRS, RF based) processors for the Internet of Things.

iSquare Moblity

A portable wireless tele-medical solution to prescreen breast cancer

iCLimb Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Aadhar L1 certified device for Aadhar based PoS and PoV, recording attendance, subsidy and scholarship grants and Public Distribution System

Intuvision Labs Pvt. Ltd.

IntuCAM-Nano: Handheld Retinal Camera for medical diagnostic purposes

Ayasta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aysta does digitisation of electrical systems using Sensors, Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Waste Management System that analyses the amount of garbage in or out of bins

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