The Winners of Design in India Challenge 2020

Adiuvo Diagnostics

Adiuvo has developed a patented multispectral imaging technique which combined with AI-enabled engines aid in reagentless rapid diagnosis that can be applied in a range of diseases - from infections to cancer. ‘Illuminate’ is one such solution. A first-of-its-kind screening device, it helps to non-invasively detect and classify pathogens on wounds along with automated measurements in under two minutes, thereby enabling early disease detection of skin and soft tissue infections.

Planys Technologies

Planys is a marine robotics startup that is creating a paradigm shift in underwater inspection and
data collection. With the capability to dive deep underwater while being remotely controlled and stream live data to the operators, the underwater drones developed by Planys are today used for underwater inspection, survey and reconnaissance across various industries such as Oil & Gas, Power, Shipping and Civil Infrastructure. Planys is now developing a disruptive platform for facilitating the internet of underwater things (IoUT)

Wellnesys Technologies

A fitness tech startup, Wellnesys Technologies, is developing Typo - an intelligent and interactive yoga system. The product provides a digital and immersive yoga experience through seamless integration with third-party wearables for vitals correlation, assistance for reminders and voice commands.

The shortlisted startups of Design In India Challenge 2020


The startup has developed an intelligent floor cleaning and sanitising robot for cleaning automation at workspaces and public spaces. It paves the way forward for autonomous industrial floor cleaning as well as for hospitals, airports and large real estate spaces like malls. Peppermint cleans the floor better, faster and sustainably.


A healthtech startup, Bagmo is an offshoot company of BIRAC’s Social Innovation Immersion Program on maternal and child health. Currently, the startup is developing a blood bag monitoring system which will monitor the storage condition of blood bags during transit and storage. Another product in late-stage validation is a connected temperature logger that can be used for healthcare cold chain logistics.

EmbedSense Solutions

Embedsense Solutions delivers high-impact industrial IoT products and solutions. It manufactures innovative industrial grade wireless sensors and offers a comprehensive suite of Machine Monitoring IoT software solutions that cover all machine types in a manufacturing setup. The startup is developing an IoT-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solution that will transform the maintenance of transportation infrastructure in India by making passive structures “smarter.”

Hachidori Robotics

Hachidori Robotics provides smart, safe and reliable Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions for factories and warehouses backed by their disruptive indoor navigation technology. Hachidori’s AMR do not require expensive infrastructure for deployment and can be deployed in live factories and warehouses without any interruptions to operations and at a third of the cost of imported Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles.

NemoCare Wellness

NemoCare aims to end all preventable neonatal and maternal deaths in the developing world by building innovative affordable, accessible, highly accurate, monitoring solutions for the emerging markets. The startup uses unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors and networks, analytical algorithms and big data as tools to provide continuous, high-resolution monitoring and preventive care for patients in the hospital and home setting.

Peer Robotics

Peer Robotics is a collaborative mobile robotics company that is bridging the gap between how humans and robots work together. Its platforms are capable of learning from humans in real-time, providing flexible and adaptable solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and healthcare sectors.
Its collaborative algorithms allow the robots to work along with humans and in a human dense environment without any infrastructure change.


An agriculture data science company, Prakshep provides surveillance and control services to enterprises in the Indian agriculture ecosystem. As part of QDIC, the startup will be working on bringing further enhancements and capabilities to enable autonomous guidance in agri machines.


Sensegrass is developing a soil intelligence system for fertiliser management and detecting crop diseases to improve soil efficiency and crop yield by leveraging its patented first-of-its-kind IoT and AI Algorithm for soil precision.

Vacus Tech

Vacus Tech is a wireless indoor positioning and tracking technology company offering a patented technology for accurate accountability of assets and people. The startup believes that its technology is one of the most advanced, yet simple to use across industry segments including data centers, smart buildings, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics facilities, among others.

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