The winners of Design In India Challenge 2018

Artificial Learning Systems India Pvt. Ltd.


An AI enabled chip (containing our machine learning algorithms) which can detect diabetic retinopathy when used in traditional fundus cameras or other handheld devices

MobiusWorks Pvt. Ltd. – Wagr

1st runner up

Wagr - a smart wearable and a mobile app that helps keep your dog safe and fit

Chigroo Labs Private Limited – Cradlewise

2nd runner up

Cradlewise - A smart-cradle for baby sleep management and health monitoring

The shortlisted startups of Design In India Challenge 2018

Dimension NXG Pvt. Ltd.

Dimension NXG helps industrial enterprises in automobile manufacturers, aerospace, healthcare, defense, construction, etc. decrease cost, time, errors involved in operations, training, development using Augmented Reality headset “AjnaLens” and its applications

mBreath Technologies Private Limited

SleepDoc, world’s first multi person AI-driven wireless sleep assistant to monitor the vital parameters from a distance of 3-5 meters

Bioscan Research Private Limited

Hand held brain hemorrhage detector that is non-invasive and fully computerized

Turtle Shell Technologies Private Limited

A non-contact, non-intrusive device that converts bedtime into regular health checkup time for chronic disorder patients, enabling early detection of adverse incidences

Avantari Technologies Private Limited

A wearable platform for keeping track of cardiac parameters (ECG, Heart sounds, BP, Heart Rate) combined with remote monitoring capabilities makes it ideal device predicting cardiac abnormalities at an early stage

Nearex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Affordable 3G Payment Terminal

Janitri Innovations Private Limited

An affordable, easy to use, wearable and portable fetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring device

Shellios Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Two-wheeler helmets that do more than just protect the head; they solve pressing problems faced by bikers e.g. Pollution, heat and impaired communications

Lazy Design Private Limited

A Behavioral AI powered smart ring that predicts and displays the right shortcuts for user just before he needs it enabling the user to control smart home devices, book cabs with a swipe of a finger. The ring also lets users take phone calls by placing their fingertips on the ear and track activity. Additional use cases- Woman safety, see notifications and time, control slideshows, VR/AR

Sensworx Systems India Private Limited

IoT based Smart Water Meter, which provides real time water analytics , water leakage , health monitoring and performance on any Viewing device 

PiOctave Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Smart NVR and Gateway

TestRight Nanosystems Private Limited

Pocket device to determine color shade of objects

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